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Chapter 292 Dragon Thunder

Chapter 292 Dragon Thunder



Nobody expected Xie Tian to be able to summon the Ghost King. At his strength, even if he sacrificed his life essence and his elixir, the chances were still phenomenally low. If it weren’t for Xuanyuan attacking the ball during the summoning, thus enraging the Ghost King, Xie Tian would have had to keep channeling even more Qi. He may have even failed in summoning the Ghost King!


“Don’t blame me Xuanyuan, you were seeking your own death. Now face the consequences of your actions!” Summoning the Ghost King had drained his life force drastically, but Xie Tian’s voice was still excited.


The hand that had emerged from the ball was a result of the Hand of the Ghost King disposition. It covered the entire sky, shadowing the stars, as purple talismans appeared. The talismans were filled with a destructive force, one that seemed like it could destroy anything! Fierce ghosts were roaming around in the center of the dispositions, looking for people to devour.


Xuanyuan was trapped within the disposition as several ghosts rushed towards him, seeking to devour him entirely. Xuanyuan slowly tried to gather his thoughts and as he tried to settle his heart, an idea flashed through his mind. He had to risk his life, but there was nothing else he could do. 


Since he had managed to break through the acupoint of hearing, he had gained some powers. He used one of them, the Thunder Dragon. It was a technique that could be activated only after one had released the acupoint of hearing.


A seemingly endless flow of dragon Qi emerged from Xuanyuan’s body as it resonated with the dragon statue. The Qi flowed towards the Oriental Seven Star, and fused with the shadow of the dragon. In the dark sky, a Thunder Dragon the size of a water tank appeared, and came crashing towards the Ghost King. 


With a crash, the disposition of the Hand of the Ghost King was destroyed, blood flowing profusely. The Thunder Dragon was strong enough to overwhelm the power of the Ghost King’s disposition, and the disposition began to shake violently. Despite the stran, it still attacked Xuanyuan on the head. Xuanyuan was immediately protected by the Five Elements Roulette, which shrouded his body in a protective light.


Despite the protection, Xuanyuan was still blown back, blood flowing out of his mouth. Some of his organs were injured. 


Laughing maniacally, Xie Tian said, “Xuanyuan, did I not say that you are no match for me! Now, die! Ghost King’s Immortal Charm, deploy!”


Summoning the power of the Ghost King, Xie Tian released a charm containing the Qi of the fierce ghosts. Absorbing the power of the black ball, it consolidated into a shadowy figure of the Ghost King and rushed towards Xuanyuan.


“Be careful, it’s a first rank xian class charm. The strength of the Ghost King is similar to that of a first rank Xian realm expert. Defend yourself!” The nervousness in Greed’s voice was evident, as he urged Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan immediately activated the Nine Dragons Heavenly Charm. Nine dragons twined around Xuanyuan, forming an impenetrable curtain of light that protected his entire body.


Sensing the power of Xuanyuan’s xian class charm, several xian realm experts exclaimed, unable to contain themselves.


“That’s the Nine Dragons Heavenly Charm.”


“I heard it was made from the jade of heaven and the spirit of the earth.”


“Xie Tian even went as far as consuming his life essence, but he is still going to lose!”


The Ghost King, as ferocious as a bloodthirsty demon, continued to assail itself against the wall of light. While the wall shook, it didn’t collapse, but the body of the Ghost King was scarred from the harsh counterattack of the wall.


Both the Ghost King and the nine dragons roared at each other. Despite the strong collision, Xuanyuan was left untouched. Sneering, he once again drew the Xians Arch of Five Elements. He released the arrow, tremendous energy swirling around it, and penetrated the haze.


Several people began to exclaim.


“Xuanyuan is counter-attacking. How will Xie Tian defend himself?”


“Don’t worry, Xie Tian is a sixth-rank Emperor realm fighter. No doubt he’s got some tricks up his sleeve.”


“There’s no way Xuanyuan can defeat Xie Tian.”


Xuanyuan once again drew his bow back, creating yet another arrow. He loosed this arrow towards Xie Tian, calling upon the enchantment on the Xians Arch of Five Elements to bolster the attack.


With a resounding roar, the arrow rushed towards Xie Tian’s head. Everyone was startled at the energy within the arrow. 


Howling angrily, Xie Tian exclaimed, “You cannot kill me, you’re far too weak. Today, I will show you the true strength of an Emperor realm fighter!”


