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Chapter 309 Heavenly Icy City

Chapter 309 Heavenly Icy City


The Northern Lands were extremely cold compared to the Eastern Land. There was no lush greenery, and the air was not rich with vitality either. The entire land was covered with frigid winds and sheets of snow. Winter lasted for most of the year, taking up three-fourths of the entire year, but the people here were accustomed to the harsh climate.


The pig used his long-distance teleportation technique, directly teleporting them to the skies above the Northern Lands, 90 million miles away from the Eastern Lands.


Xuanyuan immediately felt the biting cold, but more than the cold, he was shocked by the strength of the pig’s techniques.


“You are truly skilled when it comes to teleportation dispositions.”


Xuanyuan had gained experience when it came to gauging everyone’s strength, and to survive the dangers of the Northern Lands, he needed to have a grasp of his companions’ strengths as well. He had finally understood the prowess of the pig’s techniques.


“Hmph, looks like you finally understand. In my heyday, I could perform a long-range teleportation once a day, but now I can only do it once every ten days. This teleportation consumed 9 million pounds of pure energy source, you will have to pay me back.”


Stunned, Xuanyuan yelled angrily, “Are you trying to rob me blind? I’m no fool, I’ll have you know! I remember that you sent Shiguan to the Northern Lands before, and you asked nothing of her then.”

“The pig’s deceiving you. The teleportation only consumed 5 million pounds.” Greed spoke up just in the nick of time. Xuanyuan sharply inhaled, he trusted Greed’s estimation.


“5 million pounds huh? I didn’t expect teleportation to be so costly.”


“Hmph, what would you know. Shiguan’s physique is special. She has a special affinity to the heavens and the earth, which reduces the restrictions placed on her when teleporting over such large spaces. Furthermore, that day she was the only one teleported.” The pig rolled his eyes and sneered. “And then there’s you. Your body exists to devour the heavens and the earth. You find it difficult to break through since both the heavens and the earth oppose you, and try to restrain your every move throwing every obstacle they can in your path.”


Xuanyuan finally understood the significance of his physique, and why it was hard for him to break through successive realms. His physique devoured everything around him, dominating everything in his path. Were it not for the Hundred Spirits Energy Source, he would not have been able to break through to the emperor realm. 


Proudly boasting, the pig continued, “As for me, I have the Body of All Beasts, which is just as domineering as your physique. However, thanks to my unparalleled skill in dispositions, and a day’s notice to set up an array, I would require only one million pounds of energy source. This time it took me 5 million pounds because you asked me to teleport you instantly. Now hurry up and compensate me.”


Speechless at the pig’s audacity, Xuanyuan snorted and said, “Old fart, you also played a part in the consumption. I’ll pay you my half later.”


Drooling, the pig looked at Xuanyuan and slyly whispered, “Don’t bother. Just give me the Hundred Spirits Energy Source, and we can call it quits.”


Xuanyuan sneered dismissively. While the Hundred Spirits Energy Source didn’t weigh much, it was born from the heavens and the earth. There was no other like it, thus increasing its value hundredfold. It was a gift from Ji Wu, the eight prince of the Eastern Dynasty, to the Saintess of the Linglong sect. The treasure represented the whole Eastern Dynasty, and thus the value of the gift could not be underestimated.


Seeing Xuanyuan’s expression, the pig knew he wouldn’t hand it over easily. He immediately snarled viciously, “By, hurry up and hand it over. It is formed from the essence of the heavens and the earth. The mysteries of the energy source are wasted on you. I can use it to deploy dispositions for a far lower cost, and also receive several other benefits. On the other hand, all you can use it for is to deploy a single disposition. It’s a waste on you.”


Xuanyuan considered what the pig said; it’s not like he didn’t have a point. Mulling it over, he finally handed it over to the pig. It was as he said, Xuanyuan could not make full use of the mysteries of the Hundred Spirits Energy Source.


