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Chapter 304 Coming of Thoughts 

Chapter 304 Coming of Thoughts 


The Five Elements Jade was an amalgamation of gold, wood, water, fire and earth jades. It had been refined for thirty three years by its creator, the Great Technician. After striking and refining it with lightning strikes over and over, a consciousness that could control the techniques of the five elements was born in the Jade.


Xuanyuan’s body was overflowing with Qi. It continued to flow endlessly into the Five Element Jade, activating a massive elemental technique. It released a massive, colourful varrier that trapped Hua Wushang and Xuanyuan within it. Until Xuanyuan willed it, neither of them could escape from within.


As he deployed the technique, Xuanyuan sensed that the strength of the five elements was far stronger than he expected. Apparently, the technique had been bolstered by the disposition he had laid out, far exceeding his expectations. 


Xuanyuan realised that this was the true strength of the Five Element Jade. While he could activate and use the top rank heavenly class instruments, he still could not bring out the full strength due to his realm; at most he could draw out 10 percent of their full power. Even people in the xian realm found it difficult to unleash the full power of these instruments. However, thanks to him fusing with the disposition, he was able to bring out almost the full strength of the Five Element Jade. The strength exuded by it was so terrifying that even Hua Wushang was frightened.


Hua Wushang realised that in front of this overbearing power, all other techniques would be useless. He had already used his ultimate technique, the only thing left to do was fight.


The Jade Ruyi that Hua Wushang wielded was known as the Tian Hua Jade Ruyi. It used to be a toy of the Tianhua Xian. Despite being a toy, it was a semi-xian class instrument, further emphasizing the strength of the Tianhua Xian. When Hua Wushang was 19, he had entered a cave in a remote location. Within the cave, he had discovered several treasures. Out of all those treasures, the only one he could use with his current strength was the Jade Ruyi.


Golden light flowed from Hua Wushang’s body into the Tian Hua Jade Ruyi. It began giving off a dense Jinhua energy, which terrified Xuanyuan.


An idea flashed through Xuanyuan’s mind. Smoothly moving his hands, he drew a Tai Chi pattern. The power of the five elements integrated with the pattern as it rushed towards Hua Wushang. Hua Wushang roared and responded in kind.


The five elements’ energy were working in unison, further increasing the attack power than either element could do on their own. However, even the Tai Chi pattern could not bear the attack of a semi-xian class instrument, as it crumbled under the attack of the Jade Ruyi.


Not missing a beat, Xuanyuan immediately activated one of the great techniques of the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body.


“Dragon Thunder.” Xuanyuan’s voice was low as he channeled the strength of the thunder. Sensing the strength contained within the attack, several xian class fighters exclaimed in succession.


“How is it possible? How can Xuanyuan summon such a terrifying thunder infused with dragon energy?!” Lu Tianxiang was the first one to exclaim.


“It doesn’t look like Xuanyuan can cast it at will. I think it’s because of the combined power of Xuanyuan and the disposition. Since he has fused with the disposition, he is able to call upon the strength of the heavens and the earth. That power is not to be looked down upon. Hua Wushang looks to be in danger now.”


Hearing this, several apprentices turned pale, as they realised that Hua Wushang could lose.


The skies were filled with several Dragon Thunders, each the size of a water tank. With a swing of Xuanyuan’s hand, they fell onto Hua Wushang. Hua Wushang immediately threw up the Jade Ruyi to defend himself, and the Jade Ruyi destroyed the attacks instantly. Hua Wushang was left unscathed.


Laughing, Hua Wushang mocked Xuanyuan, “Xuanyuan, you’re such a  fool. Do you even know what a semi-xian class instrument is? It has far surpassed the strength of thunder, pitiful thunder strikes such as yours only serve as food to strengthen it.” Those apprentices who were pale up until now also laughed along with Hua Wushang.


“That’s right, Brother Hua’s strength is boundless. Who is Xuanyuan in front of our Brother Hua!”


“I never expected Brother Hua to possess a semi-xian class instrument. He is far above us!”


“Looks like Xuanyuan has finally met his match. The difference between a top-rank instrument and a semi-xian class instrument is not insignificant.”


“Xuanyuan is going to lose this time.”


Hearing the disparaging remarks, Xuanyuan sneered internally. Gathering his strength once more, he said.


“Dragon Lightning.” Light was gleaming in his acupoints of wisdom and intelligence, and his eyes shone. As he lifted his hands, the heavens and the earth seemed to shake. Faster than what could be seen by the eyes, a flash of lightning struck Hua Wushang.


A dark thundercloud had formed in the sky above the stage. A rain of Dragon Thunder and Dragon Lightning fell incessantly. Even Hua Wushang, who was supported by the Jade Ruyi, was hard-pressed to defend against the storm of attacks. 


Xuanyuan drew back the Xian Arch of Five Elements. Standing tall, he channeled the strength of the disposition and the five elements into the bow, forming a massive five-colour dragon arrow that gave off a deadly Qi.


