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Chapter 327 Master Teng


Seeing Xuanyuan walk into the VIP entrance, everyone began muttering amongst themselves.


“Who does he think he is, entering the VIP room with just the strength of an emperor realm fighter. It’s a shame that people don’t know their place.”


“These days, you see more fools trying their luck all over the world.”


“Do you see his gear? It’s all top rank heavenly rank instruments. Maybe he’s not simple, he probably has a strong background.”


“So what? Any random person can equip several top-rank heavenly instruments. You think he can use all of them with just the strength of the emperor realm? There are so many xian-realm fighters around, you think they can become VIPs just because they can use top-rank heavenly instruments? If he were a VIP, don’t you think we would know of someone like him?”


“That’s right. What do you think will happen to him now?”


“I guess he’ll die a miserable death. At the very least, his limbs are going to be broken. I’m sure he can’t fight back against the guards at the door. Even if he could, there are xian realm experts waiting in the dark.”


Frowning, Xuanyuan looked at the eight men blocking his path.


“Why do you not let me enter?”


“You ask why? That’s the rule of Taibai Trading. Only those with a VIP pass are allowed entry through the VIP gate, plebeians like you are not allowed.” One of the guards sneered.


The pig looked on nonchalantly, he was used to being hated thanks to his appearance.


“Boy, know your place.” None of the guards even thought Xuanyuan could be a VIP. He was so weak, and his mount was one of the ugliest creatures they had ever seen.


Xuanyuan couldn’t stand their rude behaviour. While it makes sense for the VIP gate to be for teh exclusive use of VIPs, there are far better ways to address potential customers.


“What are you going to do if I enter that gate, huh?” Xuanyuan snorted coldly as he stepped forward. “Get out of my way!”


His voice thundered with power, and all eight grandmasters blocking his path were blown away. They were all lying on the ground, unable to move as they spat up blood.


“How audacious! He dares to create a scene outside Taibai Trading.”


“That’s the boy who accompanied the Emperor of Mount Tai. Even the Emperor treated him with courtesy.”




Several people began theorising as to what Xuanyuan’s identity was.


At the same time, a loud voice roared out as the Qi of an emperor realm fighter surged out.


“Who do you think you are, creating a ruckus at the gates of Taibai Trading!”


His Qi condensed into 16 comets which rushed towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan didn’t budge, instead simply forming the five element roulette. The Five Element Roulette broke through the attack and hit the emperor, crashing him into the ground. He lay there unmoving, his fate unknown.


Xuanyuan began climbing the steps to the VIP gate, when suddenly the Qi of yet another emperor rolled up. A massive purple hand came smashing towards him.


Not even batting an eye, Xuanyuan immediately crushed the attack with a wave of his Five Elements Roulette. Seeing Xuanyuan effortlessly crush the emperor realm fighter, the others all inhaled sharply.


“He just defeated an emperor realm fighter so casually. Clearly, he is not as simple as he looks.”


“He must be the young generation of some famous family, otherwise he wouldn’t dare act so arrogantly.”


“When did the Northern Dynasty have geniuses like him? I’ve never heard of someone like him from here.”


Xuanyuan held his head high as he continued to walk, like a majestic dragon. An old man with a cane slowly stepped out, his hair and beard white as snow. His beard reached his waist, and despite his apparent age, his face was not as at all what one would expect. On the contrary, he looked extremely young, and his white hair was lustrous. The cane in his hands hummed with power.


“That’s Master Teng, a xian realm expert. This kid is definitely dead now, now that even Master Teng has come out.”


“How does he think he is going to escape after creating such a mess at Taibai Trading?”


Eager to see the chaos ensue, the crowd whispered amongst themselves.

Xuanyuan looked at the old man in front of him, sensing an invisible force press down on him.


“Boy, where do you come from? Why are you creating trouble at the gates of my Taibai Trading?”


“My name is Ji Yuan. I didn’t mean to make trouble, but I couldn’t overlook their attitudes towards me. It appears that Taibai Trading does not seek customers who are not VIPs. Is this how you treat a potential customer?” Xuanyuan smiled, as he readied himself to fight.


“You’re right, they are completely out of line. They deserve to die.” Unflinching, Master Teng struck his cane on the ground. The dense wood Qi covered them, leaving behind nothing but pieces of their bodies.


Everyone was shocked, and they looked at Xuanyuan in horror.


“Ji family, did he just say the Ji family? As in the Ji family of the Central Dynasty?”


“That explains his attitude. No wonder that he can act so presumptuously when he has the Ji family backing him up.”


“Are you satisfied now, boy?” Master Teng gently replied, his expression unchanged. He looked as if he had just crushed a couple ants under his feet, not even thinking of them as humans.


“I am. You didn’t have to kill them though, just a lesson would have been fine.”


“I’m sorry, but that would have just encouraged such vulgar behaviour. This is the best way to nip it in the bud. Boy, now I must ask you to take out your Gold Medallion. If you don’t have one, I’m afraid I must deal with you according to the rules of Taibai Trading. Society without rules will just descend into chaos.”


Xuanyuan understood. Master Teng had already shown that he was fair. Now he expected Xuanyuan to do the same.


Not wanting to create trouble anymore, Xuanyuan took out the Gold Medallion, Seeing this, Master Teng smiled and nodded.


“That is the VIP symbol for our Taibai Trading. These guards are foolish, not even ascertaining the truth of the matter. Taibai Trading is open to everyone, as long as you have the money. Don’t make unnecessary trouble, and harmony will be maintained.”


Master Teng was like a tiger in disguise. While his words were gentle, there was always an underlying menacing tone to it. All the guards present froze up.

“Mister Ji, please follow me.” Master Teng smiled, as he clutched his cane and walked away. Xuanyuan followed him.


“Looks like the kid is actually from the Central Dynasty. How terrifying, the Ji family dares to create trouble all the way in the Northern Dynasty. That shows exactly how powerful they are.”


“The Ji family were the founders of the Central Dynasty. It is said that they are far stronger than even the Jiang daily, the ones who possess the Dragon-Slaying Scourge.”


Rumours continued to flow about Xuanyuan’s true identity. The more they spread, the more outlandish they became, eventually mutating to such an extent that people began to say that Xuanyuan possessed the Immortal Body of King Wu.


The three of them had reached a pavilion in the meantime. A maid took out a tea set, and gracefully poured tea out for all of them.


The pig smelt the fragrance wafting, and said approvingly, “This is some fine tea, aged for eight hundred and thirty years. Your Taibai Trading is certainly a large business, and you know how to treat your guests right.”


Master teng was surprised, as he thought to himself, “Impressive, that’s the exact number.” He began to look at the pig contemplatively. Slowly turning to Xuanyuan, he asked, “Mister Ji, what brings you here?”


“I’d like to know where yin Zhenluo is right now. Do you have any idea?”


“Oh, that’s easy. She’s currently visiting the second prince’s house.” This question had all but confirmed Xuanyuan’s true identity in Master Teng’s mind.


“Well, in that case, do you know if there’s any stone gambling houses within the capital? I would like to try my luck.”


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