The pig immediately snatched it, afraid Xuanyuan would change his mind. Xuanyuan had a small sense of regret. He thought to himself, “This pig will never face a loss in matters of business, he’s well-spoken. Forget it, the pig was right, he can use it better.”


“Where are we now?” Xuanyuan asked the pig.


“We’re near the border of the capital of the Northern Lands. It’s an important strategic position, since it divides the Eastern Lands and the Northern Lands.”


Frowning, Xuanyuan thought, “There are three major forces in the Northern Lands. One is the Northern Dynasty, one is the Hantian Sect and another is the Xuanwu Sect. It looks like the war between the Mo Land and the Northern Lands only broke out in the capital of the Northern Lands. I guess the first order of action is to find a safe place to stay.”


“That’s right,a  place to stay is important.” Greed agreed.


“You couldn’t find a better place to teleport us to? All I can see is snow for miles. Forget civilization, I can’t even see a cave where we can even establish a base. How do I even gather information?”


“Hmph, there’s a garrison city called the Heavenly Icy City 80 miles to the north. However, there are battles occurring there.” The pig looked contemptuously at Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan could not say anything. After all, the strong are allowed to look down on those weaker than them.


Activating the Wind Boots, Xuanyuan immediately flew towards the north. A distance of 80 miles was nothing to him.


As he approached, Xuanyuan could sense the chaotic swirl of fighting Qi. The spirit of the world was in complete disarray as a result of the battle. Sounds of battle spread through the air, and lights kept clashing against each other. 

Fang Yuyou was right; war had broken out in full force between the Mo clan and the Northern Dynasty.


Shiguan, the youngest princess of the Mo Land, was beloved in the Mo Dynasty because of her gentle demeanour and kind heart. Her older siblings doted on her, and the public adored her. The fact that Chengyin, the eldest prince of the Northern Dynasty, had attacked her by surprise infuriated them. It was no wonder that the Mo clan started a full-fledged war in retaliation.


Xuanyuan sensed that in such a large scale fight, his personal strength had little meaning. The battlefield was littered with talented people, and there were countless kingly fighters, grandmasters, and emperor realm fighters. The Emperor realm fighters acted as the leaders of the two parties, while the xian realm fighters fought against each other, preventing either side from being utterly decimated.


The battlefield was spread out over 50 miles. Even though Xuanyuan was just at the periphery, he could feel the killing Qi born from battle. The scale of the war was unimaginably large.


Xuanyuan did not get in the middle of the war, he merely spectated it. His priority was to enter the city and find Shiguan. On the way, he could enquire for details regarding Yin Zhenluo. Xuanyuan knew that Yin Zhenluo was in no immediate danger, thanks to her bodyguards, but Shiguan was grievously injured. Xuanyuan knew how to prioritise his goals.


“Boy, do you not see the xian realm fighters fighting in the center? If we enter now, both parties will regard us as reinforcements for the other, and we will immediately be overwhelmed. The first rule of war is to never join in as a third party, unless you have the strength to back it up.” The pig spoke to Xuanyuan, sounding as if he had extensive experience in wartime matters.


Xuanyuan nodded, and modestly accepted the pig’s criticism. He did not know a lot about worldly matters, and thus he was ready to accept criticism when it came his way. That’s the way people should be, ready to admit their mistakes. Only then can they reflect on them, and improve on them. That’s the only way one would become strong.


When the pig saw that Xuanyuan did not answer back, he was pleased with Xuanyuan’s desire to learn. Patterns began to revolve on the pig’s body as he absorbed the life essence of the fallen fighters and the Qi remaining on the battlefield.


“Haha, what rich life essence. Truly, there’s nothing better than a battlefield. Only a battlefield can allow me to make such huge breakthroughs.”


Xuanyuan wasn’t so insane yet as to start a war just to restore the strength of the pig. War would mean the loss of several million lives, and Xuanyuan hadn’t grown so cold as to ignore this. He ignored the pig, and looked towards the city. There was a large disposition protecting it, repelling the attacks of the Mo Land. While both forces clashed and had their losses, it was obvious that Mo Land had more severe losses.

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