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Chapter 303 Semi immortal Weapon

Chapter 303 Semi immortal Weapon


“What is the integration of a human with a disposition?” One of the true disciples who was ignorant regarding matters of dispositions inquired.


“You don’t know what that is? Xuanyuan has fused himself with the disposition so that he can directly wield the power of the disposition.” Despite sneering at his lack of knowledge, another true disciple still explained what it was.


“What? In that case, isn’t Hua Wushang going to lose for sure?”


“I don’t know… I never expected this situation. Did you see the expression of the Master of Terrain? Apparently, he’s confident that Xuanyua can stand up to Hua Wushang thanks to the disposition.”


Sounds of sharp inhalations ran throughout the crowd as everyone was surprised by the events.


“Senior disciple Hua Wushang used a Fighting Xian Charm to bolster his strength, while Xuanyan fused himself with the disposition, allowing him to fight on even grounds with Senior Hua. Isn’t this a match between two true geniuses.”


“It looks like deciding the victor between these two is not going to be easy.”


Gazing at the xian class disposition, Jiang Yitian once again roared in his mind, “The Book of Acquisitions, I must have it! Xuanyuan, you are not worthy of the book. Wait and watch, the moment you take a single step outside the sect, I shall ensure your death.”


Smiling, Fenglie boisterously declared, “No need to watch any longer. After all the outcome is decided, Xuanyuan is going to crush Hua Wushang.”


Lu Tianxiang coldly replied, “How dare you say that, Elder disciple Fenglie.”


“That’s right, how can you write this match off already. Elder brother Hua Wushang can’t be underestimated.” Nu Xianshan chimed in. Both Luo Tianxiang and Nu Xianshan had bet a large amount on Hua Wushang’s victory.


“Haha, stop fighting. There’s no point speculating, let’s wait and see what the outcome will turn out to be.” Bu Jingsha interjected diplomatically, his warm voice diffusing the tension.


Fenglie simply laughed and said, “Very well, let’s wait and see.”


On the stage up in the sky, the Saint’s expression was complicated. Looking at the bout, he murmured to himself, “Xuanyuan, at the mere age of 16, has the Body of the Five Elements, has achieved the realm of the Emperor with a strength of four emperor dragons, has the five fighting elements, and has inherited several skills and techniques from both the Nightmare Ghost and the inheritance of the ancient dragon. While his physique is far weaker than mine, the strength of his Qi spirit is much more refined. I must find an opportunity to kill Xuanyuan and steal his Qi spirit before he dies in some unknown corner of the world. Better I possess his Qi spirit, than it be lost to the aether.


Sensing a sudden wave of bloodlust from the Saint, Huang Yuechan looked towards the sky and trembled. 


“It looks like Xuanyuan has drawn the attention of the Saint. I fear that he has nothing good planned for Xuanyuan. After the List of Dragons ends, I have to find a way to keep Xuanyuan within the Palace of the Phoenix. If he steps out of the sect, I’m afraid that he will die.”


Fang Yuyou clapped in excitement, her masculine attire not hiding her beauty, as she smiled at Fang Yun, “Now what do you have to say, uncle? Who do you think will win now?”


Fang Yun’s eyes narrowed. Activating the eyes of Tianpeng, he looked at Xuanyuan approaching Hua Wushang and slowly replied, “Their odds of victory should be even now.” The eyes of Tianpeng was a superior technique that allowed one to see through all forms of spaces, regardless of the enchantments on the space.


When Xuanyuan integrated with the disposition, he could feel as if he was one with the disposition. The disposition was him, and he was the disposition. It was similar to how Hua Wushang drew strength from the Fighting Xian Charm, but unlike the charm, Xuanyuan could call upon the full strength of the disposition. The disposition drew on the strength of the earth, which meant even Xuanyuan could draw the same strength. Of course, compared to the strength of a single charm, the strength available to Xuanyuaan was far more.


Xuanyuan had the same feeling of boundless strength as when he had called upon the power of the Nightmare Ghost. His strength couldn’t be quantified by even several emperor dragons.


Fused with the disposition, Xuanyuan was aware of everything that happened within the disposition, including whatever Hua Wushang was doing.


The entire stage was covered by the elemental fog. Other than those who possessed a superior technique, such as the eyes of Tianpeng, no one could see past the fog. 


Xuanyuan moved at a relaxed pace. Since he was fused with the disposition, he had also become the main energy source of the disposition. From his body, the energy of the Five Elements flowed into the disposition. 


