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Chapter 319 Tingling


The Heavenly Icy City was in chaos as the citizens wailed in despair.


“The Mo soldiers are coming into the city. Our death is imminent.”


“Don’t worry. Not all Mo are how we think. Princess Shiguan is with them, we shall be safe.”


“Princess Shiguan? Isn’t she the one who was injured by the eldest prince?”


“That’s right. She has resolved most of the battles in the Northern Dynasty, and she has finally reached this city.”


“But I heard the commander of the Northern Army demanding her capture. Do you think she will still let us go?”


“Don’t worry, I’m sure she will.” 


“We are innocent, please don’t kill us!” 


One by one, everyone knelt and prayed to Shiguan, hoping that she would spare their lives. 


The citizens of the city were in a pitiful state. Just moments before, the teleportation array was activated, and a brilliant light shone in the sky. Countless talismans were deployed, forming an intricate pattern. In the blink of an eye, the commanders of the Northern Army and the important people of the Heavenly Icy City were teleported away. 


As they left, the array was destroyed behind them, trapping everyone else within the city. 


“They brought this misfortune onto our heads, and now they want to escape and leave us to face the consequences?!” 


“Pathetic, this is how the prized army under the control of Prince Chengyin behaves.” 


The soldiers of the Heavenly Icy City began clamouring one after the other.  They were furious at being abandoned, after all that they had done. They had fought for both the Northern Army, and the Emperor, only to be thrown to the dogs when the situation was bad. They had thrown their lives for what reason! 


“The cowards ran away, leaving us to face the wrath of the Mo.” A general of the Icy Tiger Army roared. 


“They are going to kill us. The others destroyed the teleportation array behind them so that we would stall the Mo army while they escaped!” Wangchao roared angrily. 


Chief Shi’s face was gloomy. Hovering in the sky, he said, “Don’t worry everyone, and don’t lose faith. Princess Shiguan will certainly save us, just as she has saved countless others.” 


“That’s Chief Shi. What he said has to be true…” 


“Chief Shi is an important person within Taibai Trading. His words can be believed.” 


“That’s right, he is the supervisor of this branch of Taibai Trading. Taibai Trading is a powerful group, and their representatives would never say anything they’re uncertain of.” 


Hearing Chief Shi’s words, the people calmed down slightly. 


Chief Shi looked into the distance and thought to himself,” Princess Shiguan, the lives of the citizens and the army are in your hands now. “


Seeing the Mo army approaching, Chief Shi bowed to Shiguan and said, “Princess Shiguan, please show mercy to us. I beseech you.” 


Along with his words, everyone in the city bowed and repeated, “Princess Shiguan, please show us mercy. 


Shiguan was moved by the scene. She looked towards Shi Ba and Shi Da and said,” Brother, sister, please let’s end this war. The main culprit has already fled. Slaughtering them is useless. If you still wish to slaughter the innocent, you have to kill me first.” 


Shi Ba sighed and nodded. He told the army, “Men, fall back. We are retreating.” 


Under the moonlight, the black tide slowly retreated. The killing Qi and the sense of oppression slowly faded.


Throughout the Heavenly Icy City, cheers rang through the air.

“Long live the younger princess!”


“The younger princess is truly benevolent.”


“The Northern Army abandoned the city after creating a mess. I must report the Northern Army, as well as the Icy Tiger Army and the Icy Dragon Army.” While the leader of the city was relieved that they were all alive, he was furious that the armies would abandon them at the hour of need.


Shiguan and Shi Ba looked at the city, and heard countless people praising Shiguan. An inexplicable feeling filled their hearts.


Shiguan was loved by the people of the Mo land. That was to be expected. But SHi Ba had never imagined that the same would happen in the Heavenly Icy City. It appears that what Shiguan was trying to do was not entirely meaningless.


Xuanyuan slowly flew to Shiguan’s side and stood by her. He glanced at Shi Da and Shi Ba, and said nothing.


Shi Ba glared at Xuanyuan. As her brother, he was jealous of Xuanyuan, and wasn’t ready to hand Shiguan over without a fight.


While it was just a matter of time before the two of them got together, Xuanyuan had to win his approval.


“Hmph, so you are Xuanyuan? If you are to be worthy of my sister, you have a long way to go, judging by your current strength.” Shi Ba suddenly struck out Xuanyuan , exclaiming, “Take my attack!”


