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Chapter 312 Searching for Information

Chapter 312 Searching for Information


After crossing several streets, they finally came to a magnificent building. 


The architectural pattern of Taibai Trading didn’t seem to have changed much from the one back home. The large gate opened up to a courtyard filled with tall towers. The only difference here was that each tower was one storey higher than the ones in Fighting Dragons City.


Since Ice City was on the border of the capital of the Northern Lands, there were many experts and superiors coming and going. As a result, the structure of the chamber of commerce was a bit taller.


Wangchao and Xuanyuan entered Taibai Trading and were guided to a pavilion for distinguished guests.


The pavilion was very intricately designed. It was made from fine gold and carved with fine workmanship. A disposition was secretly intertwined into the designs. The entrance of the pavilion was graced by a lush red carpet.


Upon entering the VIP Pavilion, one could smell a fragrance which had a calming effect.


Upon seeing Wangchao and Xuanyuan entering, two pretty maids waiting inside smiled at them.


They were seated on opposite ends of a red sandalwood tea table between them. The maids carried a silver plate, on which there was a jade pot and two luminous cups.


After making a glass of gyokuro for the two of them, the maids began to move out of the room. Just before they left, the pig called out.


“The two of you only made tea for them. Where’s my glass?”


At first, the two maids were startled by the pig, but they were soon amused by him. They immediately took out a silver cup and filled it with gyokuro. They then announced, “Please wait for a while. The Chief will be here momentarily.”


Gulping the team the pig nodded and said, “Well, it’s not bad, but it’s not very pure and not aged enough. It’s only 300 years old.”


The maids were shocked, and looked at the pig as if they had just seen a ghost. Without saying anything, the two of them retreated.


Shortly thereafter, a man entered. His eyes were narrow and cunning, like those of a thief. He was dressed in a splendid suit. The clothes on his body were embroidered with gold thread in intricate designs. All ten of his fingers were adorned with one ring each. Each ring had a different material in the center, such as precious gems, agate, jadeite, refined gold, platinum and so on.


“Oh, if it isn’t General Wangchao of the Ice Tiger Army? What brings you to Taibai Trading?”


Wangchao smiled and gently said, “Chief Shi, I’d like to introduce a man to you. He’s a wanderer. I know you are aware of the current situation within the city; no one is allowed in or out. However this man’s identity is special, and his guarantee has to do with Taibai trading. Thus I bring him to you.”


“Hmm, someone’s here to visit the Taibai Trading?” Chief Shi’s demeanour was servile, and his body was perpetually bent over. He gave Xuanyuan a look-over.  “Haha, General Wangchao, Taibai Trading cannot be the guarantee for people just like that. We can’t afford it if something goes wrong.”


“In that case, Brother Ji, I can only ask you to show your identity.” Wangchao smiled.


“Very well.” Xuanyuan nodded. He took out the Taibai Gold Medallion. He said, “I want to rest in the Taibai Trading for a few days. I would also like to acquire some information, and have a high quality cultivation chamber for my use.”


When he saw the Taibai Gold Medallion in Xuanyuan’s hand, surprise was evident in the chief’s eyes.


“Of course. Since you are a golden VIP of Taibai Trading, naturally we can act as your guarantee. Don’t worry, Brother Ji will stay in Taibai Trading, and won’t cause you any trouble.”


Hearing this, Wangchao was relieved. Knowing that he shouldn’t stay, he got up. Bowing to Xuanyuan, he smiled and said, “Now that the chief has guaranteed, I can rest easy. The war is not over yet. I must go back and rest before I return to the battlefield.”


“General Wangchao, please go carefully. Yin Ling, please escort General Wangchao.”


“Yes, Chief Shi.”


Wangchao left the room, and a maid followed him out.


The chief smiled flatteringly, and bowed to Xuanyuan.


“Brother, the Taibai Gold Medallion is from the Taibai Trading in the Land of the East, right?”


“That’s right, you have an observant pair of eyes.” Xuanyuan admitted.


“Regardless of where the gold medallion is from, as long as you possess it, it’s valid in any branch of Taibai Trading. With the Taibai Gold Medallion, a single day in the high quality cultivation chamber costs 800 pounds of pure energy source.” Smilin, Chie Shi sipped from his cup. “As for information, please go ahead and ask me. The price, however, will be slightly more expensive.”

Xuanyuan indifferently said, “Price is of no matter. However, this is not the place to talk. Please take me to the room. Oh, also ask someone to prepare pure energy sources of each of the five elements, each weighing 300 pounds.”


