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Chapter 301 Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Dispositions 

Chapter 301 Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Dispositions


“I didn’t expect that it was the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique. No wonder. The Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique is the stuff of legends, I never thought I would see it here.” One of the xian class fighters exclaimed


“It’s said that only the four heirs of Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, and the Tortoise can cultivate their respective xian class techniques.”


“Xuanyuan’s luck is so strong, he managed to get all five fighting elements, the three promises from the Nightmare Ghost, the inheritance of the ancient dragon, and he even managed to escape from the Land of Darkness with his life. Do you think he’s even received the dragon elixir?” Another xian class pondered. While everyone now knew that he cultivated the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique, whether he had the dragon elixir was still unknown. The xian class fighters comment piqued everyone’s curiosity.


“How can that be? The will of the ancient dragon resides within the dragon elixir. Even if he does have it, the will of the ancient dragon will swallow him if he tries to refine it. Forget it, he’s already got the luck of the devil to receive the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique.” Xuanyuan’s fortune continued to amaze the xian class fighters.


Both Master Ruyi and Huawu Xian shot each other a glance, greed clearly evident in their eyes.


“It’s very likely that Xuanyuan possesses the dragon elixir.” Master Ruyi’s words oozed greed.


“As long as the elixir is in our possession, we can cooperate to draw out its full strength. Surely we will receive massive benefits from this.”


“That’s right, along with the will of the supreme dragon, all of its memories, techniques, experiences and mysteries are also contained within the elixir. As long as we refine the dragon elixir, all these treasures will fall into our hands.”


“For this, Xuanyuan must die. Hurry, tell Hua Wushang to stop messing around and kill Xuanyuan, so that he can plunder all his possessions. No one can oppose us receiving the dragon elixir if Wushang kills Xuanyuan in a duel.” Huawu Xian said excitedly.


“Exactly what I was thinking!” Looking towards Hua Wushang, Master Ruyi exclaimed, “Hua Wushang, stop playing around now. Use your full strength and kill him, and take everything he owns!”


“Oh no, Master Ruyi and Huawu Xian plan on killing Xuanyuan and robbing him of all his treasures!” One of the xian class fighters exclaimed internally.


“The thought of the dragon elixir greatly enticed the both of them. They want Hua Wushang so that they can loot the dragon elixir from his dead body.”


“What do we do? Do we just sit by and watch them receive the dragon elixir?”


“Don’t worry, Xuanyuan is not as easy to beat as you think. You see? Xuanyuan’s strength soared again.”


“The strength of 4 emperor dragons! Xuanyuan has managed to achieve the strength of four emperor dragons shortly after he reached three emperor dragons of strength. The Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique is truly impressive.”


“I fear the gap is still too big. Hua Wushang possesses the strength of nine emperor dragons, he still has twice the strength that Xuanyuan possesses. It’s almost impossible for Xuanyuan to beat him.”


Countless strong xian class fighters couldn’t help discussing the probable outcome of the fight. Even the eyes of the Saint revealed a glimmer of greed; he was not immune to the desire to possess the dragon elixir.


“Hmm, your fortune really makes me envious, Xuanyuan. Since you have received the inheritance of the ancient dragon, it’s obvious that you would have received the dragon elixir as well. Master Ruyi and Huawu Xian, the two of you so eagerly desire the dragon elixir? Very well, I’ll let you have it for now, but keep in mind, great treasures bring great misfortune…”


Huang Yuechan was shocked as well. She didn’t expect Xuanyuan to actually possess the dragon elixir. The danger of his predicament was far more than any before, since a lot of powerful people had their eyes on his dragon elixir.


Hearing Master Ruyi’s order, Hua Wushang immediately deployed all his instruments. The energy flowed and connected them, causing his strength to soar. Hua Wushang resembled a fighting xian, his strength domineering as he crushed several mountain peaks. Wielding his silver dragon gun, he immediately wiped out an entire range of mountains.


