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Chapter 305 Famed in the Sect

Chapter 305 Famed in the Sect


Gleaming martial patterns were interwoven on the palm of the will of the Tianhua Xian. It spread its finger out and tried to catch Xuanyuan. The emergy was extremely dense and heavy, like a mountain.


Starlight suddenly split the sky as the will of a xian materialised into a spirit form. Xuanyuan felt as if a connection between his brow, which was where the Jiaomu Aperture was located, and the Jiaoxiu will.


Excited, Xuanyuan let out a battle cry. Under Xuanyuan’s intent, the will of Jiaoxiu rushed towards the will of Tianhua Xian at an extremely rapid speed. The will of Tianhua Xian snorted coldly, and launched a punch.


Both attacks collided, resulting in a massive wave of energy pushing everything apart. Unsurprisingly, the will of Tianhua Xian was utterly crushed. Crying out, Hua Wushang spat out copious amounts of blood. After crushing the will of Tianhua Xian, the will of Jiaoxiu also dissipated.


“What just happened…”


“That was the will of Jiaoxiu!”


“Xuanyuan can summon that?!”


“Hua Wushang has definitely lost, now that the will of Tianhua Xian has been crushed.”


Hushed comments ran throughout the crowd of spectators.


Huawu Xian had an ugly expression on his face, as did Jiang Yitian. Screaming internally, Jiang Yitian exclaimed to himself, “Again! Xuanyuan has once again overturned the odds stacked against him! HOW?”


Huang Yuechan sighed with relief, while Fang Yuyou simply opened her fan, smiling beatifically. Fang Yun simply sighed and said, “This one has potential.”


Fenglie laughed boisterously and said, “Brother Xuanyuan, well played. You are extremely good at fighting. Now then, shall we kill Hua Wushang?”

All the parrentices that bet on Hua Wushang looked downcast, and they were ready to cry as they gazed at the pool of pure energy source floating above. Those who had bet on Xuanyuan had a smile on their faces, and felt a sense of pride.


Xuanyuan once again drew the Xian Arch of Five Elements. His whole body was filled with Qi as he formed an entire row of five-color dragon arrows, and shot the barrage towards Hua Wushang.


Being struck by the arrows caused Hua Wushang to spit blood once more. His face was extremely drained, and his expression ugly. The Tian Hua Jade Ruyi was half broken as a result of the will of the Tianhua Xian being crushed. Simply defending against an arrow drained a considerable amount of Qi.


“Is that all you got, Hua Wushang. In that case, sit and wait for your death, like a dog.” Xuanyuan lazily said, slowly cocking yet another arrow. As he had formed arrows one after the other, he had the feeling that the Xian Arch of Five Elements was becoming easier to use.   


Hua Wushang kept spitting out blood. Each time he tried to rush Xuanyuan, he was repelled by the five colored dragon arrows. Being so overwhelmingly oppressed, he was embarrassed


“Haha, how pathetic. Did you want to kill me with that pathetic strength of yours? Impossible.” Xuanyuan was happy with his achievement. He had managed to suppress Hua Wushang, a peak Emperor realm fighter, using the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Dispositions. 


“Agh…Ugh…Ugh…”  Being pushed around constantly, Hua Wushang was crazy with rage.


Hua Wushang was extremely strong, and he was the apprentice of Master Ruyi. He possessed an exceptional fortune, but he was still restrained to such a degree by Xuanyuan. To add salt to the wound was the fact that Xuanyuan had just broken through to the Emperor realm. How could he not go crazy?


Growling angrily, Hua Wushang spat, “Xuanyuan!”


“What are you calling my name for? Let’s see how long you can hold onto your pride for.” Xuanyuan stopped talking and instead began firing arrows one after the other.


Hua Wushang couldn’t avoid the rain of arrows at this point. All the pills and talismans on him were being consumed at an unprecedented pace under the unrelenting attack from Xuanyuan.


Panic was evident in Hua Wushang’s eyes as he began to run out of power. The strength of the disposition seemed to be endless, but Hua Wushang had all but run out of strength. There were tiny cracks on his top rank heavenly class instruments. A duel which resulted in such events could already be classified as a duel between two xian realm fighters. Furthermore, the extended usage of top rank heavenly instruments would result in a massive Qi consumption. 


