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Chapter 291 Imperial Fighter, Xuanyuan

Chapter 291 Imperial Fighter, Xuanyuan



For ordinary grandmasters, the door within their bodies when they break through to the Emperor realm is made of wood. Xuanyuan on the other hand, had a door made of steel. As one can imagine, the strength required to break through the steel door is far higher than the strength required to break through a wooden door.


When Xuanyuan took the Emperor Fighter Elixir, he felt his Qi and blood being stimulated, swirling throughout his body. The door within his body was besieged by the attacks of his blood and Qi.


Boom, boom, boom!


Though Xuanyuan’s physical strength was strong, the force of the internal impacts was still hard to withstand. Dragon blood broke through his skin and started dripping to the ground. The blood fell onto the dragon statue on which Xuanyuan was meditating. Suddenly, the eyes of the statue shot out an azure, heavenly light.


The Oriental Seven Star started resonating with the green light emanating, filling the sky with a brilliant green light. Reacting to the green starlight, the seven stages began to move, shooting seven beams of light into the sky. The dragon statue began vibrating intensely, as if it were being stimulated by the changes around it. Looking up at the sky, a faint shadow of a dragon could be seen around the Oriental Seven Star. It then broke into a shower of starlight, slowly falling onto Xuanyuan.


At that moment, Xuanyuan sensed the gate within his body opening slightly. Capitalising on this opportunity, he slammed against the gate with all his might. Under the force of the Qi and the blood, the gate was blown open in an instant. Xuanuyuan felt a rush of energy entering his body.


Xuanyuan felt his skin, muscles, bones, meridians, blood marrow, his internal organs, blood, and Qi all linking with each other, opening up the acupoints. He felt his strength soar


“The strength of a royal dragon!”


“The strength of two royal dragons!”


Xuanyuan almost achieved a strength of three roya; dragons, but fell just short. It was not easy to accumulate the strength of even a single royal dragon. Were it not for his accumulated experience and his techniques, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve the strength of two royal dragons upon breaking through to the Emperor realm.

Sensing the forces accumulating at the gate, Xuanyuan started channeling his Body of All Creation, redirecting the force into his acupoints. The first acupoint he broke through was the acupoint of hearing. Upon doing this, Xuanyuan felt the force of the universe flowing into the acupoint. His hearing became extremely keen as a result of him breaking through the acupoint. He began hearing various comments from all around him, even those at a distance.


From ten miles to the west, he heard, “Xuanyuan, he managed to break through! I thought my 5000 pounds of pure energy source would go to waste, but looks like I stand to make double my investment!”


From eighteen miles to the north, he heard, “Hmph, even if Xuanyuan has managed to break through, there’s no way he can compare to Master Xie Tian.”


Sixteen miles to the south, someone muttered, “Look at Xuanyuan’s strength surging. Looks like his strength is comparable to Xie Tian’s.”


Twenty miles to the east, someone else spoke, “It appears that Xuanyuan will definitely rank in the top 10 of the List of Dragons.”


The power of the acupoints was not to be underestimated. Breaking through a single one would allow the correlated body part to communicate with the heavens and the earth, greatly increasing its performance.


After Xuanyuan stepped into the Emperor realm, his strength had increased drastically. He put away his energy sources, and just watched Xie Tian struggle to break through the disposition he had set up.


Several elders started talking amongst themselves.


“How impressive. I never expected Xuanyuan to achieve a strength of two royal dragons as soon as he broke through to the Emperor realm.”


“It’s to be expected. After all, he is the future Saint of the Fighting Dragons Sect. His strength cannot be normal! I’m guessing his extraordinary strength comes from the ancient dragon’s blood.”


“Xuanyuan looks like he stands an extremely good chance at beating Xie Tian. Fortunately, I bet my money on him!”


“…” The elders who bet on Xuanyuan’s loss looked like they just ate shit. Their faces soured as they saw Xuanyuan’s strength upon breaking through.


