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Chapter 300 Breaking Through the Jiaomu Aperture

Chapter 300 Breaking Through the Jiaomu Aperture


Hua Wushang had completely integrated with the Silver Dragon Gun. A small conscience had been born within this top rank heaven class instrument, though it was incomparable to those of the xian class instruments, let alone Greed. But it could communicate with its owner’s mind and cooperate with them. Naturally, Hua Wushang was able to wield the gun like it was a part of his body.


Qi continued to surge through Hua Wushang’s body as he smashed the mountain over and over. The small pieces spread through the air. Even though his Qi was depleted, he still wasn’t afraid of Xuanyuan. If Xuanyuan had possessed the strength to kill him, he would have done so by now. Why would he try to buy time and break through?


Even though he had been trapped in the disposition, Hua Wushang felt as if his Qi was concentrated, and his fighting spirit was bolstered.

Master Ruyi was in the hidden space. Looking at the scene in front of him, he smiled. Suddenly a voice echoed, “Wushang’s strength has improved rapidly, Xuanyuan can’t do anything to him. As long as Xuanyuan doesn’t summon the Nightmare Ghost, there’s no way he’s a match for Wushang. These dispositions can only trap Wushang’s for a while, but they can’t trap him forever. Wushang still hasn’t revealed the supreme technique he has cultivated. Obviously, he’s using the disposition to hone himself.”


It was Huawu Xian, Hua Wushang’s father. But not even Hua Wushang knew the truth of his birth, since an illegitimate son was a disgrace to the family.


“Well, that’s Wushang’s nature. He seeks to improve himself using everything at his disposal. But Xuanyuan is no slouch either, being able to master dispositions to such an extent at this age. If Hua Wushang can kill Xuanyuan and plunder him, he will definitely benefit a lot.”


“To be honest, it would be better if Xuanyuan surrenders. It makes the battle easier for Wushang, since he would get injured in the process of breaking through the disposition. Regardless, Hua Wushang has several means to kill Xuanyuan.” Huawu Xian mused.


“I don’t think that will happen. Xuanyuan is a proud person, surrendering would hamper his future progress. Once the seed of doubt is sown, he’ll no longer have the same confidence and drive to improve himself.”


“That’s true. Well, let’s see how long Xuanyuan can trap Wushang for.” A fierce light lit up Huawu Xian’s eyes. He was unaware of the fact that the entire incident was orchestrated by Jiang Yitian, just so that he would be able to get Xuanyuan’s Book of Acquisitions. He didn’t care about the other treasures, it was fine if Huanwu Xian got them.


Around the stage, the disciples were all watching the fight, their eyes glued to every single move. The List of Dragons had been going on for 20 days now. The fact that the wealth of almost everyone had gone into the betting pool for this match further increased the fervor with which they watched the match.


“Xuanyuan, are you only able to hide from Senior Hua using your dispositions? Do something else.”


“Xuanyuan, can you even call yourself a man? You slink around like a rat. Why don’t you face Senior Hua like a man?”


“That’s right! If you say you’re a man, you will fight Hua Wushang face-to-face. That’s how real men fight!”


All the disciples continued to disparage Xuanyuan’s strategy. Ignoring their comments, Xuanyuan continued to cultivate.


The pig mocked the disciples, a scornful look on his face. “You’re all just a bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well, you’ve not seen the real world. You don’t even understand the logic behind skirting the edge of your limits. The lot of you are fit to only be spectators. You still want to fight your opponent face-to-face when you know you’re far weaker than them. That’s a foolish endeavour. No wonder you lost all your wealth to me, your decision-making skills are truly pathetic.”


“Shut up, pig. The result hasn’t been decided yet. Wait and watch, Senior Hua will win.”


“Senior Hua will win undoubtedly. There’s no way he would lose to Xuanyuan.”


“Let’s see if you can still talk big after Xuanyuan loses. If you can’t pay us our winnings, I’ll strip the flesh off your porky body.”

“You dare disrespect me?”


“Haha, what are you going to do about that? Try me!”


“Yeah that’s right. Let’s see what you can do, foolish piggy.” Several disciples began poking fun at the pig.


“Very well, I shall show you the power of the Emperor.”


On his body, several patterns began flowing and glowing. A brilliant light covered those disciples as a strong space strength was felt. The space around them distorted as they were immediately teleported to an unknown location.


The Master of Dispositions tried to stop the pig, but he was too late. The pig had already cast the disposition. Laughing bitterly, the master asked, “Senior, did you send them to the North?”


Laughing, the pig replied, “Looks like your eyes are half decent. That’s right, I sent them to the North. Whether or not they return depends on their ability. After all, this can also be considered as an experience for the cultivation. I originally planned on sending them to the Land of Darkness, but I’m a merciful person.”


The Master of Dispositions’ eyes twitched. Looking at the pig-headed emperor he thought, “This pig is not as simple as he looks. Is that the Divine Body of Dispositions that can be used as a medium for directly casting dispositions? How terrifying! Even I can only transmit people until the Linglong Sect, this pig is able to transmit people all the way to the North instantly!”


All the other disciples immediately fell silent as they realised the true strength of the pig-headed emperor. Even the Master of Dispositions addressed the pig as ‘Senior’, one could imagine the pig’s strength!


The elite of the sect briefly understood the strength of the pig, and they resolved not to mess with him if they could avoid it. Seeing it’s proficiency in dispositions, it must have had a close relationship with the Nightmare Ghost.


Strength flowed through the nine acupoints as Xuanyuan utilised the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique to detect the location of the Jiaomu aperture. By nightfall, Xuanyuan’s consciousness had arrived at a giant steel door, engraved with a dragon horn. It gave off a sense of regality and dignity. It was one of the hidden Dragon apertures, the Jiaomu aperture, unknown to ordinary people. 


Taking a deep breath, Xuanyuan channeled the energy and thought internally.


“Dragon Thunder!”


The Qi within his body formed the Dragon Thunder and crashed against the door. The door shook violently with the impact, but did not give way. However, Xuanyuab was happy, since he knew that his attack had an impact. Gathering his strength once more, Xuanyuan continued to bombard the door. Each time, it felt as if the door would give way, but it held strong. Xuanyuan did not lose faith, he knew that it would fall soon enough.


With each impact, Xuanyuan suffered an unbearable amount of pain, but he persevered through it, continuously attacking the door. The skin on his forehead burst out open, and was immediately healed up. This cycle of rupturing and healing continued endlessly.


With each hit, the door appeared to get closer and closer to opening. Gathering every last bit of his strength, Xuanyuan channeled the strength of his blood, Qi, and the nine acupoints, as he assailed the door one last time.


“Dragon Thunder and Dragon Lightning!”


With a roar, the combination attack born from the Dragon Thunder and Dragon Lightning rushed towards the door. With a resounding creak, the door slowly opened. At the same time, the skin on his forehead burst open, and an arrow of blood flew out. The whole world seemed to shake with energy as a domineering dragon force poured down from the sky. A beam of starlight flew down from the Oriental Seven Star into the middle of Xuanyuan’s forehead, forcing open the Jiaomu aperture.


Xuanyuan’s power began to soar once more.


Seeing this, the Saint stood up and exclaimed, “Xuanyuan has inherited the blessings of the ancient dragon. He cultivates the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique, and he has managed to open the first Dragon Aperture within his body!”

Hearing the Saint’s declaration, the elder xians all were shocked, their hearts trembling with fear and awe.

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