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Chapter 310 Got into the city

Chapter 310 Got into the city


By the time the Mo clan attacked, several cities within the Northern Dynasty were already occupied, and countless people had been slain or were injured, costing the Northern DYnasty severe losses. Several powerful nobles also perished. The Mo clan had infiltrated the cities several years back, slowly integrating with the populace. When the time came, they had already amassed a force within the walls and immediately occupied the cities.


However, since it was within the territory of the Northern Dynasty, far away from the Mo Land, reinforcements were scarce. Thus the cities were retaken eventually by the Northern Dynasty. This is not to say that it was easy, since the Northern Dynasty had lost several of their soldiers.


The rage that was felt by the Mo clan upon hearing of the attack on Shiguan was no joke. It was the first time that the Northern Dynasty had faced the full wrath of the Mo clan. The army was fearless. You could fight and win comfortably against people who feared for their lives. But against those who cared not, the only option was a battle to the death.


Cheng Yin, the prince of the Northern Dynasty, was said to have caused the disaster of the Northern Dynasty. The strength of the Mo clan, hidden for all these years, had finally been exposed. Now, the only way forward was a life for another. This was the only way their anger could be vented.


The sky was a crimson red, seemingly dyed by the blood spilled. The aura of death hanging over the battlefield was depressing, and the smell of blood was ever-present.


Xuanyuan slowly approached the battlefield. The pure white snow was stained with crimson blood. The snow was melting in places, due to the recently-spilled warm blood in those areas. The smell of rotting flesh spread through the air, as broken limbs and viscera were spread out as far as the eye could see.


Armours broken, weapons cracked, the battlefield was a wasteland. Xuanyuan could not describe the feeling he felt. Judging by the expressions of the fallen, the Mo clan were satisfied as they died, bringing down the humans who had hurt their precious princess. The human warriors’ faces were filled with fear, or were impassive.


As he watched the result of the carnage, Xuanyuan sighed, finally understanding the expression Shiguan had that day, as she wished for peace. Despite her relentless pursuit of peace between the Mo clan and the humans, she was still attacked by Chengyin, further deepening the hatred between the two races. This was the antithesis of her ideal world.


“Miss Shiguan, where are you?” Xuanyuan wondered.


Suddenly, a voice split the silence. “Who are you?” An Emperor realm fighter, equipped in a full set of battle armour was standing in the sky.


Xuanyuan came back to his senses and looked at the man. Judging by his appearance, he was an elite fighter of the city. Knowing that this was a tense period for them, Xuanyuan carefully pondered his next action, not wanting to be denied access to the city. He replied casually, “I am a frier. The Mo clan killed everyone in their path. Fortunately, I was able to escape and hide. I decided to make my way to the Heavenly Icy City, but unexpectedly, the war has stretched this far. I hid and waited for the fighting to end. Once it ended, I wanted to enter the city for refuge.”


As he finished speaking, 18 imperial realm fighters appeared. One of them asked, “What is the matter?”


“Nothing much. This man is a friar seeking refuge in the city. Is it alright to admit him inside?”


“No. This is a wartime scenario. We can’t allow anyone to enter the city.” A powerful aura suddenly pressed down on Xuanyuan, as a man appeared. Coldly looking at Xuanyuan, he said, “Begone, there is no place for you within the city.”


Raising his eyebrows, Xuanyuan summoned a shadow of an Emperor Dragon behind him. Seeing this, everyone suddenly changed their expressions. Xuanyuan gently replied, “I mean no harm. I just want to enter the city. I think this should change your mind.” Xuanyuan took out the Taibai gold medallion. The Taibai Trading was a powerful force throughout the world, and it had several branches everywhere. Even though he was far away from the heart of Taibai Trading, he was confident that it would still have influence here.


Seeing the gold medallion, the emperor exclaimed, “That’s the gold order of Taibai Trading. You’re a VIP of the Taibai Trading!”


