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Chapter 313 Chengyin

Chapter 313 Chengyin


In any case, Xuanyuan wanted to see Shiguan. Not having seen her for two years, he missed her. He never expected that Shiguanwas searching for a way to destroy the Heart-Devouring Bug, just so that she could help him. This ended up in her being taken advantage of by Chengyin. In some ways, this was all Xuanyuan’s fault, and he couldn’t remain indifferent to it.


Xuanyuan looked at Chief Shi, awaiting his reply.


“I’m afraid I do not know. After all, Princess Shiguan is an important figure, and her travels are secretly guarded. However, I do know that she has a few Mo bodyguards around her. Is there anything else you would know.”


Xuanyuan mulled it over. FInally, he asked, “Do you know anything about Yin Zhenluo, the one who has the Heavenly Dragon Body of the Yin Family of the Eastern Dynasty?”


“Haha, that I know of.”


“What do you mean?”


“It turns out even Yin Zhenluo came for the man called Xuanyuan.”


“Could you elaborate?” Xuanyuan’s heart was slightly troubled. It appeared that even Yin Zhenluo had come looking for a way to expel the Heart-Devouring Bug. She had told him the same on that day, and she wasn’t one to go back on her words.


“Yin Zhenluo has apparently made a deal with Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang will use his powers to expel the bug, while Yin Zhenluo will pay him back in some form. Fortunately, Yin Zhenluo is not getting tricked. Cheng Yang is a far more gentler person than his brother, he won’t attack Yin Zhenluo by surprise.”


Hearing this, a few of Xuanyuan’s doubts disappeared. After all, it was not possible that a person of Yin Zhenluo’s strength could not escape from just a single person. Contemplating his next move, Xuanyuan thought, “Looks like master is in no immediate danger. I shall find Shiguan first.”


Taking out ten thousand pounds of energy sources, Xuanyuan told the chief, “This is for you. Thank you for your assistance.”


Chief Shi’s eyes gleamed. Xuanyuan was being extremely generous, the information he just received was not worth this amount. He thought to himself, “This person must be an important figure in the Ji family. He must have fallen in love with both Princess Shiguan and Yin Zhenluo. After all, the Gold Medallion is not easy to earn. Looks like I have made a positive impression on this young man .”


By this time, the maid had brought the different energy sources of five elements. They released a dense elemental Qi. Just by sensing the purity of the Qi, Xuanyuan knew that these were the best energy sources within Taibai Trading. He knew that he needed to make preparations for all eventualities, otherwise he might unexpectedly meet his end.


Looking at the total pile of fifteen hundred pounds of mixed energy sources, Xuanyuan smiled lightly and asked, “How much do I have to pay for these?”


Chief Shi wanted to remain on Xuanyuan’s good side. Smiling, he said, “For brother Ji, a low price of ten thousand pure energy sources.”


Knowing Chief Shi’s intentions, Xuanyuan didn’t reject the offer. Instead he smiled and handed over the amount. 


“Thank you for all your assistance. I must now go practice. If I require something else, I’ll be sure to call upon you.”


 ”Of course. Before I forget, this is the token to open the gate. I shall now take my leave. Goodbye.” Chief Shi placed the token on the bed and exited the room, the maid behind him.


The stone gate closed behind them, creaking loudly. Once he was sure they had gone, Xuanyuan asked the pig, “Is the mark you placed on Shiguan still active?”


“Hmph, this is when you’re thankful that I had placed a mark on Shiguan.” The pig arrogantly replied.


Xuanyuan smiled flatteringly, and said, “If it is, please tell me.”


Smiling wickedly, the pig said, “Sure. But before I do, you need to set out a disposition. Don’t forget, this place is extremely far away from the Eastern Lands. The power of the Nightmare Ghost is at its weakest here. If you don’t want to die, you need to take all possible precautions.”


Xuanyuan also knew that what the pig said was true. Hearing that Shiguan was in the Northern Dynasty had made Xuanyuan excited, and he almost acted recklessly. He took out a piece of gold energy source and began to carve out a disposition.


The entire cultivation chamber was filled with a large amount of Qi, hiding the entirety of Xuanyuan’s body. Only his fingertips could be seen. The large amount of Qi slowly condensed, forming mysterious patterns one after the other.


As soon as Chief Shi came out of the chamber, a servant waled up to him and whispered in his years. His face immediately changed. Startled, he exclaimed.


