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Chapter 302 Unity of human and the disposition

Chapter 302 Unity of human and the disposition


“Do you think that Xuanyuan could actually end up winning.” One of the xian realm fighters who bet on Hua Wushang frowned and asked.


“Impossible. Xuanyuan’s own power is the most important thing. The consumption of a xian class disposition is massive. If Hua Wushang weathers through this shirt period, his victory is guaranteed.” Another xian realm fighter scoffed.


The Master of Terrain interjected, “You don’t understand it completely. Xuanyuan doesn’t use a normal energy source to create the disposition. He has the five fighting elements, naturally the disposition lasts longer and is far stronger.” In his eyes, Xuanyuan stood a high chance of winning.


“Master of Terrain, don’t exaggerate. While Xuanyuan is being supported by the xian class disposition, Hua Wushang also possesses several xian class fighting talismans. Do you still think Xuanyuan can win?” Huawu Xian proudly declared.


Frowning, the Master of Terrain responded, “Well, even if that’s true, Hua Wushang will still look bad. Imagine having to use multiple xian class talismans just to beat an opponent who just broke through to the emperor realm, everyone will mock him.”


“Thank you for your concern for Hua Wushang’s face, Master. Don’t worry, I will instruct him not to kill Xuanyuan. After all, even the master of the sect has gone to find a cure for the Heart-Devouring Bug. I have to give face to him. When Xuanyuan loses, I’ll make sure that he is not crippled, and his cultivation is not hampered. After all, it’s good for people to survive, is that not true?” Master  Ruyi laughed.


Addressing Xuanyuan, Master Ruyi pompously said, “Boy, as long as you prostate yourself in front of Hua Wushang and give him the dragon elixir, I will guarantee your safety.”


Annoyed, the pig roared, “How impudent. Since when do children talk like this? Looks like I have to teach you a lesson.” Patterns ran down his body and rushed towards Master Ruyi, enveloping him in a space distortion. A gate appeared, and Master Ruyi was immediately teleported someplace else.


Shocked, the Master of Dispositions asked him, “Senior, where exactly did you send him?”


“Well, I intended to send him to the Land of Darkness, but since he knew a bit about space laws, he redirected it a little. I think he should be on the periphery of the Land of Darkness.  doesn’t know how to speak. Has he lived this long in vain?”

Smiling, the Master of Dispositions simply nodded. He didn’t want to offend the pig since he wanted to learn a few techniques from him. He assumed that he had ties to the Nightmare Ghost.


Furious, Huawu Xian shouted at the pig.


“How dare you!”


“You’ll be next if you dare point at me again.” The pig had a ton of energy sources at his disposal, he wasn’t afraid to use a fw to teach them a lesson.


Pale, Huawu Xian swallowed his words. Fenglie laughed out and provoked them.


“That’s right, the pig has such an awe-inspiring control of prohibitions. Who in the world can match his skill?”


“Haha, that’s right!” The pig’s eyes gleamed with pride. A look of contempt was evident on his face, daring someone to stand against him. Everyone was furious, but they could do nothing but fume silently.


Several true disciples looked at each other, faces filled with fear, as they discussed the pig’s strength.


“Isn’t this pig terrifying?”


“I pray that elder martial brother Xuanyuan wins. I’ve bet all my wealth on elder martial brother Xuanyuan.” Qingxiao prayed to the heavens, the Xiaoyao fan clasped in his hand.


Xuanyuan stepped onto the statue of the ancient dragon, the Xian Arch of Five Elements in his hands.


Holding the bow in one hand, he drew the bowstring back as he channeled the Qi of the five elements into an arrow. However, the shape of the arrow was different from before. The Qi had condensed itself into a five-coloured dragon, its eyes red. Xuanyuan called it the ancient dragon arrow. The dragon looked extremely lifelike, its scales and tusks gleaming.


Shouting, Xuanyuan declared, “Hua Wushang! Let’s see if you can take this arrow of mine.” He was surrounded by a whirlpool of the five elements as the Qi began to ramp up in intensity.


Fully channeling the strength of the Xian Arc of Five Elements, Xuanyuan shot the arrow. It tore through the air, tracking its target down until it died.

Hua Wushang was confident in the strength supplied to him from the Fighting Xian Charm. Laughing, he declared, “Come, let’s see what you got.”


Hua Wushang struck the arrow with his fist. It immediately broke part, but the Qi contained within the arrow resonated with the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian disposition. A five-colour curtain shrouded Hua Wushang as the power of the five elements directly struck him. A normal person would have been crushed by the strength of the attack.


“Hua Wushang, let’s see how long can you withstand my attacks for.” Sneering, Xuanyuan continued to fire arrows at a blinding speed. One, two, three… Xuanyuan continued to shoot until he had fired a hundred and eight arrows.


Those who knew of the Xian Arc of Five Elements couldn’t help but stare at Xuanyuan.


“Is he a monster? How can someone have such an insane amount of Qi. Even a seventh-rank Emperor can only fire the bow 6 times, but Xuanyuan managed to fire it 108 times.”


“It’s probably because he has the Five Fighting Elements along with the Body of the Five Elements.”


“Yes, that’s the only explanation.”


Hua Wushang was also no slouch, he managed to withstand the rain of arrows. Were it not for the Fighting Xian Charm, he would not have been so confident. However, by the end of the barrage, Hua Wushang had used up most of the strength of the charm. He venomously glared at Xuanyuan and spat out.


“Is that all you got? Wait for me, I will destroy this disposition and then kill you.” Laughing, Hua Wushang activated a second Fighting Xian Charm from within his ring. Once again, his body surged with strength as he renewed the energy he was receiving.


“If you are so eager to die, I shall help you on your journey to the netherworld!”


Xuanyuan now knew that Hua Wushang had several talismans at his disposal to withstand attacks. He also knew that the xian class disposition was his last bet. Activating the Five Elements Charm, Xuanyuan stood directly above the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian disposition and summoned the Azure Asura Dragon Emperor.


A terrifying energy rose up, giving off the same energy as the Five Elements. The strength of the xian class disposition became even more domineering. Stunned, the Master of Dispositions couldn’t help but exclaim.

“That’s the integration of a human with the disposition! Xuanyuan has set himself as the main energy source for the disposition. Amazing! I never expected Xuanyuan to be this talented!”


Hearing this, Huawu Xian’s face paled.


“The integration of a human with the disposition… I didn’t expect this child to be so talented. He must have gained knowledge and cultivated within the Nightmare Swamp and the Land of Darkness. His skills encompass a large number of areas.” Huawu Xian’s mind was blazing with these thoughts, his bloodlust barely contained. If he could have killed Xuanyuan before, he would have done it already.

Interrupting his thoughts, Xuanyuan’s voice echoed.


“I have integrated myself into the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian disposition, it’s strength is no longer what it was before. Prepare yourself, Hua Wushang!”

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