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Chapter 328 Stone Archway



“I didn’t expect Brother Ji to be interested in gambling.” Raising his eyebrows, Master Teng thought, “This man is most certainly Xuanyuan. The Gold Medallion of his was issued from the branch in the Fighting Dragons City. He has a pig following him, whose skills with dispositions is unparalleled. I remember hearing that the pig had some relation to the Nightmare Ghost, looks like it’s true. Furthermore, Xuanyuan’s skill at dispositions has also reached the realm of human-disposition unity, I assume that his stone refining skills are also fairly high.”


Elder Teng was an old monster who had lived for almost a thousand years. He was responsible for several important departments of Taibai Trading, and he naturally gathered information on happenings around the world. Xuanyuan was a rising rookie who had caught the eyes of everyone, and there was no way he could hide his identity from Master Teng with his level of strength. Furthermore, the pig was easily distinguishable.


“I am slightly knowledgeable in the art, and I would like to try my luck at it. Since I’m new here, I thought it would be best to ask you for directions.” Hearing that Yin Zhenluo was in the palace of the second prince, Xuanyuan was relieved. If she was there, her life was in no immediate danger. However, he knew his master’s temperament. He wanted to first gather some profits before meeting her.


“Haha, well said. In that case, there are four major stone gambling houses, namely the Xuan Wu, the Han Tian, the Cheng Men and the Immortal gambling houses.” Master Teng explained, a warm smile on his face.


“Oh, the four major gambling houses… Do they all have different origins? I apologise, I’m new to the Northern Dynasty, I do not know much about the details of the Northern Lands.”


“It’s no trouble. The Xuan Wu House is a gambling house set up in the capital by the Xuanwu sect, while the Han Tian is another gambling house set up by the Han Tian sect. The Cheng Men is a fairly new gambling house set up by the eldest prince, Cheng Yin. As he conquered the lands from the north to the south, he gained possession of several stone mines. As a result, the Cheng Men House is thriving.”


“What about the Immortal?”


“Aren’t you from the Central Dynasty? Have you never been to the Immortal House over there?” Master Teng asked Xuanyuan, pretending as if he was surprised.


“Haha Elder, why do you try to trap me? If you’d like to know something, please ask me directly. I never said I’m from the Ji family of the Central Dynasty. I’m away from home, it’s natural for me to use a fake name. Anyway, with your status and connections, I’m sure you figured out who I am from my gold medallion.”


Xuanyuan smiled without any ill intent. Finishing his words, he took a sip of tea. It flowed down his throat, spreading a calming sensation throughout his body. His Qi flow became smooth, and the aftertaste lingered on his tongue. It was truly worthy of its name as the Immortal Tea.


“Haha, Mister Xuanyuan is really straightforward. I apologise, I’ve grown old, and my mind is not what it once was. Despite the distance between the North and the East, your name spreads through the lands. The old master of the Eastern Dynasty, the Lightning King, the Soul Demon, these monsters all fell in the Land of Darkness, while you escaped safely. Not to mention the destruction you wrought at the Hai family’s household. Notwithstanding all this is the fact that people say that the Nightmare Ghost is by your side, helping you find a cure to the Heart-Devouring Bug. Such momentum from one as young as you is extremely rare, and it makes me cautious.” Master Teng laughed at himself. He was well-aware that Xuanyuan couldn’t be taken lightly, especially since the Nightmare Ghost could be in his body.


His eyes narrowing, Xuanyuan thought to himself, “This must be the work of Miss Fang. She’s really…”


“Haha, that girl will go to any extent to protect you. She’s right, there’s no rumour that will protect you more than this. Ahaha, to go as far as saying that the Nightmare Ghost is accompanying you on your travels, that girl…” Greed laughed.


“Well, Miss Fang is extremely resourceful, so I shouldn’t be surprised.”