An elixir, containing several powerful techniques, appeared in the sky. Blue light emanated from it and ghosts swirled around it, as it collided with the arrow shot by Xuanyuan. When the two collided, the space between them distorted due to the force, as both of them vied for domination over the other.


The arrow shattered into pieces after a bit. The elixir was the condensation of Xie Tian’s life force and techniques, allowing him to draw upon the strength of the heavens and the earth. One could say it was his essence. However, as a result of the clash, cracks ran down the elixir. 


The cracking of one’s elixir ruins the life of the person. The techniques and Qi they had cultivated would slowly dissipate from the cracks, leaving the person as an empty husk.


Mad with the rage of his elixir being cracked, Xie Tian screamed, “NO! No! I will not let you escape unscathed, Xuanyuan! I’ll bring you down with me.” Laughing crazily, Xie Tian’s body began to burn up, his entire life essence and Qi being infused into the elixir. The elixir then rushed towards Xuanyuan, Xie Tian roaring with rage.




Xuanyuan didn’t make any move to dodge the attack, instead taking it with his body. The golden-blue light of the elixir blinded people, and shook them to their cores. The Nine Dragons Heavenly Charm burst into pieces, its defensive capability completely exhausted. Even the Five Elements Roulette covering Xuanyuan wsa blown away. However, Xuanyuan stood there, not a strand of hair out of place.


Looking at Xuanyuan standing there completely unharmed, Xie Tian’s body gave out. Blood burst from his body as he collapsed to the ground. Xuanyuan slowly walked up to Xie Tian. His body had burnt up, he was a husk of his former self. His bones shattered, his meridians destroyed beyond repair, and his Qi had fallen to a tenth of what it was. Xuanyuan sneered at him.


“I think I prefer seeing you in this pathetic, broken state more. I shall spare your life, live it as the cripple you’ve become. It’s not like you’re going to live for long anyway, seeing that your elixir has cracked, so I shall take your treasures and make good use of them.”


Snatching the ring off of Xie Tian’s broken body, Xuanyuan tossed it to Chen Jinchou, saying, “Use the treasures within it and add it to the start-up fund for my Xuanyuan hall. You can use it to reward the chief disciples of the hall in the future.”


Chen Jinchou came to his senses, bowed and responded, “Yes!”


Speechless at what just happened, the chief disciples were stunned. They could not believe that Xie Tian, a sixth rank Emperor realm fighter, had fallen to Xuanyuan.


Suddenly, all hell broke loose, a medley of voices resounding through the air.


“Did Xie Tian really die?”


“Is he actually dead?”


“How did Xie Tian, a sixth rank Emperor realm fighter, die at the hands of a grandmaster?”


“No, Xuanyuan broke through to the Emperor realm during the fight.”


“W-we lost! No!”


“My savings, a hundred and twenty thousand pounds of pure energy source, all gone! It took me countless years to save it all up!”


The chief disciples who had bet on Xie Tian, confident in his victory, were now lamenting their loss. They couldn’t accept that they had lost their life savings.


Jiang Yitian smiled gently, praising Xuanyuan, “Younger brother Xuanyuan, looks like you are truly skilled. I admire your strength. It seems that my judgement on the outcome was mistaken.” With these words, he turned around and left. Even for him, three hundred thousand pounds wsa no small amount, but he could do nothing but walk away.


Several elders, Lu Tianxiang, and Nu Tian, all of them looked like they were forced to eat shit. 


“Haha, look at all the energy sources we gained!” Taking out 8 million pounds to pay the ones who bet on Xuanyuan, the pig cackled. There were still 56 million pounds of energy source remaining. Xuanyuan addressed Bu Jingsha, smiling.


“Brother Bu, here are 23 million pounds of energy source. Please use this to establish the Xuanyuan Hall.”


Reaffirming his intent to establish his own organisation in front of everyone, Xuanyuan handed over the energy source.


It would become the sixth major power that could compete even with the Phoenix Moon of the East, the Luo of the West, the Swords in the South, the Xuan in the North, and Yitian!


Laughing, Bu Jingsha exclaimed, “Very well. I will try my best to live up to your expectations, Brother Xuanyuan!”


Even for someone like Bu Jingsha, 23 million pounds of source energy was an amount that was extremely rare. Several elite disciples could be trained with the resources he just gained.


The best way to attract people was to demonstrate one’s strength. Seeing Xuanyuan’s dominant victory, several chief disciples were eager to join Xuanyuan Hall. The resources that they just saw just further attracted them. Their only qualm was if no one assumed command of Xuanyuan Hall, other forces would bully them.

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