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Chapter 293 A heart of stone

Chapter 293 A heart of stone


Xuanyuan was aware of the source of unease amongst prospective members of the Xuanyuan Hall. He addressed Fenglie, laughing.


“Elder Brother Funglie, I’m afraid that the establishment of Xuanyuan Hall will result in several…issues. Can I trouble you to assume personal command of the Xuanyuan Hall, at least until it has established itself as a solid force?”


“Haha Brother Xuanyuan, don’t worry. I think I’ll even bring my law enforcement team to join your Xuanyuan Hall with me. Let’s see who will dare to cause trouble at the Xuanyuan Hall.” Fenglie was an aggressive, assertive person. As soon as he mentioned that he would join the Xuanyuan Hall, a majority of those who wanted to cause problems immediately were dissuaded. The benefits of harming the Xuanyuan Hall wasn’t worth the effort of planning it out. Fungli, while easy to anger, was also wise and strong, seeing that he was the leader of the law enforcement team. Anyone picking a fight with Xuanyuan Hall would just be looking for death.


“Haha, thank you very much Brother Funglie. You have my gratitude.” Upon hearing that the law enforcement team would also join the Xuanyuan Hall, Xuanyuan was even more confident in the future of his organisation.


Xuanyuan stepped down from the stage; he couldn’t keep standing there. There were still other fights to conclude. He looked at the pig, who looked extremely pleased with himself. He could barely contain his glee, a shit-eating grin spread across his face, taunting all the losers.


All those who had bet on Xuanyuan’s loss were lamenting their loss. They wanted to strangle the pig for baiting them into betting, but they were afraid. All they could do was internally curse the last 18 generations of his family.


Divine light fell from the sky as the Saint slowly descended once again. He was silent thus far, but he smiled and addressed Xuanyuan.


“Well done, Disciple Xuanyuan. Today you have exceeded my expectations. Keep working hard. One day, you and I are destined to fight, if you wish to take my position. I hope you won’t let me down on that day.”


Xuanyuan smiled back and replied, “Before the day comes, Lord Saint, please speed up your rate of cultivation. Don’t let me catch up to you. Otherwise, your position will be mine.”


Shocked at his words, everyone sharply inhaled, and then exploded in an outcry.


“He is far too audacious, daring to provoke the Saint of the sect like that.”


“This is nothing, he even dared to kill the Xians of the Hai Family within their own lands. I guess provoking the Saint is not too big a deal for him.”


Not bothered by his words, the Saint laughed, “I am looking forward to our fight, young man. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.” The Saint sat down, preparing to watch the next matches.


“The Saint is so magnanimous, he didn’t even take offense from Xuanyuan’s words. Xuanyuan is lucky that the Saint has such a generous heart.”


“Hmph, Xuanyuan’s ego is far too big. Just because you won a few matches does not mean you can act however you want.”


Xuanyuan didn’t say anything further, instead looking at the pig. Today was truly the most fortunate day in his life, since he received 28 million pounds of pure source energy. Xuanyuan decided not to make trouble with the pig today, since even he benefited a lot. He just reminded him about the dangers of the future.


“Remember, pig. You need to lay low, don’t draw too much attention to ourselves. Once the List of Dragons is over, we will be leaving the sext. We should prepare ourselves for trouble then. Since I’ve already used two promises, The Immortal will undoubtedly come looking for us. Our enemies are no longer going to be simple people. Rather, they will be large organisations like the Samsara and Liu Dao.”


“Don’t worry, I’ve been in hiding all these years. I know how and when to lay low. Otherwise I would have died like a dog long ago.” The pig said contemptuously, a proud look on his face.


“So you admit, you are a dog.”


“Watch it, boy. Don’t insult me.”



Suddenly, someone called his name. He looked around to see Bai Shaxian walk up to him. Smiling gently, he said, “No wonder the Miss values you so much. Today, you have opened my eyes.”


Sighing dismissively, Xuanyuan smiled and replied, “Don’t think too much of it, it was merely luck.”


“You are underrated yourself. You have a solid foundation. Even if you hadn’t broken through to the Emperor realm, you still could have beaten Xie Tian, am I right?” From his words, one could figure out that he was very perceptive.


Xuanyuan smiled mysteriously and shrugged his shoulders, saying nothing.


“Nevermind that. I have something else to ask you. Would it be possible for me to join your Xuanyuan Hall?”


“Haha, of course. I would like nothing better.” Without waiting for Xuanyuan’s answer, Bu Jingsha laughed out and addressed him. “Senior Bai, I’m thankful for your interest in our Xuanyuan Hall. You will be of great help to us.”


