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Chapter 294 One orifice connected to the other nine.

Chapter 294 One orifice connected to the other nine.


With those words, everyone finally understood. Xuanyuan was plagued by the Heart-Devouring Bug right now, he must have his own reasons for keeping his distance. Fenglie didn’t push any further on this topic, after all, love was beyond all reason.


At this time, two other showers of starlight fell, indicating the next two fighters, one of them being Wan Jianlun. Xuanyuan simply glanced at them and looked away, apparently disinterested. He prepared to leave.


“Elder brother Xuanyuan, don’t you want to stay and look at their duel. Maybe it will help you when you face them later, since you would be familiar with their techniques.”


“It doesn’t matter. After all, I can break their techniques with only strength. All other techniques are illusory, only strength matters.”


“Haha, well said. All techniques are illusory, only strength matters, you are right.” Waving goodbye, Fenglie laughed. Even Bu Jingsha, Chen Jinchou and Zhao Manfeng suddenly had their hands full. Several true disciples wanted to join the Xuanyuan Hall. However, they couldn’t accept everyone, so they had to screen all the applicants.


Dragon fighting son (?) looked at both Fenglie and Xuanyuan. Narrowing his eyes, he murmured slowly.


“I can break all techniques using just strength, huh… Xuanyuan has understood this truth at such a young age. Such comprehension is rare, even amongst the most talented.”


In full sight of everyone, Xuanyuan went back to his stage, and sat with his legs crossed. Now that he was in the top 8, he needed to increase his strength as much as he could before his next fight. After all, the fight between the top 4 was going to be far more difficult.


Xuanyuan began using the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique to refine his acupoints. Mysterious dragon energy started swirling around him. Everyone could see that Xuanyuan’s fighting spirit was condensed into a small dragon that circled him.


Xuanyuan closed his eyes, falling into a dark world. The abyss seemed to be endless, with a sole star shining in the middle. Xuanyuan felt the spirit of wisdom emanating from the star, acting as a guiding light in the endless darkness.


Sensing the force tugging at him, Xuanyuan’s blood and Qi started roiling, gathering towards another steel door. Gathering their force, it rushed into the steel door, once again assailing it.


With each impact, Xuanyuan had to withstand immense pain, but Xuanyuan persevered. He lost track of the time passing, constantly assailing the door with his blood and Qi. A crack opened up, the door slowly giving way. Sensing the opening, Xuanyuan gathered all his strength and attacked that point. After 108 attacks, the steel door finally gave way.


The door was blown open, leaving behind an endless black vortex that seemed to suck everything inside. This was the embodiment of the Body of All Creation that devoured everything. Xuanyuan felt the energy surging through his eyes, beginning to break through the acupoints of wisdom and intelligence. 


The Oriental Seven Stars gleamed once again, and the shadow of the dragon descended onto Xuanyuan once more. The dense fighting spirit, containing the force of the heavens and the earth, flowed into Xuanyuan. He channeled the force to the acupoints. Within his body, he could sense the force being devoured rapidly. 

Xuanyuan’s Body of All Creation found it extremely difficult to cultivate and break through to the next realms, but the force of the shadow dragon drastically increased the speed of his cultivation.


With the fighting spirit that he just received, Xuanyuan managed to completely break through the two acupoints of wisdom and intelligence. Opening his eyes, Xuanyuan saw the entire world in his field of view. Thinking to himself, he muttered, “Is this the view of the world from the eyes of the ancient dragon?”


Once one had broken through the acupoints of wisdom and intelligence, one would be able to see the entire world from all angles, leaving no room for surprise attacks. Along with his enhanced hearing, Xuanyuan’s ability to react was drastically improved.


“Look at Xuanyuan, he’s been meditating for the last three days. He must be having some kind of break through, seeing that starlight is falling even during daytime.”


Hearing them speaking, Xuanyuan was shocked. It took him three whole days to refine the acupoints of wisdom and intelligence. Luckily, it wasn’t his turn yet. The elite disciples would fight for several days and nights. If they have the same strength, they would obviously take longer to decide the victor, since both parties would be equally matched. It would come down to a matter of preparedness.


