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Chapter 297 The Reversal

Chapter 297 The Reversal



While Xuanyuan’s Five Element Roulette was strong, Hua Wushang’s strength couldn’t be underestimated. The two powers collided, but every time they clashed, Xuanyuan flew back. He just couldn’t stand up to Hua Wushang’s strength. His protective barrier kept shaking, as if it would break anytime now. His Qi was constantly being depleted at an unprecedented pace. Were it not for Greed converting pure energy sources and supplying them to Xuanyuan, he would no longer have had the Qi to support his Five Elements Barrier.


Everyone could see that Xuanyuan was in a disadvantageous position, blood falling fro his mouth. Those who had lost their bets before were all ecstatic, seeing this as the moment they were waiting for. 


“Hmph, serves his arrogance right. Kill him!”


“No, simply killing him isn’t enough to vent all our frustration. His methods are cruel and vicious!” Jiang Yitian’s henchmen started goading the crowd. 


“Kill him! Kill him!” The crowd slowly started ganging up on Xuanyuan. Fenglie, Fang Yuyou, Huang Yuechan and the others all started frowning, but they could do nothing. It was a fight between apprentices, taking sides and bashing the other was a common occurrence. It was impressive that Xuanyuan could survive Hua Wushang’s attack with only the strength of three emperor dragons, but his future prospects weren’t looking good.


Despite hearing calls for his death, Xuanyuan was unphased. Ordinary people would have had their willpower crushed under the atmosphere surrounding the fight, but Xuanyuan’s mental fortitude was extremely high.


When fighting against someone else, the momentum was extremely important. If you had momentum on your side, the psychological pressure dealt to the enemy was massive. It’s one of the three forms of potential. The potential of the sky was the strongest, with terrain and human potentials following second and third. Although human potential was subtle, it was also the one with the highest degree of uncertainty. It could swing at any given time.


Hua Wushang stood tall, his whole body gleaming gold. The patterns were all intorwove, resembling a martial god. Waves of martial techniques streamed out, constantly attacking Xuanyuan. His Five Elements Barrier constantly shook with the force of the attack. Were it not for his physical strength, Xuanyuan would have long been crushed by the force.


Surrounded by the healing fog, Xuanyuan was healed by the Water of Heaven. Only this fog permeated everything, uninhibited by any sort of technique. Hua Wushang was constantly inhaling a large amount of this fog. He was constantly assailing XUanyuan with attacks, wanting to completely deplete his Qi. 


Laughing, Hua Wushang sarcastically commented, “How fun, Brother Xuanyuan. No matter how much I hit you, you seem to have the Qi to defend against my attacks. It appears that the Body of the Five Elements is quite useful.” He was enjoying using Xunayuan as a punching bag as he continued to attack harder. Forming a hand seal, he started accumulating a dense purple Qi, as the aura around him became increasingly malicious.


Seeing the gathering Qi, Xuanyuan was shocked. It appeared that Hua Wushang was going to unleash a devastating attack.


The martial patterns were woven into an intricate design, completely enveloping Hua Wushang’s body. It seemed to gather all the energy of the earth. Forming a hand seal, a growing amount of Qi continued to gather into a ball, gathering all the five elements into it. It appeared to be a grand xian-class technique.


Xuanyuan could sense Hua Wushang’s Qi slowly rising, condensing in a single point.


“Let’s see if you can break through my Ruyi Seal, Xuanyuan!”


Just before Hua Wushang launchd the attack, Xuanyuan immediately triggered the fog particles that Hua Wushang had inhaled. Hua Wushang had just committed a massive mistake, inhaling the fog.


Hua Wushang immediately spat out blood. A look of horror on his face, he immediately turned to Xuanyuan and asked, “Poison?! When did you even have the chance to poison me?”


Laughing, Xuanyuan simply replied, “Hmph, you can’t even figure that out. I used my Water of Heaven, it’s both colourless and odourless. Poisoning you is as easy as taking candy from a baby.”


Seeing that Xuanyuan was using poison to fight, all those who bet on Hua Wushang immediately shouted, their expressions angry.


“How underhanded! You dare to use poison in a fight between disciples! Despicable.”


