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Chapter 325 The imperial capital of the Northern Lands


As they array teleported them at an astounding speed through space, the Emperor couldn’t help but be astounded.


The pig casually replied, “I was not the one who set the basic outline of the array, thus I couldn’t modify it too much. If I were to redo the entire array, it would take too much time. That’s the only reason why this is so slow.”


“Oh, that’s fine. This is already plenty fast. Oh yes, Brother Ji, I had something to discuss with you. To be honest, I feel it’s dangerous for you to travel alone through the vast world. I realised that you desire freedom, but I ask you, would you like to join my army? You are a talented young man, and you possess such a powerful mount, I guarantee that you will receive several benefits.”


The Emperor sincerely asked Xuanyuan; clearly he was very impressed by him.


Xuanyuan smiled apologetically and bowed slightly, and said, “ I thank you for your offer, Emperor. It’s a great honour, but I must decline. The life of a soldier in the army must be strict, and I am not used to being restrained in such a way. I feel that freely moving anywhere I please is better suited to me.”


Xuanyuan directly declined his proposal, leaving no uncertainty. Sighing, the Emperor said nothing more. He had already thought of the same thing before. Military order was like a finely tuned machine. No matter how talented Xuanyuan was, he could not bend the law for him. If Xuanyuan were lazy within the army, in the long run, the army would become lazy as well.


“In that case, I won’t force you to join the Northern Dynasty. However, if you encounter any difficulties in the Northern Lands, my help is yours.” While he was unable to recruit Xuanyuan, the Emperor still stretched his hand out to him.


“I appreciate it. If I do encounter any difficulties, I shall remember this.” Smiling, Xuanyuan closed his eyes and waited.


While the teleportation array could be used for long-distance transmission, the speed depended on the distance between the locations and the power of the disposition itself. Obviously, an array was not as powerful as the pig using itself as the medium for teleportation.


“Where did you go yesterday?” After a while, Xuanyuan asked the pig, unable to control his curiosity.


“Haha, I devoured a bunch of heavenly and earthly spirits using the Hundred Spirits Source. I also managed to consume a bunch of xan class herbs. Yesterday was a good day.” The pig laughed, his expression waiting to see Xuanyuan lament his loss.


Similar to the Body of a Thousand Spirits, the Hundred Spirit Source was coveted for the same reason. The pig used the source as bait for the spirits of the heavens and the earth, and captured them like fish in a barrel. Saying nothing, Xuanyuan simply nodded, disappointing the pig who expected Xuanyuan to burst out.


Xuanyuan was actually furious at his loss, but he didn’t show it on the outside. As expected the pig never made an unfavourable deal. If Xuanyuan had known the Hundred Spirits Source could be used in such a manner, he would not have given it away.


Slowly calmed down, he analysed the situation. Being able to bring out the full extent of something was also a talent. Since the pig could draw out the full potential of the source, that was a net positive for them. However, Xuanyuan was still slightly discontent. While he didn’t midn others taking advantage of him, the pig taking advantage of him infuriated him.


Two hours passed in a blink of an eye. As they reached the capital, Xuanyuan only felt as if his body was shaking. As he opened his eyes, the brilliant light slowly faded. The Emperor’s expression changed as he realised how much pure energy source was consumed.


“Two hundred thousand pounds of pure energy source…”


The pig coughed, and tried to cover up the actual reason.


“Since I sped up the time taken to teleport, it consumed more pure energy sources. Don’t worry, this is just for the first use. From the next time onwards, it will go back to normal.”


Xuanyuan let out a sigh filled with mixed feelings. On one hand, thanks to the Hundred Spirits Source, the array had consumed the least possible amount of pure energy sources. Otherwise, even the EMperor would have been shocked at the consumption of one  million pounds of pure energy source. On the other hand, two hundred thousand pounds was no small amount, it was worth 500 billion king coins.


“Haha, it’s nothing. I was just slightly taken aback. Now that we are here, where are you headed. If you have no place to stay, you can accompany me to my sect.” The Emperor waved his hands dismissively and smiled.


“Thank you for your offer, but since you have things to do, we shall not bother you anymore. I am a VIP at Taibai Trading, I’m sure we can stay there.” Bowing to him, Xuanyuan sincerely thanked the Emperor.


