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Chapter 306 The Fighting Dragon Water Mountain

Chapter 306 The Fighting Dragon Water Mountain


The pig calculated how much those who won would receive. Even after paying out the winners, there were still 82 million pounds of pure energy source remaining. Fortunately, the pig had gained enough strength to store these away in a personal space, otherwise Xuanyuan’s ring couldn’t hold such a vast amount of pure energy source.


 ”Not bad, not bad. Looks like there are still people with an eye for talent.”


The pig was ecstatic. He laughed maniacally, resembling an insane villain. The disciples who had lost their fortunes, and they wanted to kill the pg. Even the elders who had lost a substantial; amount of money could do nothing but lament their misfortune.


Xuanyuan saw that the pig had already split the loot evenly. Looking at Bu JIngsha, he said, “Brother Bu, please take these 41 million pounds of source energy. Xuanyuan Hall will most certainly become prosperous.”


Seeing this, Jiang Yitian was crazy with jealousy. Over the years, Yi Tian had only saved up ten million pounds of pure energy source. Overnight, Xuanyuan had managed to easily quadruple what he had earned over several years. Even more upsetting was the fact that this was just half the earnings. The other half was pocketed by the pig, which meant that Xuanyuan would definitely benefit from that as well. 


All the apprentices saw Xuanyuan give away a whopping 41 million pounds of pure energy source, and were impressed by that. Those who had not applied to join the Xuanyuan Hall immediately realised their folly, adn rushed to apply.


Not accounting for all the other benefits of joining the Xuanyuan Hall, just the mere fact that such a large amount of pure energy source had been given to Xuanyuan Hall was enough to allow Xuanyuan Hall to compete with the other 5 major organisations.


   With such a massive investment, the new organisation would also require members. Several members of other organisations were enticed, and wanted to join Xuanyuan hall. Some of these people would never rise to high positions within their own organisations, and thus wanted to join Xuanyuan Hall.


The rise of Xuanyuan Hall upset the entire balance of the five major organisations. One of the biggest organisations, the Phoenix Moon of the East, was allied to Xuanyuan Hall because of Huang Yuechan. Xuanyuan Hall would rise up to become the strongest of the five organisations. Even the Saint foresaw this future to be a certainty.


Fights between apprentices were allowed, in order to weed out the weak. The survival of the fittest would ensure that those who remain were the best of the best, the most skilled amongst their peers. The law of the jungle would remain through all eras. While this system may be cruel, it was the main reason why the Fighting Dragons Sect had grown so powerful. Its effectiveness could not be refuted.


Bu Jingsha was shocked when Xuanyuan said he would hand over a further 41 million pounds. Combined with the 23 million pounds he had in hand, he now had 64 million pounds of pure energy source. Such a large amount was enough to bring up a new force.


While there were many applicants who wanted to join the Xuanyuan Hall, Bu Jingsha was aware that mindlessly accepting all of them was detrimental. One needed to screen all the applicants multiple to find those worth taking in. They wanted people who had good conduct, alongside natural talent. Bu Jingsha did not have to worry about the qualifications of the applicants though. There were several powerful apprentices who had not allied with any organisations up until now. While they may not have the title of an elder, they were more competent than some people with the title of elders.


“Since younger brother Xuanyuan trusts me so much, I will certainly live up to your expectations.” Bu Jinghsa was clear-minded and decisive. He wasn’t hesitant in making decisions, and he knew how to win the support of others. This was the main reason why Xuanyuan trusted Bu Jinghsa so much.


After arranging everything, Xuanyuan patted the pig and said, “Have you finished laughing now?”


“Ahahaha, I’m very happy today.” The pig laughed out loud, his teeth showing. Seeing the pig laughing, Xuanyuan had a strong urge to diss him.


“Stop laughing before I walk away.”


Xuanyuan looked at Huang Yuechan and smiled at her. Huang Yuechan smiled in response, but she was reserved after being rejected in public.


Fang Yuyou walked up to Xuanyuan and smiled. “Thank you for avenging my uncle, Xuanyuan.”


“No need to thank me, actually I must thank you. You bet 2 million pounds on my victory, were you that confident I would win?” Xuanyuan laughed and said.


“Of course. There is nothing you can’t do, no enemy you can’t defeat, and there’s no difficulty you can’t overcome.” Fang Yuyou smiled tenderly, her smile pure as snow.


“You said you wanted to talk to me? Shall we?” Xuanyuan gestured.


“Well, this is not a good place to talk. Can we go somewhere a bit more private?” Fang Yuyou put away her fan and turned. The people in her path gave way to her.


Xuanyuan followed her, the pig and Yoxue closely behind. Fang Yun looked towards the stage where Fenglie and Wan Jianlun’s match was about to start.


“Younger brother Xuanyuan, do you not want to watch their match?”


Xuanyuan shook his head and reapplied, “There’s no need, Brother Fenglie will win for sure. In addition, I won’t need long to talk to Miss Fang.”


“Haha, thank you for your confidence, Brother Xuanyuan.” Fenglie laughed upon hearing Xuanyuan’s words.


Wan Jianlun’s eyes were sharp as he looked at Xuanyuan. He replied quietly, “We won’t know the outcome until we fight.” He gave off a clear fighting intent, wanting to fight Xuanyuan as well. Despite Xuanyuan’s arrogant demeanour, he knew that Xuanyuan had earned the right to act confidently.


Xuanyuan and Fang Yuyou’s backs faded away as the next match began. Countless disciples discussed what was actually going on between the two of them.


“Did you hear that Elder sister Fang liked Xuanyuan back in the day? Looks like the rumours are true.”