Xuanyuan stood motionless, simply channeling the power of the five elements, and formed a roulette. As the two powers collided, Xuanyuan felt as if he was up against an immovable mountain. While he was safe, blood rushed towards his mouth. Unwilling to spit out blood and show weakness, Xuanyuan immediately swallowed it down.


Xuanyuan’s eyes were filled with rage as his killing intent grew. It was only due to the fact that Shi Ba was Shiguan’s sister that he did not immediately attack him.


“Elder brother, what are you doing?” Shiguan was angry. Holding Xuanyuan, she scolded Shi Ba.


“How could you talk to me like this.” Shi Ba was shocked and jealous. He never expected that the sister he had cared for since her birth would take an outsider’s side over his.


“What’s wrong with what I said, huh? How can you attack Xuanyuan for no reason.” Shiguan firmly stated, her anger rising.


“Hmph, in the Mo land, strength is everything. If he wants to be the emperor’s son-n-law, he needs to demonstrate a fitting strength. Even if his background is lacklustre, as long as he has strength, everything is fine.” Shi Ba was hurt that Shiguan would answer back like this.


Shiguan began blushing furiously. Pointing at Shi Ba, she screamed, “Elder brother, what are you talking about? What do you mean by ‘son-in-law’?  What are you thinking about?”


Even Shida could not golf back from rolling her eyes at Shi Ba’s comment. Some things were better left unsaid until it was clear.


“Don’t pretend. If you don’t want him to be your husband, why did you go so far for him. You even asked our father to enter the Land of Darkness for him. I had to stop him from throwing his life away for your foolish request. Not stopping at that, you almost got yourself killed by Chengyin while searching for another cure. Once again, if it weren’t for me, you would have died at his hands. Do you still deny the fact that you want to marry Xuanyuan?” Shi Ba scolded Shiguan. Within his words, a sense of jealousy could be detected. He couldn;t accept that his sister’s heart belonged to another man.


Shiguan turned a crimson pink, and was unable to say anything, just pointing furiously at Shi Ba. Xuanyuan was moved. Shiguan had gone to such large lengths for him. He calmly smiled and said, “Don;t worry, I never intended to be a son-in-law to your Emperor. Shiguan is a good friend of mine. When I heard that she was injured, I came to ensure that she was safe. Now that I know that she is safe, I must leave.”


Xuanyuan immediately turned around, preparing to leave. Shiguan immediately blurted out, “Xuanyuan, don’t go.” She knew that Xuanyuan was not an easy person to meet, and here he was, ready to leave again. She recalled what he told Zhixuan in the Linglong sect, and trembled.


Pausing for a moment, Xuanyuan said softly, “Miss Shiguan, you’re safe now. Your elder brother and your elder sister will protect you. I’m relieved. I don’t wish to upset your siblings any further. Also, I heard that master was cooperating with Cheng Yang. I’m slightly worried. Now that I know you are safe, I must find master.”


Saying this, Xuanyuan immediately left. The pig also shook his head and followed Xuanyuan.


Shiguan felt as if her heart was breaking. She wanted Xuanyuan  to stay with her, she wanted to keep talking to him. But Xuanyuan had left her behind and went to search for Yin Zhenluo. Shiguan knew how important she was to Xuanyuan, so she could only watch Xuanyuan leave in silence.


Shiguan’s eyes turned red as tears filled her eyes. Xuanyuan had finally disappeared from her sight. Shi Ba did not like seeing his sister in such a state, and he was furious.


“That insolent boy, he thinks my young sister doesn’t deserve someone like him?”


Shiguan inhaled and cried out, “Elder brother, stop talking. You don’t understand.”


“You don’t understand Xuanyuan. He is a lone wolf. He was born alone into this world, and he has survived this far by himself. He doesn’t want to hurt others just for his sake. I know he is nobody right now, but whatever he has achieved, he has done it by himself. He has never killed an innocent man just for his own personal gain, and never relied on anyone else to improve his strength. Destiny is something that’s predestined. You cannot change it. You were born to be the senior prince of the Mo land and the future emperor. Even if others tried to achieve it throughout their lives, they would not be able to. What would you do if you were born in Xuanyuan’s place? An ordinary person, an orphan at that. The only soul he had to support him was his wolf. Don’t insult his worth. You are right, I do like him. I don’t care if he’s not strong enough, or that his background is non-existent. I don’t want to hear any of you criticising him.”


Saying this, Shiguan immediately flew towards the Northern Dynasty

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