“You’re truly despicable! Rats like you should be brutally killed.”


“Brother Hua, you must kill Xuanyuan and restore the honour of the Fighting Dragons Sect.”


Unable to bear it any longer, Fenglie stood up and shouted,” Hmph, those who can’t even stand on the stage have no room to speak. Hua Wushang is clearly much higher than Xuanyuan in terms of cultivation. The fight is a matter of life and death, where any and all means are allowed. It’s okay for Xie Tian to summon the ghost king, a being that can kill all of you in the blink of an eye, but not for Xuanyuan to use poison? Ridiculous, anything that can help you achieve victory is permitted!”


Hearing Fenglie’s declaration, a majority of them shut up immediately. After all, his statements made sense. However, there were those who disagreed with his comments.


“You’re the leader of the law enforcement team, and everyone knows you favour Xuanyuan. I think it’s you who interfered secretly in the fight and poisoned Brother Hua!” A fourth rank Emperor realm fighter affiliated with Jiang Yitian tried to dredge up trouble by creating accusations.


Smiling coldly, Fenglie released his Qi. Sensing danger, the man immediately paled. He knew that Fenglie was someone who didn’t care about appearances, and would kill him in front of everyone. However, instead of attacking him, Fenglie spoke up.


“According to the rules of the sect, those who try and defame others by spreading false accusations are to be beheaded.”


With these words, Fenglie immediately released a sharp Qi. The man’s body fell to the ground, his head rolling on the floor.


“Fenglie, how dare you?” Jiamg Yitian’s voice was cold as he stood up.


“What do you mean how dare I? Master of Enforcement, are you present?”

“I am here.” The Master of Enforcement appeared in the sky, as fierce as always.


“Master, did you witness the events that had transpired?” Fenglie aksed of him.


“Yes, I did.”


“Please tell me, did I do anything wrong? According to the rules of the sect, anyone who brings forth a false accusation without any evidence must be beheaded. In addition, he even questioned the ethics of those chosen directly by you. Was it not right of me to behead the insolent fool?”


“You did exactly what should have been done” Smiling, the Master of Enforcement looked at Jiang Yitian. “Disciple Jiang, I don’t know why you have a problem with this.”


Jiang Yitian’s face slowly softened. In a gentle voice, he replied, “I apologise for my outburst, for he was my apprentice. However, I feel he was just expressing his distaste for Xuanyuan’s use of poison. He got carried away in the heat of the moment, but he didn’t mean anything by that. I feel that the measures taken by Fenglie were far too drastic.”


“The law is the law, it applies to everyone. We can’t just let accusations slide. Otherwise in the future, how can we make sure false accusations do not run rampant. Anyone can just come up and falsely accuse someone else without evidence. This would just bring ruin to the sect.” Fenglie coldly replied, glaring at Jiang Yitian.


Nodding, Fenglie replied, a warm smile on his face, “Leader of the law enforcement team, Fenglie, you are right. Forgive me for my impertinence, I’ve reflected on my actions.” Marvelling at the grace with which Jiang Yitian accepted his mistakes, everyone admired Jiang Yitian.


“Brother Jiang is definitely the gentlest person in the sect. I feel he’s far more suited to being the leader of the sect. The leader should be both wise and tolerant. I fear Fenglie is far too strict. Brother Jiang, however, knows how to be bahut strict as well as gentle. He is truly magnanimous.”


Along with the murmurs running through the crowd, several masters were also impressed by Jiang Yitian’s actions.


On the stage, the situation had reversed, with Xuanyuan now holding the advantage. He raised his hands, two Five Elements Roulette held up high. His body was wreathed in dragon Qi, giving him the aura of the Dragon Emperor. His feet were surrounded by gists of wind, further accelerating his speed.


Hua Wushang was severely poisoned, and he spit blood out continuously. His martial pattersn were woven into enchantments to protect him, but they seemed fragile due to Xuanyuan’s attacks.


“Xuanyuan, you bastard. I will kill you!” Hua Wushang’s face looked ugly, clearly he was affected badly by the poison. His body started giving off a strong Qi, he seemed to want to kill Xuanyuan with brute force.


“Why don’t you try and kill me then?”

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