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Chapter 299 Firmly Standing Dispositions

Chapter 299 Firmly Standing Dispositions


The crowd was in an uproar. No one could believe their eyes. Despite being far weaker than Hua Wushang, Xuanyuan had managed to trap him within a disposition. The main reason why they found it difficult to believe their eyes was because of the sheer amount of pure energy sources they had wagered on this match. If Hua Wushang lost, some people would lose everything they had.


The Saint frowned, and thought to himself, “Impressive, Xuanyuan is prepared to such a high degree. If he were not so prepared, he would have lost to Hua Wushang long ago. However, Hua Wushang is not going to die to this disposition, he still has several cards to play.”


Huang Yuechan’s eyes were gleaming as she remembered Xuanyuan trapping her within the Holding Phoenix Disposition.


A flash of jealousy ran through Jiang Yitian’s eyes. He roared internally, “The Book of Acquisitions, the treasure of the Emperor of Acquisitions, is truly strong and mysterious. It clearly should belong to me. It’s wasted on you, Xuanyuan. I must kill you and take it for myself.”


From the very beginning, Jiang Yitian coveted Xuanyuan’s Book of Acquisitions. He even designed many schemes to try and steal the book from Xuanyuan.


Seeing Xuanyuan turn the tables, Fang Yuyou sighed with relief. Fang Yun frowned and cautioned her, “Don’t get so excited. Hua Wushang is not as easy to deal with as you think. Until now, he has been fighting using his body techniques, without using any of his treasures or talismans. Apart from those, he has his own trump cards that can easily reverse the situation.”


Hearing that, the slight sense of relief Fang Yuyou just had was once again consumed by anxiety. She didn’t doubt what Fang Yun told her; after all, he had entered the sect before her. He would most certainly know more than she did. While she was younger, the only reason she could catch up to Fang Yun was because of her special physique.


Fenglie’s voice rang out, “While you have a point Brother Fang, Xuanyuan is not so easy to defeat either. As Hua Wushang has his own secret techniques, Xuanyuan also possesses his own trump cards.”


The pig shouted, “Boy! Stop messing around and use the promise of theNightmare Ghost and kill the brat. Do you know the value of the energy sources that have been bet? It will all be ours if you just use the promise to kill him.”


Rolling his eyes, Xuanyuan mocked the pig.


“You want me to waste the last promise on just this? If I wanted pure energy sources, I can just ask for how much ever I need as my last promise. It’ll pale in comparison to the mere 200 trillion king coins that I can get here.”


The pig was rendered mute, realising the foolishness of his words. Hua Wushang’s heart skipped a beat as he remembered that Xuanyuan still has the last promise as a trump card. However, he calmed down and reassured himself that he wouldn’t use it. After all, the Nightmare Ghost would not come out just to kill someone at his level.


Slowed down by the cold Qi within the disposition, Hua Wushang’s movements were sluggish. He continued to battle against the attacks within the disposition, trying to win via a contest of endurance. After all, Xuanyuan couldn’t keep up the disposition forever, no matter how powerful it was. At some point he would run out of energy. Hua Wushang was confident that Xuanyuan would not be able to keep throwing dispositions at him.


Xuanyuan continued to meditate under the dragon statue as he started utilising the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique. Qi gathered around him, forming a dragon that surrounded him. The statue of the dragon trembled as Xuanyuan communicated with the Oriental Seven Star once more. A shadow of a dragon appeared once more in the sky, and starlight fell onto Xuanyuan. The nine acupoints were stimulated by the rain of starlight. Apart from the acupoints of hearing, wisdom and intelligence, the others weren’t refined to the maximum level. Xuanyuan wanted to take this opportunity to try and break through the remaining acupoints, and finally even break through the Jiaomu aperture. Now that Hua Wushang was trapped within the disposition, this was the best time to do so, as if he did manage to break through he would stand a higher chance of beating Hua Wiushang.


The spectators began to talk amongst themselves.


“How ambitious, Xuanyuan is trying to cultivate in the middle of a duel.”


“He’s just too optimistic. After all, how long can he keep Hua Wushang trapped.”


“Clearly, Xuanyuan is at his wit’s end. Otherwise, why would he come up with such a reckless strategy to try and trap Hua Wushang within a disposition so that he can try to break through to the next level?”