Xuanyuan simply nodded and calmly said, “I just wish to enter the Taibai Trading branch within the city to buy a few things and gather some information. I don’t mean to cause any trouble.”


Frowning, the emperor nodded his assent. “Very well. However, I must accompany you to ascertain the matter, to be assured that the medallion in your hand is genuine. I hope you understand.”


Xuanyuan smiled and nodded, “Sure. What are you doing currently though?” Even though Xuanyuan’s question could be considered to be invasive, the elites didn’t dare disrespect him. Not everyone could receive the VIP medallion of Taibai Trading. Even those in the xian realm couldn’t easily receive such a title.


“We need to clear the battlefield. If the corpses continue to rot, disease will spread rapidly, and the citizens will suffer. Brother, please wait for us. Once we’re done, we shall accompany you.”

“Well, since you’ve been so kind to me, I can help you out as well.” Waving his hand, Xuanyuan summoned a wave of flames that immediately burned up everything in a ten mile radius.


Sensing the heat of the flame, the warriors were surprised.


“Is that a fighting fire?”


The emperor saluted Xuanyuan, and said “Thank you for your assistance. The overwhelming power of the flames have burnt everything, I don’t think we will have any problems now.”


Xuanyuan nodded and smiled. “Please lead the way. Don’t worry, I won’t make any trouble for you.”


“Thank you for your understanding. I still don’t know your name?” The emperor realm fighter asked respectfully.


“Ji Yuan.” Xuanyuan had a flash of inspiration, and replied casually. The Huang Emperor Xuanyuan’s family name was Ji. Xuanyuan was just his name. But he didn’t anticipate the response the name got from the emperor fighter.


Staring at Xuanyuan, he asked, “Are you from the Ji family of the Central Dynasty?”


Xuanyuan suddenly remembered. The Ji family and the Jiang family were the two main families of the Central Dynasty. Their strength was well known, and they were extremely old families. They possessed several supreme weapons and techniques, and their reputation was renowned. Few people even knew that the Ji family had ancient sages and an ancient emperor, further emphasizing the strength of the Ji family.


“Not exactly. The Ji family has several bloodlines. I’m one of the several offshoots, and I’ve been by myself for as long as I can remember. I’ve been wandering the world for a long time, and thus I have no contact with the Ji family. May I know what your name is?”


“Wangchao.” Wangchao said nothing in return, Xuanyuan’s words raised no doubts in his mind. Others would be eager to establish their relationship to the Ji family, but Xuanyuan didn’t do so. Furthermore, his aura was calm and peaceful. Perhaps Xuanyuan was exactly who he said he was.


Xuanyuan didn’t lie and claim to be a part of the Ji family. The Ji family would undoubtedly have their own set of unique techniques, and Xuanyuan would be asked to demonstrate them at some point. If it was revealed that he didn’t know the techniques, he would immediately be exposed.


Wangchao looked at the pig beside Xuanyuan, a weird expression on his face. The pig was a unique creature, he had the body of a dog and the head of a pig.

“And that is?”


“Oh, pay it no mind. That’s just my mount.” Xuanyuan shamefully admitted. 


The pig roared, “Insolent. I’m not your mount.”


“Please ignore him, that’s just how he is.” Xuanyuan didn’t want to argue with the pig, so he smiled at the general.


“Haha, Brother Ji, you possess a unique mount.” Wangchao laughed, as they set off towards the gate of the city.


The city was magnificent, it was made entirely of ice crystals. Even though it was just ice, it looked to be very solid. Throughout the circumference, a strong disposition was laid out, not allowing anyone to fly over the walls. Thus they could only enter through the gate.


“Brother Ji, please proceed.” Wangchao gestured towards the gate.


Just then, a voice thundered, “How did the lot of you return so quickly? Have you already cleared the battlefield? And look, you have a stranger with you. Do you not know that this is a wartime scenario? Will you take responsibility if something goes wrong? I swear, the Icy Tiger Army has been getting ccoky these days.”

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