The chief’s eyes were shining. Nodding, he shouted out, “Jin Ling. Prepare 5 different energy sources, each weighing 300 pounds. Send those to Tianzi cultivation room 1.”


“Yes, Chief Shi.” A woman replied and immediately retreated.


“Brother, please follow me. I’ll lead you to the secret chamber.” The chief held the luminous cup in his hands and smiled flatteringly.


Xuanyuan received the cup from his hands and drained the entire cup. He felt a fresh, refreshing fragrance spread through his mouth. After drinking it, he felt clear and peaceful.


The chief hurriedly took Xuanyuan’s empty cup and placed it on the tea table. He then  stood up and guided Xuanyuan.


Maybe due to the war, Taibai Trading was relatively empty. Those who were present were all in the emperor realm.


“Why are there so few people?” Xuanyuan looked at the sparsely populated place and asked.


“After the war broke out, the Mo attacked the city with all their strength. Similar to us, they have their own trading company called Asura trading. Sensing danger, all our apprentices left, leaving behind only a group of superiors to protect the place. I sincerely hope that the defense of the city won’t be breached.”


Xuanyuan nodded his head and didn’t say much. Following the Chief, they eventually came to a cultivation tower.


Xuanyuan felt that this cultivation tower was situated within the natural Hua Qi Disposition. The 18 dispositions connected by the larger Hua Qi Disposition were directly integrated into the dome.


There were seventy-two chains of artificial dispositions, all of which helped to sustain the main dispositions. As a result, the operation of the tower would consume a lot of energy if kept active all the time. Compared to that, 800 pounds of energy source per day wasn’t too expensive.


Chief Shi lead Xuanyuan was taken to the Tianzi cultivation chamber 1, situated at the very top of the cultivation tower.


Xuanyuan could see that there were only three cultivation chambers on this floor. Each chamber was made of an immortal boulder, so it was extremely solid. While it’s not comparable to the stone of the Heavenly Dragon, it was not bad at all. It was definitely strong enough for Xuanyuan to deploy dispositions inside


The chief took out a token which let out a light. The stone gate opened with a resounding creak. The interior was clean and simple.


There’s nothing but a stone bed inside. The fighting Qi within the room was extremely pure and strong. An ordinary human who inhaled the air would live for several years more with a single breath. The value of cultivating within such a chamber was obvious.


“Brother Ji, please go ahead.”


Xuanyuan nodded and entered. He sat on the bed with his feet crossed. Chief Shi Stood beside him and said, “Brother Ji, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me”


“Do you know why the prince of the Northern Lands attacked Shiguan?”


“It has to do with a man well-known in the Eastern Dynasty. Maybe you have heard of him, his name is Xuanyuan.”


“Of course I know of him. He is the one who received the three promises from the Nightmare Ghost, made a mess in the Northern Dynasty, and returned from the Land of Darkness unharmed. Everyone knows of him. How can you say that the prince attacked her because of this man?”


“As soon as the news that the Heart Devouring Bug had infested Xuanyuan’s heart spread, several prominent diviners said that he had only four years left to live. Everyone knows that the Heart Devouring Bug comes from the forbidden area of the Northern Lands. One fine day, Chengyin, the great prince of the Northern Dynasty, said that he had a way to get rid of the Heart Devouring Bug. Shiguan came to know how to get rid of the Heart Devouring Bug, but she was ambushed. What Chengyin wanted was nothing more than the several kinds of Fighting Fire in Shiguan’s body. It’s said that he received a technique that can devour various Fighting Fires. It’s called  the Fighting Fire Immortal Secret.” The chief slowly explained the entire situation. Hearing this, Xuanyuan’s heart flared with rage.


“Chengyin, you dare use such an underhanded method to lure both my master and Shiguan. I’ll make sure to not forget this.” Xuanyuan slowly suppressed his anger, and calmly asked Chief Shi another question.


“Then, do you know how is Shiguan now? How is her injury?”


“Haha, you asked the right person. I just received the information from Tianji. Shiguan has recovered from most of her injuries, and is currently in the Northern Lands.” The chief spoke with evident joy; clearly he was fond of Shiguan.


Xuanyuan felt the heavy weight on his heart lift slightly. Fortunately, Shiguan had recovered from her injury. Had she received any irrecoverable damage, Xuanyuan would feel guilty for the rest of his life. Right now, he wanted to meet Shiguan.


“Do you know where exactly is she within the Northern Land?” Xuanyuan asked Chief Shi.

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