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Chapter 307 The Northern Dynasty

Chapter 307 The Northern Dynasty


The rays of the morning light slowly filtered through the canopy of the trees. The area gleamed with a golden luster, and the slowly warming air made people feel at ease.


The sunlight shone off Fang Yuyou’s clear eyes. As she gazed at Xuanyuan, awaiting his response, her heart trembled. Xuanyuan didn’t look away. Smiling gently, he said, “Miss Fang, you are straightforward and just. You have helped my on several occasions, and I won’t ever forget that.”


“That’s not true… You’ve helped me far more than I have helped you.”


“Miss Fang, I have a request to make of you.” Xuanyuan interjected.


Stunned momentarily, she replied, “Tell me what it is. As long as I can do it, I accept.”


“I would like for you to help manage Xuanyuan Hall for me. What do you think of the proposition?” Xuanyuan smiled and said.


“Huh?” Fang Yuyou still hadn’t come to her senses. Shaking her head clear, she said, “You want me to help manage Xuanyuan hall?”


“That’s right. After all, you will be in charge of the Fang family in the future. You can see this as a valuable opportunity to hone your management skills. What do you say to this?” Xuanyuan asked once again.


“I love it! I’ll do it!” Her face lit up with a radiant smile as she nodded her head vigorously.


“Haha, in that case, I will send Youxue with you to inform Senior Bu Jingsha.” Xuanyuan was relieved; he had managed to navigate the minefield of a conversation without any disasters.


Telepathically, Xuanyuan asked Youxue, “Youxue, did you catch all that?”


“What about you? What are you going to do?” Fang Yuyou’s lips trembled as she asked Xuanyuan.


“Me? I think it’s about time I leave the sect again. Everyone’s eyes are on the match between Brother Fenglie and Wan Jianlun. It’s the best time for me to leave. I have already offended several people. If I wait for the entire event to end, it’ll give these people the opportunity to prepare and kill me when I do leave.”


Fang Yuyou’s heart sunk. “He’s going to leave after all. Why does fate tease me so?”


“When will you come back?”


Xuanyuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will return soon. After all, my duel with Jiang Yitian is in one year’s time. I’ll return to chop off that bastard’s head. If I haven’t returned, I’m probably still exploring the world on my way back.”


Fang Yuyou knew Xuanyuan’s character. Once he had made up his mind, no one could change it. At least she could see him again in a year’s time. Fang Yuyou calmed down slightly as she thought it through.


“Please take care of yourself, and stay safe.” 


“Of course. I shall be leaving now. Take care.” Xuanyuan turned and started walking away.


“Hold on…” Fang Yuyou called after him.


“What’s the matter?” Xuanyuan looked back.


“Uhhh, please don’t act impulsively when I tell you these things.” 


Xuanyuan laughed out, “Come on, I’m never impulsive.” 


“Very well. Firstly, Yin Zhenluo travelled to the Northern Lands, and she’s currently being pursued by Cheng Yang, the second prince of the Northern Dynasty. Although he hasn’t done anything to her, he is clearly infatuated with Yin Zhenluo.” 


“What? Cheng Yang, the second prince of the Northern Dynasty?” Xuanyuan was uncomfortable hearing this.


“That’s right. He has the Body of the Purest Yang. He and the eldest prince, Chengyin, are extremely close. Unlike the other royal brothers, they don’t mean any harm to each other. Chengyin possesses the Body of the Purest Yin. When the two of them fight together, their strength is terrifying.” Fang Yuyou saw Xuanyuan’s expression and sighed internally.


“I knew it, he is still worried about Yin Zhenluo.”


“Boy, individually, both the Body of the Purest Yin and the Body of the Purest Yang are extremely strong. However, when they work together, their strength is far more domineering than either of them individually. Even if you, the owner of the Body of all Creation, were to fight the two of them head-on, your victory is not assured.” Greed warned Xuanyuan.


“Looks like my destination is decided, I will go to the Northern Dynasty first.”


“There’s one more thing.” After considering whether or not to tell Xuanyuan even more, Fang Yuyou decided to inform him. “Princess Shiguan of the Mo clan was attacked by Chengyin a year ago, and she was severely injured as a result. Looks like the Northern Dynasty has launched a full-scale war against the Mo clan. If you’re going to the Northern Dynasty, you must be careful.”


“What? Why did Chengyin attack Shiguan? She has never been hostile to any race or person.” Xuanyuan started giving off a strong killing intent. He never expected Shiguan, of all people, to be attacked.