Xuanyuan looked up to the skies and roared. Endless starlight filled the sky, as energy flowed from the Oriental Seven Stars into Xuanyuan’s brow. The newly opened Jiamou Aperture voraciously devoured the energy, slowly filling up. Xuanyuan’s strength continued to soar as the starlight streamed into the Jiamou Aperture. His strength increased from three emperor dragons to four emperor dragons, and still continued to rise. Xuanyuan felt a change in his brow. He felt as if he could channel the strength of the heavens and the earth.


Xuanyuan realised that he was now able to communicate with the heavens and the earth, but to truly use its power, he needed to break through to the xian realm.


Sensing Hua Wushang’s increasing power, Xuanyuan realised that he couldn’t just sit back any longer. The only reason Xuanyuan was cultivating in full sight of everyone was to mislead them into thinking that his inheritance of the ancient dragon was the be all and end all of his strength. He didn’t want anyone to even suspect that he had the Body of All Creation, and the fact that the ancient dragon was a mysterious being as well provided a suitable cover story.


All anyone knew about the ancient dragons were stories passed down from generation to generation. The way of cultivation, and it’s techniques were all unknown . Few people knew the characteristics of the techniques of the ancient dragon.


Hua Wushang continued to struggle to break through the disposition, until he finally lost his patience. Pulling out a first rank xian class charm.


“Fighting Xian Charm!”


An immense power suddenly rushed through Hua Wushang, drastically increasing his strength. In an instant, he levelled all the mountains in sight.


His heart slightly troubled, Xuanyuan immediately channeled the energy of the Five Elements within his body, and deployed a xian class disposition. 


The five energy sources were split across 25 locations in five directions. Mysterious xian disposition markings were engraved onto the energy sources. The terrifying power of the disposition made Hua Wushang’s heart tremble with fear.


Excited, the Master of Dispositions shrieked like a little girl.


“That’s a xian class disposition!”


“What! Impossible! Master of Dispositions, are you sure? There’s no way Xuanyuan can set out a xian class disposition.”


“I cannot be mistaken. This flow of energy is unmistakable. The markings on a xian class disposition are a hundred times more difficult than those of an emperor class disposition. A single mistake in any of them would collapse the entire array. Xuanyuan is truly a genius, being able to set up xian class dispositions at this age!” His eyes were gleaming with excitement. If Xuanyuan had seen his expression, shivers would run down his spine.


Laughing, Xuanyuan affirmed the Master of Dispositions observations.


“Your perception is impressive. That’s right, this is the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Disposition, a xian class disposition.”


The power of the Five Elements began to flow as the 25 energy sources began to let out a terrifying Qi. It was a bewitching sight, colours began to meld into one as Hua Wushang was completely enveloped by the disposition.


“I didn’t expect the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian disposition was such a disposition. By the looks of it, Hua Wushang will lose this battle!” The Master of Dispositions exclaimed.


“Are you kidding! There’s no way Hua Wushang can lose, he’s so strong!”


“Yeah that’s right, Master. Don’t speak of such nonsense. If this Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Dispositions could actually kill my nephew, Wushang, why didn’t Xuanyuan use it before? Why did he wait so long to deploy it?” Huawu Xian walked up, his voice cold as ice.


“That’s right, think about it. It doesn’t make sense.” Master Ruyi also chimed in, trying to ensure that Hua Wushang doesn’t get disheartened by the Master of Dispositions words.


“Haha, you’re right. Xuanyuan, stop bluffing, if you think you can kill me using this disposition, you’re sorely mistaken!” Hua Wushang declared as his body was enveloped in the five-colour fog. The terrifying force of the Five Elements condensed into five long dragons, encircling Hua Wushang. Drawing back his Xian Arc of Five Elements, Xuanyuan replied coldly.


“You’re almost right. With my previous strength, I wasn’t confident I could kill you even with the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian disposition, but now that I have broken through, I’m certain that I can easily do so.”


Declaring thus, Xuanyuan roared, “Activate, Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Disposition!” The sky was filled with the chants of dragons as the entire platform was consumed by the disposition. Everyone knew that the climax had arrived.

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