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Chapter 298 Flying Snow and Falling Wood Disposition

Chapter 298 Flying Snow and Falling Wood Disposition


Hua Wushang’s eyes were bloodshot. He roared in anger as the patterns continuously intertwined. He summoned all the dispositions he had on his body. The strength rose up, threatening to consume Xuanyuan the very next second.


His heart skipping a beat, Xuanyuan was blown back by the attack. His Five Elements Barrier was barely active as it constantly shook. As he landed, Xuanyuan lowered his body as the wind gathered at his feet. Activating the Wind Boots, Xuanyuan once again soared towards Hua Wushang, the twin five Element Roulettes swinging towards him from above. Hua Wushang tried to counterattack with all the remaining energy he had, but it didn’t affect Xuanyuan much. His strength rapidly diminishing, Hua Wushang switched his focus to trying to rid himself of the poison.


“I thought you wanted to kill me?” Xuanyuan once again struck Hua Wushang with his roulettes, exploding above him. Pushed back by the force, Hua Wushang retreated a couple steps.


“Well, why don’t you come and try to kill me!” Gathering his strength, Xuanyuan slapped Hua Wushang. While his defensive enchantment protected him, Hua Wushang was still embarrassed, furious at the slight towards him.


“How shameless, Xuanyuan is using poison!”


“I agree, it’s despicable, using poison in an official match!”


Several people constantly jeered at Xuanyuan. The pig laughed out loud, saying, “It’s called competence, you sheep. Strategies and schemes are all techniques one uses to kill their enemies. There’s nothing called a cowardly move. When you face an enemy in a fight, can you expect him to fight you fair and square. If it should be fair and square, Hua Wushang should restrict his strength to the same level as Xuanyuan! Hmph! If Xuanyuan didn’t use poison, he would die. It’s Hua Wushang’s fault for not noticing the poison.”


“You…” Unable to refute the pig’s statement, the apprentices glared at him.


“He’s right. Xuanyuan’s cultivation is much lower than Hua Wushang. The only way the weak overcome the strong is through proper use of strategies. It’s normal to use such a method, there’s no shame in what he did.”


“Xuanyuan, you are courting death.” A malicious smile on his pale face, Hua Wushang spat out blood as he started channeling Qi throughout his body. He took out a strong-smelling elixir from his ring. Seeing it, several xian realm fighters could not help but exclaim. 


“That’s a second-rank xian class elixir! It suppresses and treats all sorts of poisons. Looks like Hua Wushang came prepared for his battle against Xuanyuan. But how did he know Xuanyuan can use poison?”


Hua Wushang sneered at Xuanyuan as he took the elixir. He glared at him as he said, “Did you really think I didn’t know that the Water of Heaven becomes poisonous when it combines with other water sources? The moment I saw your Dragon King Rain Crown, I knew what your plan was. I just inhaled the fog to test how strong the Water of Heaven is. Looks like it’s nothing to be afraid of. Now, you shall die.”


Xuanyuan sensed the poison of the Water of Heaven was being cleansed by the Elixir of Detoxification. Internally disappointed, he looked at Hua Wushang with a look of contempt.


“You’re lucky that you had the Elixir of Detoxification on you. If I had used the full power of the Water of Heaven, you would have died before you could even use the elixir.”


Now that Hua Wushang was protected by the Elixir of Detoxification, Xuanyuan stopped attacking him with the poison. There was no point, it was just a waste of energy.


Hua Wushang’s strength rapidly recovered. He had been using a large portion of his energy to suppress the spread of the poison, but now that he had used the Elixir of Detoxification, he no longer needed to.


Furthering speeding up the process was the martial patterns he had woven on his body. Almost fully recovered, Hua Wushang rushed to kill Xuanyuan.

Hua Wushang summoned countless demons from nothing. Xuanyuan’s eyebrows furrowed, not sure what was the nature of the attack. Suddenly, he had the feeling that the Five Element Barrier surrounding his body had been attacked. Unable to withstand the impact, Xuanyuan once again flew back. Hua Wushang continued to attack Xuanyuan, his attacks relentless. His body gave off a dense Earth Qi, and it seemed that he wanted to physically crush Xuanyuan into a pulp.


