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Chapter 311 Deterrence

Chapter 311 Deterrence


Xuanyuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He looked towards the source of the voice and saw a man clad in silver dragon’s armor. His aura was tempered and refined as a result of all the experience he gained over the many years of constant fighting. He was also in the emperor realm. Behind him stood thirty-six men, all at the peak of the emperor realm, clad in a similar armour as the first.


Everyone’s Qi gathered together to form an illusion that made people see corpses and blood. This horrifying Qi rushed towards Xuanyuan. An ordinary cultivator would have their mind in turmoil seeing the horrifying sight, and would be paralysed. But Xuanyuan was no ordinary cultivator. 


He stood there unmoving, letting the Qi wash over him. Even after he was bathed in the Qi, he showed no reaction. His mind was impervious to the effects of the Qi.


Wangchao looked at the leader and said, “This is Brother Ji, he is a friar. Chased by the Mo clan all the way here, he wishes to enter the city to…”


Before he could finish his sentence, the emperor cut him off, waving his hands.


“Wangchao, you are still in charge of your platoon. If the other leaders come to know of your action I’m afraid you will be investigated, and then dismissed. How can you even think of letting unknown people enter the city?”


“But…” Wangchao tried to explain, but the emperor simply pointed at Xuanyuan and the pig and told his men, “Get both the man and his pig out of here. If they resist, feel free to kill them.”


Eight of his men rushed towards Xuanyuan, ready to kill him if he resisted. It didn’t feel like the emperor told his men to drive him away, rather he felt as if the hidden message was to kill him.


Wangchao immediately tried to stop them. He shouted, “Stop!”


The emperor immediately stopped Wangchao, saying, “Do you really wish to be tried and executed?”


Seeing Xuanyuan surrounded, the emperor sneered, waiting for his men to tear Xuanyuan apart. Xuanyuan shouted, summoning an emperor dragon which rushed towards them. Xuanyuan himself didn’t move a step, sneering coldly.


“Piss off.”


Xuanyuan released a terrifying aura, suppressing the eight men on him. The other 28 icy dragon soldiers also fell to their feet, feeling as if their blood vessels were being crushed. Even the leader looked as if he was hurt severely. His expression changed dramatically as he pointed towards Wangchao and exclaimed, “General! Are you and your platoon rebelling?”


Xuanyuan sensed a malicious Qi rushing towards him. He immediately yelled, “Get out of my way!”


All thirty-six men and their leader instantly collapsed as they were hit by Xuanyuan’s roar. They lay on the ground, profusely spitting out blood.


Wangcha looked shocked; he didn’t expect Xuanyuan to be so overwhelmingly strong.


Sensing the atack, 72 emperor fighters appeared. They looked at their fallen fellows, and frowned as they saw Xuanyuan standing over them.

“What’s the issue here? Wangchao, please explain.” Another general of the army asked Wangchao.


“Hmph, what’s there to say? Wangchao wanted to kill our men for their treasures, and allied with an outsider. If you really think our men are that weak, I’ll have to kill you and prove you wrong.” Another general of the Icy Dragon Army roared, his hands resembling a huge dragon claw. He attacked Xuanyuan with the intent to kill.


“Ice dragon’s paw! Burst!”


The burst of ice sounded like an explosion, which would have scared ordinary people. Xuanyuan simply stood there and started channeling dragon slaying energy. Xuanyuan raised his hand, attacking with one emperor dragon’s worth of power.


“Hmph, just one emperor dragon of strength. You dare fight me with that paltry strength? Die!” The general’s eyes were filled with contempt.


The moment their two attacks collided, his expression changed. He was blown back, and Xuanyuan flew alongside him. As soon as the man hit the ground, Xuanyuan slapped him across the face.


The general hit the ground with a resounding crash, his body forming a crater. Xuanyuan stepped on his face and coldy said, “You are narrow-minded and foolish. You don’t know how to manage your men. This is your punishment for your insolence.”