“I’m not exactly sure, but I heard that it was with regard to the Fighting Fire. Shiguan possesses several kinds of fighting fires within her. Chengyin possesses the Fire of the Purest Yin which ranks 11th on the list, while his brother, Cheng Yang, possesses the Fire of the Purest Yang which ranks 12th.” Xuanyuan’s killing intent continued to soar. Fang Yuyou’s heart was troubled as she thought, “I knew it… I hoped he wouldn’t act so impulsively.”


Xuanyuan closed his eyes and slowly breathed out. Opening his eyes, he said in a gentle tone, “Looks like my destination has been set in stone now. I shall leave for the Northern Dynasty.”


“Please be careful. Shi Da and Shi Ba, the eldest princess and prince of the Mo clan are also in the Northern Dynasty.”


“I see. Thank you for the warning and the information. You should also take care. If you need any help, ask Huang Yuechan. She is an extremely kind person who will undoubtedly help you. I must really leave now.” While Xuanyuan had not known Huang Yuechan for a long time, she and he had interacted without any pretense, and he trusted her character.


“If you leave now, how will you compete with the winner of the semi-finals? After all, the first and second positions are still remaining.” Fang Yuyou smiled gently, trying to take Xuanyuan’s mind off the dark topics they just discussed.


Understanding her intent, Xuanyuan smiled. 


“Brother Fenglie will win, there’s no doubt regarding that matter. While I may not be Brother Fenglie’s blood-related brother, I think of him as such. While I would like to test myself against him one day, that day is not today. I would like Brother Fenglie to take the first position. Being first or second makes no difference to me. Why should we fight each other for just fame or rank?” Xuanyuan casually replied. Taking out his medallion, he handed it to Fang Yuyou. “Here, this is my Dragon Apprentice Medallion. Once they distribute the rewards, please accept the rewards on my behalf. Feel free to use the rewards to benefit yourself, I’ve already gained plenty from the List of Dragons. Since you are going to help me manage Xuanyuan Hall, your strength is also beneficial to me. I hope that you manage to break through the xian realm by the time I return.”


Xuanyuan immediately walked away after handing her his medallion, not looking back even once. Seeing his retreating back, Fang Yuyou vowed to herself, “I’ll make sure you return to a powerful Xuanyuan Hall. I’ll follow behind you silently, forever. I’ll make sure that I break through to the xian realm by the time you return.”


“Boy, it looks like you’re going to finally meet a pair of strong opponents this time. The Body of the Purest Yang and the Body of the Purest Yin are both very powerful. Unexpectedly, they also have the Fire of the Purest Yang and the Fire of the Purest Yin. When all these strengths combine, the resulting strength will be unimaginable. The founding bodies of each dynasty cannot be underestimated.” Greed stopped joking around, he was extremely serious.


“I understand.” Xuanyuan was no idiot. Yin Zhenluo’s strength couldn’t be underestimated, but even she couldn’t escape Cheng Yang. Xuanyuan’s greatest worry was that the two of them were already xian realm fighters. To fight against xian realm fighters, Xuanyuan had to prepare dispositions beforehand, let alone fighting xian realm fighters who possessed a unique physique.


Xuanyuan and Fang Yuyou walked out to where the pig and Youxue were waiting for them. The pig said nothing, but the smirk on his face said it all. Xuanyuan had the urge to slap the life out of him when he saw that smirk. Looking at Youxue, he said, “Youxue, from today onwards you will stand by Miss Fang’s side. You try your best to protect her, and obey her every command.” While Ypuxue was only in the fourth rank of the Emperor realm, he could still play a significant role. Rather than risking his life and coming with him, it was better for him to stay here and be of use. Even though Youxue was just a brainwashed puppet, Xuanyuan didn’t want to needlessly throw him away.


“Yes master.” As always, he followed Xuanyuan’s command without question.


Xuanyuan looked towards the pig and said, “Let’s go to the Northern Dynasty.”


Stupefied, the pg screamed, “The Northern Dynasty? For what joy? Forget about it, win the rewards from the List of Dragons. How can you just give that up?”


Xuanyuan simply said, “Less talking, let’s just move.”


Greed filled the pig in on the situation. The pig’s eyes started shining with excitement. Laughing, he said, “You should have mentioned that before. War is my favourite! Nothing compares to the pure life sources on the battlefields.” Symbols started running down his back, forming a brilliant white light that condensed into a door.


Xuanyuan looked at Fang Yuyou and Youxue and said, “Take good care of yourselves.”


“You too, I’ll be awaiting your return.” Fang Yuyou replied with a smile.

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