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Chapter 308 Xuanyuan Xian Mountain

Chapter 308 Xuanyuan Xian Mountain


On the Fighting Dragons Battle Stage, Fenglie and Wan Jianlun were locked in battle for nine days and nine nights. Their battle split the heavens and the earth, finally culminating in Fenglie’s victory. Both of them were injured severely, the battle was extremely intense and even.


All the disciples were awestruck, the battle they just witnessed was the most exciting one yet. Even though Wan Jianlun had lost, he lost honourably. His power was terrifying as well. Even the battle was over, the stage was still covered by a dense layer of killing Qi, making everyone uncomfortable.


The only reason why Wan Jianlun lost was because Fenglie was the reincarnation of the Xian of the Wind. The Extreme Wind, which ranked 10th in the list of fighting winds, had an abnormal level of strength.


The mere fact that Wan Jianlun had fought evenly against that power demonstrated his strength, despite Fenglie sparing his life.


The elder in charge walked up to the stage. As he approached it, a gust of killing Qi attacked him. He didn’t look concerned, letting the Qi strike his body. He stood in the middle, unscathed. Smiling with satisfaction, he looked at Fenglie.


“Fenglie has won this match. The finals will be between Xuanyuan and Fenglie.”


Just then, Fang Yuyou walked up, Youxue right behind her, and spoke up, “Xuanyuan said that even though Fenglie are not related by blood, he still considers him to be his brother. He was eager to fight against Fenglie, but he said that now was not the time, and that the first place belongs to Brother Fenglie. Being first or second matters not, it’s just a shallow reputation.”


Hearing these words, the crowd was in an uproar. Xuanyuan’s strength was witnessed by everyone, but no one expected him to give up the first rank to Fenglie so casually.


“Senior Xuanyuan attaches great importance to friendship. He cares not for material gain. I think it’s a good idea to join Xuanyuan Hall.”


“So many chief disciples call each other disciples, but the moment they face each other in the List of Dragons, they fight against each other like the bitterest of rivals. I’m very impressed by Xuanyuan’s integrity.”


“This has really convinced me of Senior Xuanyuan’s nature. While I may be in the emperor realm as well, my strength and spirit both fall short of him.”


Fenglie laughed and asked Fang Yuyou, “So where did Xuanyuan disappear to?”


Smiling casually, she replied, “He’s gone to the Nightmare Swamp. The Nightmare Ghost will accompany him all around the world while he looks for a way to get rid of the Heart-Devouring Bug. He used his last promise to achieve this.”


Everyone who wanted to harm Xuanyuan grit their teeth in frustration. Now that Xuanyuan was guaranteed the protection of the Nightmare Ghost throughout his travels, he was untouchable.


Fang Yuyou’s face did not change in the least as she told such an outrageous lie, and her heartbeat was steady. Thus no one doubted her words, and took it at face value. Huang Yuecha looked disappointed, but she consoled herself.


“Looks like he left without mentioning it to me. Regardless, it’s fine as long as he’s safe. Now that he has the protection of the NIghtmare Ghost at all times, no one can harm him.”


Fenglie nodded in understanding. Obviously Xuanyuan had his own agenda, and he needn’t worry about him. Even the Nightmare Ghost was accompanying him.


The elderly xian nodded as well, Smiling, he said, “Very well. Since Xuanyuan has given up, the first rank goes to Fenglie.”


Fenglie shook his head as he heard this. His body in tatters, he said, “No, I feel Brother Xuanyuan should rank first in the List of Dragons. In my current state, I would be no match for Brother Xuanyuan, had he fought against me. It’s as he said, we are brothers and brothers don’t need to fight for reputation. I withdraw from the battle.”


Sighing, the elder was perplexed. Such an incident had never occurred before. Coming to a decision, he declared with finality, “Very well then. True disciple Xuanyuan ranks first in the List of Dragons, and true disciple Fenglie ranks second. All the others will take part in placement duels to finalise the remaining positions once their bodies recover. Now, onto the prize distribution for the first and second places. Xuanyuan will receive a Xian mountain, along with 200 trillion merit points, while Fenglie receives 100 trillion merit points.”


Once the bearded elder had finished speaking, Fenglie spoke up.


“While Xuanyuan and I are like brothers, this does not exempt him from the fact that he committed an infraction. Previously, Junior Xuanyuan killed Xuancha and Huotoa, and severely injured Huolie in front of witnesses. While he may have had his reasons, the sect has strict laws against killing fellow disciples, and no one is exempt from them. For his punishment, I shall deduct 100 trillion merit points from his winnings. Is my judgement alright with you, Master of Enforcement.”