“That’s right. Elder sister Fang was in the Time Void all this time, but the moment Xuanyuan returned, she exited the void to meet him. It’s obvious that she likes him.”


“Just now, Elder sister Fang even bet two million pounds on Xuanyuan’s victory. No wonder that she is the future head of the Fang family. She is not inferior to her peers.”


“Who do you think is stronger, Elder sister Fang or Elder sister Huang?”


“Of course, it is the Elder sister Huang. After all, she is the future Saintess.”


“I don’t think Elder sister Fang pales in comparison to Elder sister Huang.”


“Elder sister Huang is undoubtedly better.”


“No, Elder sister Fang is better.”


Both Xuanyuan and Fang Yuyou could hear the entire conversation. They were both embarrassed. Fang Yuyou couldn’t stop blushing, after all she was with the person she had been missing all these years.


But Xuanyuan made her feel uneasy, as if he didn’t realise her attraction to him. Fang Yuyou wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear to him.


They continued to walk seemingly slowly, but in reality they covered several metres every step. Silently, they continued to move, until they reached a secluded mountain.


It covered a large area, spanning over 30 kilometres. The large forest surrounding the mountain gave off a dense wood strength.


The roots and branches of the trees were thick, and looked like dragons. They kept winding as they stretched out. They were extremely durable, a grandmaster would be unable to cut off even a single branch with one strike. Xuanyuan guessed that each tree here had been alive for at least a thousand years.


In the middle, a large waterfall split the scenery. The sound of rushing water covered all the natural sounds of the forest. The pure, nourishing Qi of the water sustained everything in the area.


Surrounded by the lush flora, the smell of water and the earth, the scenery was beautiful. The sun began to rise up, lighting up the sky. The first rays of lights broke through the clouds as several cranes flew through the skies. One felt as if they had entered an ethereal dreamland as they stepped into the mountain.


“This place is…” Xuanyuan said uncertainly.


“It’s a beautiful place. Please, follow me.” Fang Yuyou chuckled and gestured.


Turning to the pig, he said, “Don’t follow me anymore.” The pig just replied affirmatively, knowing that this was Xuanyuan’s personal love matter. While the pig loved gossip, he had to respect Yuyou’s privacy. Anyway, he could still communicate with Greed at any time, and be aware of the situation.


Youxue said nothing, and stood next to the pig. He was subordinated to Xuanyuan, and would follow his every command unquestioningly. 


Xuanyuan followed Fang Yuyou into the heart of the mountain. For the longest time, Xuanyuan had not had the opportunity to just relax and admire the scenery and nature. He was always either fighting endlessly, or he was practicing his cultivation. It was only in the Linglong Sect that he had last relaxed, and admired the natural beauty around him.


“Miss Fang, now that it’s just the two of us, can you tell me what’s on your mind?” Xuanyuan smiled at Fang Yuyou.


Fang Yuyou was extremely beautiful. Her doe-like eyes, shining with intelligence, were framed by long eyelashes. Her skin was white as snow, and soft as a feather, Her lips were slowly curling into a pure smile. She slowly walked up to Xuanyuan, and embraced him gently, her face resting on his chest.


Taken aback, Xuanyuan was speechless. Regaining his senses, he asked her, “Miss Fang, what’s the matter?”


“Nothing. I just missed you. I have been recollecting our last meeting for the last two years. Every time I thought of you, that was all I could think of.” Fang Yuyou’s voice was gentle and warm. It felt as if she would be satisfied just as long as she could hold Xuanyuan in her arms.


Gently patting her head, Xuanyuan smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern.”


“Xuanyuan, do you like me? I mean in the way a man likes a woman.” Fang Yuyou directly asked Xuanyuan.


Surprised by her question, Xuanyuan fell silent. After thinking about it, he replied, “I don’t have the luxury to think about it now. I have to find a way to save myself for now. Once I manage to do that, only then can I afford to think about matters of the heart.”


Fang Yuyou slowly looked up at Xuanyuan. He was the reason she had practiced so diligently, just so that she could keep up with him. Her eyes were clear, but her face was downcast. She already knew the answer in her ehart.


“I knew it… You like Yin Zhenluo right? Do you wish to marry her?” 

“A few years ago, I would have replied yes. I always admired my master, and aimed to reach her level. I wanted to become a man that could protect her.” His eyes were troubled, as he recollected the past. Slowly, he continued, “However, when I saw her getting married off when I reached the Eastern Dynasty, the only feeling that I felt was rage. Rage that my beautiful master was forced to do something against her will. No jealousy, no disappointment, nothing of that sort. Who knows whether I really like her not? She was the one who introduced me to the world of cultivation, she was extremely kind to me. Maybe, at the end of the day, she’s just my master.”


Xuanyuan’s voice was calm and decisive. Looking at Xuanyuan’s complex expression, Fang Yuyou slowly asked, “What about Shiguan?”


Xuanyuan’s lips turned up, a gentle smile on his face as he heard her name.


“Shiguan is a wonderful woman. She is extremely kind, despite being so talented. Even though she’s from the Mo clan, she is kinder and stronger than many humans.”


“And Bai Youniang?” Fang Yuyou didn’t dwell too much, instead moving on to the next.


“I am indebted to Bai Youniang. Without her support and help, I would not be where I am right now. She lives up to my expectations, and I to hers. She is a rare confidant, one many go without finding throughout their lives.” Xuanyuan replied with a smile.


Staring at Xuanyuan straight in the eyes, Fang Yuyou finally asked, “What do you think of me?”

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