“The Saint of the Fighting Dragons Sect? Him?” Hearing this, several disciples grew envious at the potential that Xuanyuan showed. Not even Brother Wan Jianlun, the reincarnation of the Sword Shadow, achieved a strength of two royal dragons when he broke through to the Emperor realm.


“I can’t let Xuanyuan live any longer. If I fight against him, I must kill him. This sect is not big enough for two tigers!”


“Xuanyuan is truly strong. It’s no wonder that Master asked me to kill him myself. Killing a talent blessed by the heavens itself will undoubtedly further my cultivation. In addition, I can also receive his fortunes and treasures!” Hua Wushang muttered to himself, dressed in a beautiful suit adorned with a talisman. The energy it gave off signified that it was a top rank heaven  class instrument.


“Haha, Younger brother Xuanyuan, you really impress me! Congratulations on your breakthrough. Xie Tian is just a cocky bastard. It’s surprising that he ranked in the top 16 of the List of Dragons with his measly strength.” Laughing, Fenglie exclaimed, making no secret of his distaste for Xie Tian.


Furious, Xie Tian wielded his Blood Devil Heavenly Claws. They gleamed with a fierce aura, a distorted face appearing on the claws.


“Xuanyuan, I didn’t expect you to break through, but it doesn’t matter. You’re still no match for me! Prepare to face your doom!”


Xie Tian burst out with rage, his plans being disrupted. Previously, he thought he could easily kill Xuanyuan, but since he trapped him within a disposition and managed to break through, Xie Tian went crazy with rage. Few people can accept the fear of loss, especially when they expected their victory to be a sure thing.


A frigid, biting wind accompanied Xie Tian’s explosive release of Qi. Above his head, a dark ball began to condense, and blood started evaporating through his pores, slowly condensing into a dark aura. Most of the fierce ghosts within the sea of blood had died, but those that remained were sacrificed and used as fuel for the dark ball.


Xuanyuan looked unconcerned. He knew that Xie Tian was trying to communicate with and summon ghosts to fight for him once again, but he wasn’t worried. He was confident in his new strength.


Xuanyuan drew the Xians Arch of Five Elements, and condensed the energies of the Five Elements Asura Dragon Emperor into an arrow. The arrow gave off an indescribable feeling, one that hinted at certain doom. Xuanyuan aimed the arrow at Xie Tian, continuing to imbue his Qi into the arrow, condensing and refining the strength of the arrow.


“I summon thee, the king of ghosts! Partake my blood as my compensation, and answer my call!” Seeing the growing energy in the arrow, Xie Tian prepared to risk everything on his next attack.


Xie Tian’s upper rank heaven class instruments and the Blood Devil Heavenly Claws, slowly disintegrated, forming a blood essence that gathered into a dense, black ball. His life essence slowly seeped out of him as drops of blood, condensing into the purest form of power, and merged with the black ball.


Seeing this, Fenglie exclaimed, fear evident in his voice.


“Younger brother Xuanyuan, don’t underestimate Xie Tian! He has sacrificed his life force to summon the king of ghosts! Even I find it tough to defeat him. Break the summoning before he completes it!”


Xuanyuan immediately focused his arrow onto the growing dense ball, further increasing the Qi he put into the arrow. With a roar, the arrow rushed towards the ball, surrounded by the full force of the five elements, asira Qi, and the power of the dragon. 


Just as the arrow hit the ball, a  scream erupted from the other side. It sounded like an earthly screech of rage, and gave off a sense of death and despair. Thankfully, all the observers were battle-hardened veterans, otherwise the sheer force of the Qi would have made their hearts stop with fear.


A hand extended from the ball, and grabbed Xuanyuan’s chest. Sensing the malevolent energy, Xuanyuan’s ehart skipped a beat; he finally understood what Fenglie meant.


Xie Tian shouted ferociously despite looking like he was about to die, “Haha, tremble in fear, Xuanyuan. You’ll die at the hands of the ghost king!”

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