Xuanyuan looked as if he were the ruler of the Five Elements, his body continuously emanating an unimaginable amount of Qi. With a roar, the arrow flew from the bow, and rushed towards Hua Wushang.


Hua Wushang already had his hands full defending against the attacks from the seemingly endless rain of Dragon Thunder and Dragon Lightning. Not sensing the arrow rushing towards him, he was directly struck by it.


The five elements immediately began to restrain each other, creating a massive explosion. The multi-coloured mushroom cloud enveloped Hua Wushang, hiding him from everyone’s sight.


Xuanyuan was not affected by the lack of vision. Being integrated with the disposition, naturally he was fully aware of everything that happened within its reach. Seeing that Hua Wushang had simply spit out a mouthful of blood, he once again cocked an arrow.


Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.


One after the other, the five-coloured dragon arrows were shot out, hitting Hua Wushang. Had Hua Wushang not integrated himself with the golden martial net, his body would have been severely damaged.


Under the constant barrage of arrows, his crown could no longer withstand the damage, breaking apart. Strands of his were torn apart, ruining his dignified appearance. He was extremely humiliated, knowing that his loss would occur in such a disgraceful appearance.


His eyes bloodshot, his expression fierce, Hua Wushang let out an animalistic roar. He continued  to use the Fighting Xian Charm to support his own power. While he could resist Xuanyuan’s unending barrage of attacks, the consumption of his Qi was massive. Fortunately, he had many Fighting Xian Charms at his disposal. Were it not for that, he would have long lost.


Hua Wushang roared, “Xuanyuan, you have forced my hand. Answer my call, will of Tian Hua!” The Tian Hua Jade Ruyi started lightly shining, and a tall figure appeared within it. The pressure given off by the figure was immense.


Seeing this, Huawu Xian exclaimed, “That is the will of the Tianhua Xian. I didn’t think Xuanyuan would push my nephew this far, going as far as to even use his last resort. However, Xuanyuan will now die.”


Huang Yuechan paled, she could sense the terrifying strength of the figure.


Jiang Yitian’s eyes sparkled with excitement as he thought, “Excellent. Now, kill Xuanyuan for me, so that the Book of Acquisitions will finally fall into my hands.” However, to maintain his appearance, he immediately spoke sorrowfully, “At the end of the day, they’re all brothers of the same sect. Why must they go so far? I have to hurry up and treat the injured party at the end of the fight.”


“Brother Jiang, you are truly kind-hearted. Your magnanimity knows no bounds. Xuanyuan spits on your good intent, but you still care for him. I wonder if he will even feel guilty about his actions once he knows of your reaction.”


“It’s true, Xuanyuan shows no respect. If I were Brother Jiang, I would have slapped his head off already. Spitting on someone’s good faith is such a low thing to do.”


“Brother Jiang is really the most suited to being the next Head of the sect. He is gentle, kind-hearted and magnanimous. He has several merits to his name as well.”


Several apprentices, either genuinely or to curry favour, praised Jiang Yitian. Jiang Yitian had carefully hidden his true nature, fooling even the masters of the sect. These poor fools had no idea what his true nature was.


“It matters not. After all, we are all brothers of the same sect. We need to help each other, and love each other. I don’t want you to ruin the harmony of the sect just for me.” A saintly smile on his face, Jiang Yitian darkly thought, “Xuanyuan, don’t worry, I won’t let you die. However, I will make sure that you live a life worse than death.”


Xuanyuan’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the figure. Greed spoke up, “That is the will of the Tianhua Xian. Since he used to play with the Tian Hua Jade Ruyi all the time, his will slowly seeped into it. With the help of the Tian Hua Jade Ruyi, his strength is boundless now. I think you should take care, this is the best opportunity to try out the other great technique of the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body.”


Xuanyuan immediately understood what Greed meant. Hua Wushang was in a dishevelled state. His hair had fallen on his shoulders, his eyes were covered with blood. Gnawing his teeth, he lifted the Tian Hua Jade Ruyi. Above him, the gigantic palm of the Tianhua Xian was hovering, ready to swat at Xuanyuan. Swinging his hand down, the pam hit Xuanyuan directly.


Xuanyuan’s Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe activated instantly. A heavenly dragon rushed out, far stronger than all the ones summoned before. It crashed into the will of the Tianhua Xian, entangling itself with it to buy time for Xuanyuan.


Forming a hand seal, Xuanyuan began meditating. A clear light flew out from his brow. He was in sync with the heavens and the earth, and he could sense the cold will of the Tianhua Xian.


Boom. With a resounding crash, the heavenly dragon burst apart as it combined with Xuanyuan’s body.


At the same time, The Jiamou star let out a blinding light, covering the whole sect. A massive will descended, shocking everyone.


“That is the will of Jiaoxiu descending…”

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