“Is he stupid? Does he not know that those who possess special physiques find it difficult to break through realms?”


“Haha, maybe Xuanyuan has no other option. If he had the strength to directly kill Hua Wushang, he would have done so now.”


Even though he was trapped within the disposition, Hua Wushang could still hear what the others were saying. Ecstatic at what he heard, he activated all the techniques on his body and summoned a long gun. The gun was the Silver Dragon Gun, a top rank heaven class instrument. It boasted immense killing power.


“Let’s see how long you can trap me for!” Knowing that Xuanyuan was weaker than him in terms of techniques, Hua Wushang thought to himself, “Well then, let’s analyse this disposition so that I can be prepared for the future. After all, any experience is valuable.”


Every single person who ranked in the List of Dragons was a genius amongst geniuses. They all regarded each other as stepping-stones for their own success, and Hua Wushang was no exception. He would not waste this opportunity to learn something new.


The gun in his hand began to fire rapidly, silver Qi being shot out at an insane speed. Countless markings were woven on the gun as it gleamed. Hua Wushang continued to shoot down the endless wave of attacks thrown at him.


Xuanyuan’s body continued to absorb the energy within the starlight at a dizzying speed. Within his body, he could see nine stars in the endless abyss. Two of them were gleaming with a refined light, while the others were bright and sharp. The lights around the others were not refined, and one could see the imperfections in them.


As Xuanyuan continued to channel the energy from the starlight, the lights around the stars slowly began to change. Slowly, the imperfections were evened out, and the stars began to gleam with a refined light.


For five days and five nights, the stalemate continued. Hua Wushang continued to analyse and break through the disposition, while Xuanyuan steadily refined the acupoints within his body. Hua Wushang had taken several emperor elixirs to restore his Qi, while the energy of the disposition had mostly been exhausted. By the sixth day, all nine acupoints had been completely refined as they gleamed with a pure light.


Hua Wushang laughed out, “Xuanyuan, your Snowy Moon and Fallen Wood disposition can no longer hold me back! If you want to kill me, you’ll have to use a stronger technique.”


“Very well, I shall satisfy your demands then!” Xuanyuan activated yet another disposition, shouting out, “Activate! The Immovable disposition!”


Xuanyuan waved his hand, causing a 100 metre tall mountain to fall down onto the previous disposition. The mountain immediately transformed into an array which then combined with the Snowy Moon and Fallen Wood disposition, immediately restraining Hua Wushang. Not predicting this outcome, Hua Wishang roared out, “Xuanyuan! Let’s see how many dispositions can you keep throwing at me!”


Once again channeling energy into his silver gun, Hua Wushang destroyed the mountains that had popped up. The markings on his body were glowing with a strong light as he transformed into a being with the strength of a fighting xian, crushing the mountains around him. However, a mysterious force kept recreating the mountains that were destroyed, like a hydra regrowing its heads.


Seeing this, the Master of Dispositions exclaimed, “”No way. I must have Xuanyuan as my disciple. His comprehension of dispositions is so advanced! He’s deploying such complicated emperor realm dispositions one after the other, without the slightest mistake. Every one of the dispositions he has created is made of countless intricate marking, wherein a single mistake will make the disposition fail. While this is something that I can do fairly easily, Xuanyuan is just a fighter who entered the emperor realm. He has managed to achieve this level of perfection without the guidance of a master, imagine how much stronger he would get if someone would teach him the secrets of dispositions!”


Suddenly a voice interrupted the Master of Dispositions. “It all depends on whether or not he can survive this fight. It’s better if he concedes defeat before it’s too late.” Master Ruyi spoke as if the matter of Xuanyuan’s loss was predetermined.


Frowning, the Master of Dispositions could say nothing. After all, what Master Ruyi said was true. If he wanted to have Xuanyuan as a disciple, he should come out of this battle alive.


Seeing that Hua Wushang was once again trapped, Xuanyuan resumed his cultivation. Now that he had completely refined all 9 acupoints, he could refine the Jiamou aperture. Once he managed to do that, his strength would rise again, and he could use one of the secret techniques of the Peerless Heavenly Dragon.

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