“What? Xuanyuan is coming to the north, and the Nightmare Ghost is accompanying him? He travels with a pig?” Suddenly, Chief Shi realised something, and looked towards the chamber.


“Is that young man Xuanyuan? A pig was accompanying him as well… Maybe the Nightmare Ghost is hidden within him.”


“Is your information trustworthy? How does the pig look?” Chief Shi asked the servant.


“The pig has the head of a pig and the body of a dog. I also heard that he is extremely proficient in all sorts of techniques. It’s said that he is somehow related to the Nightmare Ghost.” The boy truthfully replied.


Hearing this, Chief Shi looked away and nodded. Waving dismissively, he said, “Ok, I understand. If that is all, you may leave.”


Chief Shi was no fool. From the information he had just heard, and from what he had seen of Xuanyuan and the pig, he immediately gleaned the fact that the man who called himself Ji Yuan was indeed Xuanyuan.


“Hmm, that is actually Xuanyuan. I didn’t expect that he would come to the North. There’s no mistakig this. His Taibai Medallion is issued in the East, which is where the young mistress is situated. I heard that she was infatuated with Xuanyuan, which would explain how he received the Gold Medallion.”

Smiling, Chief Shi walked away, seemingly plotting something.


On the walls of the capital of the Northern Lands, a man stood. His body exuded an extremely cold aura. Every time he moved, darkness seemed to follow him. He seemed to embody darkness itself. This man was none other than Chengyin. Despite his gentle appearance and beauty, his eyes revealed his true nature.


Chengyin held a rabbit in his hand as he caressed its fur. The rabbit was sitting harmlessly,gnawing on a carrot. It was gazing at the same direction that CHengyin was looking at. The battlefield was still overcast by blood-red clouds, and the depressing aura hadn’t dissipated yet.


“Xiao Chang. Do you think it’s time to wrap up our plan?” Chengyin asked, a small smile on his lips.


The rabbit, who was nibbling on the carrot, spoke up. Her voice was a distinct feminine voice. In a clear tone, she said, “Don’t rush it. We haven’t hooked the big fish yet. If we wrap it up too soon, the Mo clan will lose their hidden weapon, but the Yao clan will still have theirs. The Northern Dynasty has no way to suppress either of these. Let’s wait for the opportune moment, there’s no need to be afraid.”


“Looks like you read my mind. My father and uncles, and some people from the surveillance department have all been urging me to take action. If the war goes on like this,undoubtedly the public will rebel, creating chaos. But let chaos thrive, for that’s when the entire status-quo will collapse. I shall ascend the throne and remake the Northern Dynasty, eliminating all threats and dangers to it. That is my end goal.”


Suddenly, a flurry of footsteps could be heard. A middle-aged man in an official robe walked up, Kneeling on one knee, he urgently said, “Your Grace, we can’t hold on for much longer. The lords of each city have met up, and are rebelling. They say that they will impeach you and remove you from power, and that would be enough to quell the Mo clan’s anger.”


“Don’t worry. I have the support of both my father and my uncles. The surveillance department is also aware of my intentions. If one wants to ensure long-term peace and stability within the north, some things have to be sacrificed. As long as the Northern Dynasty does not face any losses, we can always regain those cities. Let’s see how many cities the Mo clan can capture, before we wipe them out.” Contrary to his words, his face had a gentle smile.


Hearing this, the official sharply inhaled.


“I see, you intentionally attacked Shiguan, just to provoke the Mo clan. Did you want to flush out the Mo clan rebels within our cities, so that you can wipe them out in one fell sweep?”


“That’s right. Don’t you think that’s the best way for me to stake my claim to the throne? The Mo clan have remained dormant within our lands for the longest time. Now that we have flushed them out, let’s patiently wait and see what happens. s for the lords, let them do what they want.” Chengyin was extremely ambitious, and aimed to become the supreme emperor of the Northern Dynasty. Although his younger brother was strong, he never opposed him, and instead helped him at every turn. This made him all the more confident.


“You are incredibly wise, Your Grace.” The middle-aged man rose up and bowed. He turned and walked away. He didn’t expect Chengyin’s plan to be so detailed, and to fall into place just as he had predicted. Even now, the Northern Dynasty held the advantage.


“It’s a pity that she managed to escape that day. I could have drawn out several kinds of fighting fire from her body for my use.”


“Forget it. There’s no point crying over spilt milk. Anyway, who knows what’s going to happen in the future?” The rabbit consoled him as she continued to chew on her carrot.

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