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Chapter 320 Go to the Imperial Capital of the North

“What’s wrong with little sister?” Shi Ba stunned for a moment. He didn’t seem to understand what had happened.

“Ah, my elder brother. You don’t understand girls’ worries. Please don’t talk too much. It seems that my younger sister really likes Xuanyuan.” Shida sighed. She had been silent just now. As a woman, she could understand my younger sister’s mood naturally.

“Xuanyuan. Two years ago, I met him in the “HongRi devil’s cave”. He had only the power of Fighting Spirit at that time. I didn’t expect that his power had reached such a horrible level just over two years. Such a person is extremely rare. Haven’t you looked at any information about Xuanyuan?”

“No, I don’t care about him.” Shi Ba. But he was surprised. “in two years, he went from the realm of Fighting Spirit to the present state of him. Is this man a little bit crazy? He is just like the saints carefully cultivated in the immortal’s mansion.”

“Then I’ll tell you one more thing. Xuanyuan is the No. 1 in the” Fighting Dragon Sect” on this year’s “Fighting Dragon list”. Even Funglie who is the reincarnation of “Heavenly Wind Taoist Priest” says that he is not invincible to Xuanyuan.” Shida said slowly.

“Ha ha. Sister, stop kidding me. Xuanyuan, how power could he be? I’ve tried out his power from the palm just now. It’s impossible for him to defeat Funglie. It’s impossible. He only has four strength of a royal dragon. Besides, he’s only in the realm of emperor class fighter. He doesn’t even have a complete acupoint.” Shi Ba himself had ‘Falling Thunder’ which is the tenth one on the list of fighting thunder. Naturally, he could also understand the power of “Extreme Wind” in the 10th place. Even if his strength was reduced to the seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters, he could also easily kill Xuanyuan.

“Xuanyuan’s strength is not just as simple as it seems. He has five elements of spirit and is proficient in disposition. He has already reached the state of unity of human and disposition. In the fight for ‘Fighting Dragon’ list, he set up ‘Five Dragon Psychedelic Immortal Disposition. So, he would get the inheritance of ‘Tianhua Martial Spirit. Even urging a ‘Wupo Marking’ and holding ‘Tianhua Jade Ruyi’, Hua Wushang was severely injured by him.” Shida’s tone was gentle. Obviously, she was optimistic about Xuanyuan. She believed Shiguan s taste would not be wrong.

   Shi Ba’s was shocked. He seemed to be incredible. He said.

“How can it be? He was an unimportant man in the realm of fighting spirit two years ago. After two years, his strength has made such a breakthrough. This is beyond ordinary people. How can he master disposition and reach the point of integration of human and disposition?”

“I don’t understand this either. It remains a mystery. But then I don’t expect that you also admit that Xuanyuan is beyond the reach of people. Why did you embarrass him just now?” Shida’s eyes were moving. Her face was naturally charming. Her red lips were slightly open. Her smile was gorgeous.

“Hum. Are you kidding me? Little sister grew up under our protection. You don’t worry. But I can’t bear it.” Shi Ba snorted coldly.

“Now, you let sister sad. Are you satisfied? Girls are going to marry after all. Our sister is no exception. I think Xuanyuan is not bad. If my sister likes him, I’ll support her as long as she is happy. The relationship between men and women is just like what sister said. It cannot be measured by strength or background. What You just said is too excessive.”

   Shida saw that all the forces of the demons disappeared in the night. She knew that the war between the Mo Land and the Land of the North Emperor Dynasty would come to an end. However, what Mo Land had carefully arranged for many years had been destroyed. However, for the sake of Shiguan, everyone thought it was worthwhile.

“Which side are you on? How can you suddenly put in good words of the guy named Xuanyuan.? ” Shi Ba turned the whites of his eyes.

“I’m on the right side. Many things can’t be forced. If you don’t want to be hated by sister, you’d better stop interfering between sister and Xuanyuan. For relationship between men and women, just let it be.” Shida said.

“Well, I’ll listen to you. But I have to say that there are so many people chasing my younger sister. If you don’t think about those far away, just in Mo State alone, Cool Mo has been chasing my younger sister for a long time. If he knows this, he must break Xuanyuan into pieces.” Shi Ba said angrily.

“That’s not what you and I should care about. Even if Xuanyuan is killed by Cool Mo in the future What sister hates will be Cool Mo. It won’t be us.” Shida laughed Charmingly.

“Little sister has her favorite person. You are also a woman. Sooner or later, you must get married. There are many outstanding people in my Mo State. Isn’t there one you can like?” Shi Ba teased Shida.

“Not really. I’m not going to marry in my whole life. I just want to be with my father and mother. I just want to be Mo Land elder princess.”