Xuanyuan rushed to get back onto his feet, his posture broken. Before he could recover, Hua Wushang struck him from above. Xuanyuan crashed to the ground, cracks spreading on the stage. Huang Yuechan and Fang Yuyou ground their teeth in frustration, they wanted to jump in and kill Hua Wushang themselves, but they could do nothing but watch.


Xuanyuan’s Qi was scattered and blood was flowing from all over his body. He was in a bad shape, blood constantly dripping from his mouth. He looked like he was on the doorsteps of death.


All those who bet Hua Wushang immediately exclaimed.


“Kill him! Kill Xuanyuan!”


Supporting himself using one hand, Xuanyuan got to his knees. His Five Element Barrier had crumbled, no longer able to sustain itself. It looked like he couldn’t move anymore. Slowly descending, Hua Wushang started weaving a hand seal. A light converged and fell onto Xuanyuan.


Hua Wushang sneered and said, “Do you know why my name is Hua Wushang? Wushang means the supreme one, it means I cannot be beaten. Now, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve. Let’s see what else you can do.”


“Well, if you want it, I shall not hold back.” Sneering, Xuanyuan replied.


Suddenly, the energies of the Falling Wood and the Water of Heaven were channeled through Xuanyuan’s hands. The ground lit up with mysterious markings, which wove together to form a disposition. A cruel smile appeared on Xuanyuan’s lips.


“Let’s see how you like the power of this disposition. Activate, Snowy Moon and Fallen Wood disposition!”


Seeing Xuanyuan activating the disposition, Hua Wushang’s expression immediately changed. He hurriedly used the Ruyi Seal to try and kill Xuanyuan before he could trap him within the dispositon.


Xuanyuan managed to dodge the Ruyi Seal thanks to the Wind Boots. The seal detonated against the ground, creating a massive explosion. The resulting burst of Qi was dissipated by Xuanyuan’s freshly reactivated Five Elements Barrier.


Hua Wushang suddenly realised everything thus far was a trap, and he had fallen into it. Half of the platform was covered in a mysterious disposition. Seeing the drastic changes, several people were surprised. The first to react was the disposition elder.


“The Snowy Moon and Fallen Wood disposition is a disposition of the emperor class! It’s astonishing that Xuanyuan is able to create this disposition. Furthermore he has bolstered it using the energy sources of the Falling Wood and Water of Heaven, doubling its effectiveness.”


“Can Hua Wushang break through the disposition?”


“Of course, a disposition of this level is no match for Hua Wushang’s strength. After all, he can fight against fighters in the xian realm.”


“If it were a normal disposition, I would be inclined to agree with you. But since the disposition has been created using the energy sources of the Falling Wood and the Water of Heaven, the synergistic effect of the two  drastically increases the strength of the disposition. I don’t think Hua Wushang can escape from within.”


Everyone could clearly see that Hua Wushang was trapped within the disposition. Xuanyuan sat under the dragon statue and began activating the disposition in full force.


Snowflakes began to slowly fall from the sky, imbued with cold Qi. Slowly, the entire ground was covered by ice.


If an ordinary expert was trapped within this disposition, they would immediately succumb to the biting cold and die. However, Hua Wushang was no ordinary expert. He was not affected by the snowflakes falling, and tried to destroy the disposition. The cold however did not abate. Each time Hua Wushang tried to rush out of the disposition, cold tendrils of ice wrapped around his body and stopped him from moving. Hua Wushang felt as if he were being oppressed by an overwhelming force. The martial patterns around his body constantly destroyed the icy tendrils. But everytime one was destroyed, two more rose up to take its place. Hua Wushang just couldn’t escape from the disposition. At the same time, the snowflakes condensed together in the sky, forming a gigantic rock of ice, which fell atop Hua Wushang’s head.


Hua Wushang gathered his Qi above his head and smashed the ice.


“Yet another disposition… Xuanyuan is scary, being able to set up such oppressive dispositions time and time again. Even Elder brother Hua has been trapped within one of his dispositions.”


“If this continues, I’m afraid Xuanyuan will win.”


“What, does Xuanyuan really stand a chance of winning?!”

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