Finally, the rain began to die down. Xuanyuan had fired 360 arrows without respite, which left Hua Wushang completely empty. Sensing the attack had come to a halt for now, Hua Wushang looked up at Xuanyuan through his bloodshot eyes and said, “Brother Xuanyuan, why don’t we just call this match a draw? It’s not going to be good for either of us to persist anymore.”


“Is that so? I’m sorry, but I graciously decline. I would like to see how much longer you can hold on.” Xuanyuan smiled gently and rebuked his offer. He knew that Hua Wushang had run out of resources, thus requesting for the fight to be called a draw. How could he let Hua Wushang so easily?


Xuanyuan once again began firing arrows from the Xian Arch of Five Elements. He was filled with Qi. Hua Wushang took out his Jade Ruyi to try and defend the attack,  but by the end of the barrage, his last Fighting Xians Charm was depleted.


Aware that the next arrow would inflict severe damage now that he had no Qi left, Hua Wushang’s countenance changed. Huawu Xian saw his illegitimate son in a dangerous position, and he could not allow anything to happen to him. He immediately shouted towards Xuanyuan, “Xuanyuan! Be merciful. Otherwise, your actions will have consequences.”


Xuanyuan coldy looked at Huaw Xian and laughed, “That’s a bold claim. I’d like to see what consequences I will face. Pretty audacious of you to ask a favour of me with that tone. Who do you think you are?”


Locking eyes with Huawu Xian, Xuanyuan immediately formed another arrow and shot it towards Hua Wushang. Hua Wushang, no longer caring about his dignity, immediately yelled out, “Brother Xuanyuan, I give up. Please take mercy upon me.”


By the time Hua Wushang had shouted out, Xuanyuan had already fired the arrow. His face pale, Hua Wushang gathered the remaining dredges of Qi left in his body and formed a huge shield. The shield was immediately blown to pieces, and Hua Wushang was enveloped in the mushroom cloud of the explosion.


At the same time, the Five Dragons Suppressing Xian Dispositions fell apart, and the elemental fog dissipated. Xuanyuan felt the strength leave his body as well, and he took a deep breath of the cool air. He was not concerned, he had already outlasted Hua Wushang.


Everyone watched Xuanyuan stand proudly on the stage. Instantly, several Masters rushed in. The power of the five-colored mushroom cloud was dispelled in an instant. Hua Wushang was bloody, his body a wreck. His top rank heaven class instruments were broken. 


The fight for the List of Dragons had one clear rule. If an opponent gave up, they couldn’t be killed. Those who were killed by Hua Wushang were all killed before they had a chance to declare their withdrawal.


Xuanyuan had grasped that small sliver of opportunity before Hua Wushang had conceded defeat, and fired one last arrow. Looking at Hua Wushang’s broken body, Xuanyuan shrugged and said, a smile on his face, “How fortunate. Brother Hua is extremely diligent in his cultivation, as shown by the fact that his body is still in one piece. However, he should have spoken up sooner if he was going to give up. I would not have shot that arrow in that case.”


Huawu Xian wanted to tear Xuanyuan’s eyeballs out. Glaring at him, he roared, “Bastard, you dare to?”


“If you keep speaking like this, I will kill you.” Xuanyuan met Huawu Xian’s eyes, a cold, steely glint in his eyes. Huawu XIan’s heart skipped a beat as he remembered that Xuanyuan had the last promise from the Nightmare Ghost. Silently, he walked away and followed the healers.


Seeing this, Xuanyuan breathed a sigh of relief. He was completely drained of Qi. The unison of a human with a disposition was extremely taxing on normal people. Xuanyuan could only sustain it for so long due to his physique, similar to how Hua Wushang was able to continuously use Fighting Xian Charms thanks to his martial body.


Xuanyuan regretted not being able to kill Hua Wushang during the fight. Now that he had actively taunted both Master Ruyi and Huawu Xian, his future would be plagued with troubles. The pig, on the other hand, was squirming with excitement, squealing,  “Haha, we won! We won!”


Several apprentices looked dispirited, and they wanted to cry out.


The Saint of the Fighting Dragons Sect looked pensive. Clearly he had his own agenda in mind.


Xuanyuan’s name resounded throughout the sect. He had proved his strength in front of everyone. Several apprentices took him as their role model. He was the legend of the sect.

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