“Well, where is sister going?”

“No, this direction. She’s going to the capital of the Land of the North.”

“No. stop her quickly. Don’t let her do anything stupid.”

   Shida and Shi Ba were searching for the breath of Shiguan. They broke through the air. They thought Shiguan was just sad and wanted to relieve. But they didn’t expect that Shiguan had gone to the direction of the capital of the Land of the North.

  Shiguan’s eyes were red, she muttered to herself.

“Mr. Xuanyuan must not want to destroy the relationship between me and big brother. That’s why he left. Why does big brother say that? Mr. Xuanyuan is not that kind of person at all. I originally wanted him to accompany me to the capital of the Land of the North. Now it’s all come to nothing.”

“Big brother has destroyed so many cities and killed so many people in the Land of the North. If they just retreat but not solve problems, they will only cause more hatred.  the Land of the North won’t give up. This trip is very dangerous. If I asked Mr. Xuanyuan go with me, he would take risks with me. Although if he is beside me, I will be braver…”

   Xuanyuan didn’t know Shiguan’s thought. He went back to Ice City. Xuanyuan’s mood fluctuated. Obviously, Shi Ba’s words made him uncomfortable.

“Ha-ha. Boy, how are you? Are you not comfortable? They are right. It’s all true. The best way is to prove yourself with your strength. If you don’t have power, no one will look up to you.” the pig said sarcastic words on the side. But he also hoped to inspire Xuanyuan.

“You’re right. That’s true. But the problem is that my strength is too weak now. I need to get stronger, stronger and stronger.” Xuanyuan secretly made up his mind. It’s unnecessary to say anything without strength and reputation.

“The most urgent task is to find my beautifulbeauty master. Then I plan to break my own limit while searching for the other eight keys of “Devouring Sect”. If I can open the “Devouring Sect “, there will be infinite treasures for me to use. Then…”Xuanyuan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“At that time, I will be able to transfer all the cultivated people from Xuanyuan Hall to Devouring Sect. I will build my own Sect. Do you know where devour Sect is?”

“I don’t know,” replied the pig.

   Xuanyuan was angry

“Then if I find nine keys but I don’t know where ‘Devouring Sect’ is. Isn’t it also useless?”

“You are wrong. If you find nine keys, you will be able to interact with “Devouring Sect “. Devour Emperor devoured the world. Countless treasures are gathered in his body. Many good things are put in “Devouring Sect” by him. No one in the world knows the existence of “Devouring Sect “. Devour Empower” built it in the void in the netherworld. It is Floating and wandering. Only with nine keys can you feel it, communicate with it. Then let it show. “

   The voice of Greed suddenly sounded. Xuanyuan was relieved. If even Greed and the pig didn’t know where the “Devouring Sect” was, it would be even more impossible for outsiders to know. Now at least what could be guaranteed was that the “Devouring Sect” was safe.

“The Greed Emperor is right. Boy, I know you are very uncomfortable. But there are some things that you must accept. Shiguan is a good girl. I support you to get her to annoy Shibai.” the pig smiled maliciously.

   Xuanyuan turned his eyes. But this time, he didn’t scold the pig. He just said something in his heart.

“I will certainly become stronger than “Devour Empower”. Anything that blocks me will be broken.”


   Xuanyuan entered the Ice City The retreat of the Mo Land army made countless nervous soldiers and civilians felt relieved. In the city, there were many songs to praise Shiguan. No one was not praising Shiguan’s kindness which they admired. Although Shiguan was born in the Mo Land, but her behavior was convincing.

“I didn’t expect that brother Ji and princess Shiguan knew each other.” when Xuanyuan came to the gate of Taibai Trading, suddenly the voice of Chief Shi came out.

“Ha. Chief Shi. I’m back again.” Xuanyuan said with a smile.

   Chief Shi was thievish-looking and smiled a few times.

“I don’t know what brother needs.”

“I’d like to inquire about the whereabouts of Yin Zhenluo, the Heavenly Dragon Body.” Xuanyuan didn’t want Yin Zhenluo to become the second Shiguan.

“Yin Zhenluo is in the capital of the Land of the North. If brother Ji wants to find her, then you can go there.” the chief bowed and smiled.

“That’s good.” when Xuanyuan was ready to pay the information fee to Chief Shi, the steward hurriedly waved his hand and said. “brother Ji just saved little princess Shiguan. How can I take your money? Without you, Ice City is another look. This is the map of the Land of the North. Please accept it.”

“You…”Xuanyuan took the map from Chief Shi. With a smile, he said, “I didn’t expect you have already guessed my identity. Well, thank you very much.”

   As soon as the voice fell, Xuanyuan immediately went to the direction of the capital of the Land of the North.

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