Satisfied with Fenglie’s ruling, the Master of Enforcement smiled and nodded, saying, “I have no complaints. Go ahead with your judgement.”


The chief disciples all sharply inhaled. Xuanyuan had suddenly lost half his winnings in a single go. They were extremely impressed with the law and order imposed by the Fighting Dragons Sect, and were once again reminded of the consequences of breaking the law.


“Looks like Senior Fenglie won’t take sides when it comes to establishing discipline within the sect. I thought that Fenglie would definitely overlook what Xuanyuan had done, on account of their relationship and the circumstances. While it’s true that Huolie provoked Xuanyuan, the fact still remains that Xuanyuan killed two people in plain sight of everyone, and that should have consequences. But it looks like there was nothing to be worried about.”


“The world will be in ruins if not for law and order. Senior Fenglie knows this as well, and thus is extremely fair. Looks like no one will dare act recklessly in the sect any longer.”


“Xuanyuan, you are still so far beneath me. How dare you challenge me? In one year’s time, I definitely will kill you. But just you wait, before that, I will tear down everything that’s dear to you.” Jiang Yitian coldly looked at Fang Yuyou and Bu Jingsha before walking away and disappearing into the crowd.


Although the Saint looked calm, his heart was not so, as he planned his next move. “It seems that the sect is going to face a massive change now. I want to see her expression once she knows what has happened within the sect.” Silently contemplating, he flew through the air and left.


The elder looked at Fang Yuyou and asked, “Who will receive the reward on behalf of Xuanyuan?”


After all, it was Fang Yuyou who had spoken on Xuanyuan’s behalf just know. Surely, she would be the best person to ask.


Fang Yuyou took out Xuanyuan’s medallion and said, “I’ll take the rewards on his behalf. He has entrusted his Dragon Apprentice Order to me for that reason.”


“Very well.” The elder waved his sleeves, and all the points trickled into Xuanyuan’s medallion. “The battles for the List of Dragons have ended for the time being.” Saying this, the elder immediately disappeared.


When there is joy, there also is sadness. While there were the few who were ecstatic that they had won such a massive amount of wealth as a result of the bet, there were far more who were depressed that they had lost all their wealth in a single day. They lamented their own foolishness for being so shortsighted,


Along with the announcement that Xuanyuan had placed first, Xuanyuan Hall received a surge in applications. Bu Jingsha and the others were swarmed by the prospective applicants, as they formed an orderly queue.


Smiling warmly, Bu Jingsha addressed the crowd, “In order to join the Xuanyuan Hall, all applicants have to pass a series of tests. We require some time to create these tests, so we request that all of you return once our Xian mountain is established.”


Bu Jinghsa was the only disciple in the sect who could compete against Jiang Yitian in both fame and strength. Over the years, he had garnered a steady reputation. Hearing his words, all the disciples slowly dispersed.


Fang Yuyou walked up to Bu Jingsha, Fang Yun and Youxue in tow. She smiled and said, “Senior Bu, I hope you are well.”


“Haha, I am doing well. Junior Fang, your strength advances by leaps and bounds. Soon enough, you will surpass me.”


“Senior Bu, you praise me too much. However, I have another matter to discuss. Youxue, if you will.”


“Yes, Miss Fang.” Standing up, Youxue softly spoke, “Master Xuanyuan is aware that Senior Bu is a busy man. To help manage your workload, he asked Miss Fang to assist you in matters of management. This would relieve your workload, while also giving Miss Fang experience in management. To be specific, Master Xuanyuan requested Senior Bu to guide Miss Fang on the matters of managing a hall.”


Bu Jingsha nodded and laughed. “Of course, no problems. Junior Xuanyuan is very thoughtful. Now, how do we go about naming the mountain?” He looked at Fenglie, since he was the person with the highest standing here.


“Haha, Junior Bu, you don’t need to defer to me. Since you want me to make a decision, how about we call it Xuanyuan Xian Mountain? After all, he is a model disciple. At such a young age, his strength rivals that of xian realm fighters. I feel that the name is appropriate.”


“I agree. Then it’s settled. Shall we proceed to the Xian mountain to make the arrangements? Junior Fang, would you like to follow us?”


“Yes, I would.”

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