An intoxicating, womanly fragrance wafted out as they were talking. Accompanying the fragrance was Huang Yuechan. She latched onto Xuanyuan’s arm, an innocent smile on her unearthly face. Her voice, clear as a drop of water, rang out, “Little husband, you are so strong and brave. I am so infatuated by you. Even I want to join your Xuanyuan Hall. Since we are to be married anyway, why don’t we combine my Phoenix Moon of the East and your Xuanyuan Hall? What do you think of my proposal? I don’t mind letting you be in charge either, since I’ll listen to you anyway.”


Both Bu Jingsha and Bai Shaxian started coughing silently, and the audience sharply inhaled. Such a proposal could not be made lightly, it showed that Huang Yuechan had already made up her mind. It was all up to whether Xuanyuan accepted it. Everyone’s eyes were on Xuanyuan, awaiting his response.


Waving dismissively, Xuanyuan pushed Huang Yuechan away, saying, “Let me be.” Clearly, he didn’t even afford a single thought to the proposal Huang Yuechan set forth.


All the chief disciples were in an uproar.


“Who do you think you are, dismissing Huang Yuechan’s earnest proposal like that!”

“Xuanyuan, how dare you treat Huang Yuechan like this. I challenge you to a duel.”


“You’ve gone too far now. You can’t talk like that to Huang Yuechan.”


Xuanyuan was troubled, he didn’t think he said anything deserving of the backlash he was facing. He struggled to find words to explain himself, but before he could Huang Yuechan latched onto him again. Smiling, she casually said, “Don’t worry, that’s just how my sweet husband behaves. He’s too shy to show his true feelings. No matter, I can take the initiative for now. Soon enough, he’ll be able to do the same.”


Dumbfounded, the chief disciples were silent. What kind of sorcery did Xuanyuan weave on Huang Yuechan to make her behave like this? Huang Yuechan used to be someone far out of their reach, a Phoenix soaring in the skies, unfettered by any ties. But now, she was head over heels for Xuanyuan, chasing after him. To their minds, the only thing that could make the proud Huang Yuechan act like this was sorcery.


While some people were envious of Xuanyuan’s relationship with Huang Yuechan, and detested his attitude, even more were amazed and impressed by how he managed to conquer the future Saintess of the Fighting Dragon Sect.


Huang Yuechan then looked at Bai Shaxian and venemously said, “Tell your young lady Bai to stop dreaming of my husband. He’s already taken by me. The only thing she can even dream to be is a concubine to him, nothing more.”


Bai Shaxian seemed to want to respond, but he held his tongue. Standing next to him, Bu Jingsha let out a nervous laugh. The only person who seemed unaffected was Fenglie. Laughing boisterously, he told Xuanyuan, “Younger brother Xuanyuan, you are far more outstanding than me when it comes to women. While I’ve devoted myself completely to cultivation, and ignored women, you have managed to progress this far with both your own cultivation and with women. I envy your talent, ahaha.”


Xuanyuan knew there was no point trying to explain it any further, it was just going to get even more confusing. Furthermore, he didn’t want to damage Huang Yuechan’s reputation by making her look like a loose woman. Carefully choosing his words, he explained, “Miss Huang and I don’t have that kind of relationship, we just know each other. Don’t take her words seriously. Furthermore, we are two separate individuals, we can’t just merge Xuanyuan Hall and the Phoenix Moon of the East.” His words left no room for misunderstanding.


Bu Jingsha sighed silently. If Xuanyuan had accepted the offer to merge, Xuanyuan Hall would have grown at an unprecedented pace. Since he didn’t want to, they would have to build it up, brick by brick.


Huang Yuechan looked at Xuanyuan, who had a casual smile on his face. She was torn apart by bitterness. Didn’t Xuanyuan see her as a woman, even though she had made so many advances towards him? He even said they had nothing to do with each other. Even if he was so indifferent towards her in private, couldn’t he at least pretend in public? Or did he actually find her annoying?


Looking at Huang Yuechan, Xuanyuan said, “I thank you for coming to cheer for me, Miss Huang. However, I must take my leave if there’s nothing else to discuss. May I?”


Huang Yuechan looked brokenhearted, she was unable to respond immediately. Eventually she said in a small voice, “I understand. I shall take my leave then.” Her back small, Huang Yuechan walked away.


Bu Jingsha sighed, looking at Xuanyuan. Even Fenglie, who was usually obtuse when it came to such stuff, couldn’t help but shake his head.


“Xuanyuan, why are you so cold towards Huang Yuechan. I can see that she truly loves you. She was never like this towards anyone. Even I found it difficult to ever talk to her, let alone the others. But she acts so open with you…” Seeing Xuanyuan wave his hand, Fenglie stopped talking in the middle of his sentence.


Xuanyuan replied, “Brother Fenglie, currently I cannot be invested in any sort of relationship between a man and a woman. If I am to consider it, it would only be four years in the future.”

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