“Be careful. The city is filled with several experts, so don’t needlessly start fights. If you run into any fights, keep my Mount Tai Order. It should help you somewhat.” The Emperor handed Xuanyuan a yellow order.


Thanking him, Xuanyuan put away the order in his ring.


“Follow me, I shall lead you to the main city. If you leave alone, you will be stopped, since this area is restricted to army personnel. Ordinary people are not allowed here without permission.”


The Emperor walked majestically, Xuanyuan by his side. Everyone who saw him bowed to him.


“Welcome, Emperor.” A soldier addressed the Emperor.


“Well met.” The Emperor responded.


The pig followed them, drawing the attention of everyone there.

“Who is this young man? Is he a new recruit?”


“Probably. But is that a pig following them?”


“I don’t know. It’s some weird beast, with the head of a pig and the body of a dog.”


“It must be a bastard of a pig and a dog.”


“Who’s the bastard here?!” The pig grumpily responded, looking at the seventh rank xian realm fighter who just spoke up. An enchantment surrounded the man, teleporting him to a latrine a hundred thousand miles away.


The Emperor’s eyes leaped out. Every time he saw the pig, he was surprised. Even Xuanyuan’s true identity was becoming more and more mysterious.


The Emperor focused only on the matter within the Northern Dynasty, he was unaware of the happenings outside. The only things he knew were that the Nightmare Ghost was still alive, and a young man named Xuanyuan possessed three promises from the Nightmare Ghost. T


The three of them went through several defensive enchantments. Not even a mosquito could escape from within here, but thanks to the Emperor, they passed unobstructed.


Everyone engraved Xuanyuan’s image in their minds. The Emperor was no simple person. Amongst the generals of all the armies, he was one of the commanders-in-chief of the entire Northern Dynasty. The appearance of a rookie alongside him would naturally receive a lot of attention.


“It looks like the Emperor has finally found a worthy apprentice to groom. Have you seen this young boy before?”


“No I haven’t. However he is equipped in top-rank heavenly instruments despite being in the emperor realm. Clearly he must be strong, seeing that he can activate multiple top rank heavenly instruments when he’s only in the emperor realm. Someone who has caught the eye of the Emperor cannot be underestimated.”


“Look into his background. Walking side-by-side with the Emperor clearly shows that he’s a man to be noticed.”


“Is the Emperor going to take him to his residences? Over the last few years, the Emperor has seldom returned to the capital. Suddenly returning now, of all times, does it have something to do with this man?”

People thought that the Emperor was going to take Xuanyuan back to his residence, but seeing them separate at the entrance of the military area surprised them.


Everyone was confused, since they saw that the Emperor was polite in his interaciosn with Xuanyuan. If he had taken him as a disciple, they wouldn’t part at the gate.


Xuanyuan felt everyone’s eyes on him, but he paid them no mind. He looked at the map that Chief Shi had given him. He found that Taibai Trading was located in the center of the capital.


Along the way, the city was crowded with normal citizens and powerful experts. Patrolling soldiers in the grandmaster realm maintained order within the city. Xuanyuan knew that there were many emperor and xian realm fighters hiding in the background, ready to jump in if unrest broke out.


As they walked, Xuanyuan and the pig attracted a lot of attention.


“Haha, look at that man, he walks around with a pig following him.”


“Is it even a pig? It’s as big as a bull, and it has the body of a dog.”


“How is it even so big?”


Xuanyuan felt embarrassed. Were it not for his thick skin and him being used to this response, he would have died of shame.


The pig walked proudly despite the ridicule directed at him. He knew that he could shut them all up once he broke through to the xian realm. Now was the time to lay low and hone his strength .


Xuanyuan finally reached Tainai Trading. The organisation had the same architectural design as all the others he had seen. The gates spread wide open, several kilometres wide. The middle of the gate housed the VIP entrance. It was only a few hundred metres wide, only having a few people enter through this gate. Most of them were experts in the xian realm, and they had special identities.


Xuanyuan walked towards the VIP gate, but was suddenly stopped in his tracks by a loud voice.


“Stop right there, boy.”


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