Xuanyuan’s foot was imbued with the strength of the dragon slayer. It smashed through the emperor’s armour, and damaged his lung. The emperor once again spat out blood. Lifting his leg, Xuanyuan kicked him away. No one knew if he was alive or not.


Everyone present took a deep breath as they looked towards Xuanyuan. The other fighters wanted to help their general, but they were all oppressed by Xuanyuan’s aura. It was their natural enemy.


The first general looked towards Wangchao and asked him, “Who is this man?”


Wangchao immediately explained everything. Understanding everything, the general nodded and said, “Good job, you did the right thing.”


“Hmph, when did the Icy Tiger Army become so lawless. You dared to sit by and watch an outsider kill members of your own army? Do you want to die?” A domineering, xian class energy appeared in the sky.


Seeing the xian realm fighter appear in the sky, Xuanyuan immediately flew towards him. His qi was overwhelming, terrifying everyone present.

Xuanyuan began channeling the power of the Dragon-Taming Wood. Xuanyuan’s strength rose to four emperor dragons.


In the blink of an eye, their fists collided. Xuanyuan was pushed back a few steps, managing to block the terrifying attack of the xian realm fighter thanks to his momentary strength boost.


The xian realm fighter was shocked. Xuanyuan had managed to resist his attack even though he was only in the emperor realm. Such strength showed that Xuanyuan was no ordinary person.


Hurriedly, the general relayed what he heard from Wangchao.


“Commander Seven please stop. This is Brother Ji, and he possesses the gold medallion of the Taibai Trading.


The commander was surprised, and he inspected Xuanyuan. The fact that Xuanyuan’s surname was Ji and that he had a gold medallion from Taibai Trading made him reconsider his actions. Seeing his subordinates in a pathetic state, he was embarrassed. Seeing the slight change in expression, Xuanyuan immediately understood. He started channeling the power of the Dragon Emperor Raining Helmet and healed all those who were injured. In a short period, everyone was back to full health.


Seeing Xuanyuan wielding multiple unique heavenly rank instruments, and even managing to resist his attack even though he was only an emperor realm fighter, the commander understood how Xuanyuan was worthy of the gold medallion. He felt guilty, adn blamed himself for the actions of his men, and didn’t want to provoke people with ties to the Ji family. Clasping his hands together, the commander said, “I apologise for offending you. I hope we can move past this.”


“I’ll guide you to the Taibai Trading branch. Let’s go.” The commander gestured towards the city, and the entire party followed him.


Seeing the carnage, Xuanyuan sighed internally, “War is everywhere. It looks like the two major forces within the city are competing against each other for recognition. I don’t think this city will remain safe for long…”


“Haha, this sort of thing is normal. You should see the internal fights when a new head of a house is being selected. People get killed all the time, using underhand or overhand methods, let alone the fight for the position of sect head. These seats are extremely bloody, they can only be won by stepping over the corpses of your enemies.” Greed laughed.


“I apologise for the embarrassing misunderstandings.” The general of the Icy Tiger Army bowed to Xuanyuan and apologized.


“Never mind all that. It’s partly my fault for causing misunderstandings in the first place.”

“Haha, very well then, let’s forget this. Wangchao, you take Brother Ji to Taibai trading. I have other matters to attend to.”


“Very well.”




“Take care.”


Wangchao looked at Xuanyuan in amazement and thought to himself.


“I didn’t expect that from Brother Ji. He looks so young, but his strength is terrifying. Obviously he hasn’t completely refined his acupoints and orifices. After all, he has just stepped into the realm of an emperor fighter. But even with that strength, he managed to resist the commander of the Icy Dragon Army. I’m fairly sure he hasn’t revealed all his strength yet. No wonder he possesses the gold order of Taibai trading.


A sense of awe was formed in Wangchao’s mind as they silently walked.


Behind them, the pig was murmuring as they walked. “Not bad, not bad. The prohibition has its own characteristics. Looks like if the enemies manage to break through the city, all of them would die.”


Hearing the pig’s remarks, Wangchao couldn’t help but shiver. He thought to himself, “Is that really just a  mount? What kind of mount can even detect hidden prohibitions?”

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