Knowing it wasn’t his turn yet, Xuanyuan closed his eyes and continued refining the acupoints. While he had broken through, he still needed to completely connect the two acupoints, he was just a step away from finishing the process.


Channeling the force once again, he infused it into the acupoints. They slowly connected to each other, and the starlight slowly became soft, yet bright. Suddenly, Xuanyuan felt the other acupoints all opening up. He had managed to unlock the acupoints after completely refining these two. 


Xuanyuan was ecstatic. He had taken the first step on the path of completely rening all his acupoints. The complete refining of the acupoints of wisdom and intelligence were linked to unlocking the acupoints of the head, hair, Yang Bai, ophyron, Ying Xiang, Cheng Qi and the philtrum. Xuanyuan knew his next move was to completely refine all the acupoints. 


“Ha, the strength of the acupoints cannot be underestimated.” Greed couldn’t help but exclaim.


Time passed slowly, until 7 days had passed. Xuanyuan was still in the never-ending abyss, but this time nine stars shone in the darkness. Each star indicated that he had cultivated one acupoint to its penultimate level. He just needed one more step to completely refine them.


According to the methods left to him by the ancient dragon, Xuanyuan knew that once he refined all nine acupoints to the highest level, the Jiaomu acupoint would appear. It signified the two horns of the dragon, and was a vital step to completely reincarnating as a dragon. He needed to refine the seven ancient dragon acupoints in order to fully reincarnate as a dragon.


Xuanyuan opened his eyes, as his body flowed with power. Upon cultivating all nine acupoints, his strength had risen from two emperor dragons to three emperor dragons. Seeing this, many xian realm fighters were shocked.


“Xuanyuan’s strength is truly unbelievable. I wonder what technique he cultivates. Only after the refinement of all nine acupoints can one increase their strength by another emperor dragon.”


Each emperor dragon corresponded to the strength of ten thousand dragons. To others, the speed of Xuanyuan’s improvement was truly impressive, but to Xuanyuan it was just a matter of course. After all, he had been accumulating his experience and strength for a long time. He was already one step away from achieving three emperor dragons of strength when he broke through to the Emperor realm, so finally achieving the third emperor dragon was expected.


“It’s no wonder that the master of the sect would personally seek a way to get rid of the Heart-Devouring Bug for him. I wonder if the master will be successful in his search.”


“If he does, then we will finally have another person favoured by the heavens in our generation. We can finally compete with the younger generation of the Eastern Dynasty. Otherwise, I’m afraid the Eastern Dynasty will conquer us.”


“Nowadays, only the Heavenly Body can stand up against the Divine Body of the Eastern Dynasty. Once Xuanyuan matures further, even he will be able to stand up against it.”


“We finally have the top eight of the List of Dragons: Xuanyuan, Fenglie, Hua Wushang, Wan Jianlun…”


By this time, several elite disciples had gathered. Those who hadn’t come for the previous matches finally showed up one after the other. The level of the fights was expected to be high, thus attracting all these people.


The old man smiled, and softly said, “The top ten have already been decided. From now on, its a battle between the top 8. Think carefully about whether you want to fight or not. From now on, it’s just going to get harder and harder. If you’re satisfied with your placement thus far, please feel free to withdraw.”


Despite the gentle voice of the old man, the disciples were scared. Over the past few days, they saw the cruel treatment of the top disciples. Both Wan Jianlun and Fenglie killed all their opponents. Even an elite disciple fighting against Hua Wushang had been severely injured. His entire cultivation had gone to waste, and he was reduced to a cripple, a fate worse than death.


“I’m satisfied with my performance. I would like to withdraw from the competition.” One of the true disciples immediately replied. Seeing this, the other three disciples also withdrew one after the other, leaving only Fenglie, Xuanyuan, Hua Wushang and Wan Jianlun.

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