Sensing the energy of the five elements flowing into the disposition, Hua Wushang became even more anxious. Previously, the energy sources were merely shadows of the fighting elements, which allowed Hua Wushang to resist the power of the disposition. Now that the pure energy from the five elements was flowing into the disposition, the strength of the disposition had effectively doubled.


Clapping his hands and feet together, his fighting spirit spread throughout his body, activating the martial patterns. Using the surge of strength, he continuously destroyed the wave of attacks that assailed him, but he slowly began to tire.


Suddenly the attacks ceased, and the strength of the five elements disappeared, leaving behind only the elemental fog. Looking around, Hua Wushang frowned and murmured., “What’s the matter, huh? Looks like you’re all talk.”


Taking this opportunity, Hua Wushang deployed his unique artifact, the net of martial arts. His martial patterns all began to weave into a complex golden net, forming a barrier of prohibitions that both defended against all attacks and attacked the enemy at the same time.


“Xuanyuan! What’s the matter, are you all talk?” Hua Wushang provoked Xuanyuan. 




Suddenly sensing the Qi of the five elements becoming dense, Hua Wushang realised that he had let his guard down. A terrifying force suddenly hit him, breaking his reverie. The golden net he had deployed was almost bent completely inwards, the barrier collapsing under the strength of the five elements. Pushed down by the strength, Hua Wushang was forced to his knees.


Humiliated, Hua Wushang looked up, and once again condensed his Qi while preparing to counter attack. Looking up at Xuanyuan, he saw him covered by a divine light. Seeing him, Hua Wushang felt a boundless strength emanating from him. Xuanyuan seemed immovable, as if he were the heavens and the earth. Hua Wushang was almost crushed under the strength.


Raising his hand, Xuanyuan struck Hua Wushang with a five-coloured dragon. Hua Wushang was sent flying, his Fighting Xian Charm shattering as it ran out of strength.


Hua Wushang activated a third Fighting Xian Charm and started wielding a top rank unique heavenly weapon. The broken prohibitions were repaired instantly. Hua Wushang broke into a nervous sweat. Had he not reacted that fast, he would have died instantly.


“What happened? Was that all your strength?”


Xuanyuan raised his hand and attacked Hua Wushang once again. Despite the new charm being deployed, the golden net immediately collapsed. Hua Wushang’s face twisted with rage as he spat venomously, “If you’re that eager to die, I shall reveal my full strength.”


He spat out blood and formed a mark on his hand. Xuanyuan sensed an overwhelming power rising from Hua Wushang. The golden web slowly started contracting and eventually fused with him. A golden light emanated from his body. As the light faded, Hua Wushang stood tall. He resembled a golden martial xian.


“Tianhua Fighting Xian, the first form.”




Hua Wushang’s strength began to rise steadily. Greed spoke to Xuanyuan in his mind, “Be careful. Hua Wushang also possesses a special physique. It’s the same body type as the Tianhua xian. Hua Wushang practices the secret martial arts of the Tianhua xian. While Tianhua’s realm cannot compare with that of the Devouring Emperor, it’s not weak.”


Hearing this, Xuanyuan heightened his guard.


“Xuanyuan! Die! The Heavens cover the Earth.” Tianhua’s strength emanated from Hua Wushang. The speed of the attack was unbelievable. If Xuanyuan were in his normal state, he would have instantly died. But now that he was integrated with the disposition, he shared in its strength. He could easily each and every one of Hua Wushang’s actions and react appropriately.

Xuanyuan raised his hands. Without using any special technique, he simply released the strength of the five elements and directly clashed with Hua Wushang’s attack.


The two attacks collided in the middle, great waves of force emanating from the point of impact. Their fighting spirits collided as they both vied for domination.


Hua Wushang’s attack gave out first. He was immediately blown back. Xuanyuan took a step back as well, surprised that Hua Wushang was able to compete with the strength of the disposition. He was thankful that he had made the preparations in advance, otherwise he would not have stood a chance.


“Good, impressive. I never expected that you would be able to compete against me, Xuanyuan! As a reward, I shall show you what a semi-immortal weapon is!” Hua Wushang smiled cruelly as he summoned a Jade Ruyi. It gave the sense that anyone would be crushed under its attack.


Shocked by the energy that the Jade Ruyi gave off, Xuanyuan immediately activated his Five Elements Jade. He wanted to directly attack the Jade Ruyi.

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