Addressing Master Teng, Xuanyuan said, “Taibai Trading is truly impressive, with its wide range of connections. What you heard is partly true, the Nightmare Ghost does accompany me. However, he is a ghost, and I do not know of his whereabouts at all times. Only when he speaks to me do I know that he is here.” Xuanyuan gave no hint that his words were a lie. His words slightly blended truth and fiction, making Master Teng believe him readily. After all, the Nightmare Ghost was an extremely powerful being, there was no way he would be around Xuanyuan 24/7.


“To be honest, I wanted to seek guidance from him. But it looks like that won’t be possible.” Master Teng smiled, and his expression seemed more receptive to Xuanyuan.


Hearing this, the pig addressed Master Teng, “Kid, give me your cane. Since you said you are seeking guidance, I shall teach you in place of the old man.”


Since Master Teng had become a xian realm fighter, this was the first time someone had addressed him as a kid. Stunned, he looked at the pig, not daring to argue. After all, the pig was someone who called the Nightmare Ghost ‘old man’. He immediately handed over his cane to the pig, who immediately began activating a few markings.


The enchantments on the cane were destroyed one by one, but Master Teng said nothing, watching the entire process silently. The entire thing took an hour, when suddenly, the pig grinned. Golden lights flew, forming several patterns, as they created a whole new set of enchantments on the cane. Even Xuanyuan could sense that the cane was far more powerful than it was.


As time went by, the pig continued to carve enchantments onto the cane, finally tossing it carelessly to the elder.


“There you go. If you keep practicing, this low-class xian realm instrument can become a high-class xian realm instrument. Regardless, it will shortly become a middle-class xian realm instrument. In order to completely refine it however, you will need some Qi Teng Gu Xin, Huan Hai Tian Sui…”


The pig continued to list out a hundred and eight different treasures, some of which were unknown even to the elder. A majority of them were extremely valuable, but if his cane could be refined into a high-class xian realm instrument, it was worth the effort.


The difference between a low-class and a medium-class xian realm instrument was already like the difference between heaven and earth. Master Teng’s eyes were filled with gratitude, seeing that the pig had made his cane, which was stuck at the low-class level, into an instrument that could one day achieve the high-class status.


“Great Emperor, please, accept my heartfelt gratitude”


“It’s nothing, it’s a very small matter. By the way, does Taibai trading sell pure energy source? I require a large amount.”


Hearing this, Xuanyuan was embarrassed. The pig had finally shown his true colours, helping Master Teng solely for pure energy source.


“Master, please don’t take me so lightly. What you did for me cannot be paid for by simple pure energy source. I owe you far more. I currently have 800,000 pounds of pure energy source on me, please accept this.” Master teng immediately took out a ring and pushed it into the pig’s hand, unwilling to accept his refusal, but it was not like the pig would reject it anyway. Master Teng was no fool however, he hoped that his gift would make the pig more receptive to helping him.


Seeing this, the pig nodded with satisfaction, “Since you are so thoughtful, I shall accept it, even though I don’t want to accept it. To show my appreciation, I shall further enhance your cane.”


The pig once again began modifying the enchantments on the cane. Once he was done, a feeling of perfection rose from the cane, as if it were completely in tune with the world. It was just one step away from becoming a middle-class xian realm instrument.


“A lot of the materials you used previously to refine the cane were not utilised fully. I just infused the leftover energy into the cane perfectly.”


“Thank you for your kindness, Emperor.” Master Teng couldn’t help but grin, he just received a massive blessing today.


Xuanyuan smiled, and said, “Master Teng, I would like to head to the Cheng Men House to enjoy myself.”


“I’ll come with you.” Master Teng eagerly replied, unwilling to be left behind. Xuanyuan was internally cursing the pig, he didn’t expect him to be so talented but still not give him any benefits.


“Thank you, elder.” Xuanyuan smiled, thinking coldly, “Cheng Yin, just taking away your army is not enough. I wonder how you will respond when you hear that your precious Cheng Yin House has been driven to bankruptcy.”

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