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Chapter 332 The Sage King


The fact that the incomplete source stone that Xuanyuan had just selected contained pure energy source was an unexpected surprise to them. This matter also showcased the fact that Xuanyuan was a man with a deep knowledge in stone refinement. Only those with high accomplishments in stone refining could perform such a feat.


However, now Xuanyuan needed to cut out 20 pounds of pure energy source. They didn’t think he could still pick stones from the rejected stones pile; there was no way those stones would contain the required amount of pure energy source. The same people who regarded Xuanyuan highly until now shook their heads in disappointment.


“I thought that he was a master of stones, however he’s just shown us that he’s no such master. It was luck that got him through the first round, and now he’s gotten so arrogant.” One of the xian realm fighters sighed with disappointment.


This made Cheng Yao more confident, since the man who just spoke was a steward at the ministry of internal affairs. Over the years, he had seen countless source stones, which meant that he had accrued some experience.


“Stop posturing and pick. It’s not like you’re going to win anyway.”


Xuanyuan paid them no mind. When Yuechang saw Xuanyuan still picking from within the reject pile, she was embarrassed and humiliated. Was she that worthless in Xuanyuan’s eyes? Men would willingly spend millions and billions in order to win her favour, but Xuanyuan seemed reluctant to spend even the slightest amount.


“Young master, is money the issue? If that’s the case, I can lend you some.” She whispered in Xuanyuan’s ears. Her warm breath combined with her seductive voice made Xuanyuan shiver for a second.


“This woman is extremely seductive.” Composing himself, he smiled at Yuechang and said, “Miss, you’re right. I only possess a hundred thousand king coins, which means these are the only stones I can afford.”


Yuechang’s eyes twitched with disbelief. She had seen maniacs before, but no one was as crazy as Xuanyuan. The stone he had picked before was the cheapest one in the source stone district only because it was incomplete. All the other stones would cost at least a few hundred thousand king coins per piece, and yet he dared come here with a hundred thousand king coins.


Xuanyuan continued to pick and discard stones one after the other. Even those which were thought to contain pure energy sources by the others was tossed away by him. The spectators all wondered if he was going to pick a stone soon or was he just wasting time.


“This boy and Cheng Yao are the same, talentless when it comes to stone refining. “He got lucky last time.”


Seeing Xuanyuan continue to go through the stones, Cheng Yao impatiently said. “Hurry up, I don’t have all day. Anyway, you’re only delaying the inevitable.”


Xuanyuan paid him no mind and kept at it. As time went by, Cheng Yao grew more and more restless. Just as he was about to explode, Xuanyuan chose a source stone.


Seeing his choice, the people could barely contain their laughter.


“How ignorant, I wonder if his brain works, or is it just empty. How does he expect to find pure energy source within a cracked marrow source stone?”


“Every single book on stone refining says that cracked marrow source stones cannot contain pure energy source. Looks like he has thrown away his chance at victory.”


The source stone Xuanyuan had picked out was called the cracked marrow source stone because of the crack on the surface that allowed all the Qi within it to escape; i.e the essence of the source stone had dissipated.


Sighing, Yuechang asked him, “Master Xuanyuan, this stone is valued at fifty thousand king coins. Are you sure yu wish to buy this?”


Yuechang never expected the second stone that Xuanyuan picked to be even cheaper than the first one. This was a new low record for the source stone district.


Xuanyuan said nothing, simply handing over fifty thousand king coins. He then drew his Devouring Sword and began tracing the cracks on the stone. The surface of the source stone began to slowly crack open inch by inch. His exquisite swordsmanship cleanly cut the stone into smaller pieces, each swing accurately falling where he wanted it to.


“Such a shame… His swordsmanship is exquisite, each strike falling with the same controlled power, each swing exactly where he wants it to land. He far surpasses Cheng Yao’s shoddy swordsmanship.”


“If only his judgement was as good as his swordsmanship… What a fool, coming to gamble on stones without knowing the first thing about them.”

Xuanyuan’s stone continued to become smaller and smaller. Seeing this, Cheng Yao laughed out, “You just got lucky before, and you overestimated yourself. There’s now way that the cracked marrow source stone contains pure energy source. How can you even gamble without knowing the basics? You ought to go back to your mother’s womb, you fool.”


Xuanyuan patiently cut through the stone, ignoring him. His swordsmanship was so beautiful that even Yuechang couldn’t help but admire it. Seeing his swordsmanship, Cheng Yao felt inferior. To relieve some of the inadequacy he felt, he loudly exclaimed, “Hurry up, you fool. Why don’t you just give up? If you kneel before me and beg me to spare you, I just may spare your life.”


Just then, the source stone cracked into several small pieces. Just as people predicted, there was nothing inside it.


“Looks like the kid is going to lose. I heard that he’s broke, which is why he can only afford stones from the reject pile.”


“What a fool, coming to the source stone district with no money. He’s lucky to have even won some pure energy source.”


Yuechang sighed, as she was expecting Xuanyuan to be skilled in stone refinement, but clearly he was no such expert.


“Haha, looks like you lost. Kneel down and beg for your life, and leave behind all your top rank heavenly class instruments. Only then will I spare your life.” Cheng Yao laughed as if the victor was already decided. 


Xuanyuan’s expression remained unchanged. With one final movement of his sword, he reduced the pieces into dust, leaving behind a small red light shining through the dust. This fingernail sized piece let out a strong Qi.


“Looks like you lose.” Picking up the heterogeneous energy source, Xuanyuan continued in a low voice. “Within this source stone laid an earth source. A source-eating worm tried to consume it, but it died because it couldn;t withstand the energy. Since then, the earth source slowly formed a heterogenous energy source. A single pound of heterogeneous energy source is worth hundreds of pounds worth of pure energy source.”


“How is that possible! How can that pathetic excuse of a source stone contain a heterogeneous energy source?” Cheng yao’s smirk slowly disappeared, replaced by a foul look. He looked as if the food in his mouth had turned into cow dung.


“Who is that kid? Is he some kind of ancient monster?”


“Looks can be deceiving. As the saying goes, good lenses, bad frames. We took him too lightly.”

Xuanyuan looked at the elder who was arbitrating and asked, “So I can cut off his limbs now, right?’


“That’s right. One must take responsibility for their words.”


Hearing this, Cheng Yao’s face paled. He angrily said, “You dare offend me?”


Just as Cheng Yao tried to oppress Xuanyuan with his strength, an even stronger strength enveloped him, incapacitating him.


“Old Minister Yu, are you going to kill me?” Terrified out of his mind, Cheng Yao exclaimed.


“As the arbiter, I must remain impartial.” His voice was gentle, yet firm, showcasing his sense of justice.


Seeing Xuanyuan slowly approach him, Cheng Yao shook with fear and screamt.


“Let me go, please let me go. I’ll give you money, how about that? Anything you want, just don;t cut my limbs off.”


This was exactly what Xuanyuan wanted to hear; after all limbs weren’t worth anything.


“Oh, is that so? How much are you offering.”


“400 million king coins for my limbs.”


“Ha, your life is that worthless. Keep your paltry amount, I’d rather cut your limbs off and watch your life drain out. If I can kill you for a mere 400 million king coins, it’s a steal.” The Devouring Sword in Xuanyuan’s hands gleamed.


“Forty, forty billion king coins. That’s all I can offer you, please spare me.”


“Looks like there’s ntohing left to do but cut your limbs…”


“80 billion!”


Xuanyuan simply continued to walk towards him.


“On-one hundred billion, I really don’t have anything more.”


“I never knew that the lives of the younger generation of the Northern Dynasty were so cheap.”


“I swear, that’s all I can offer you.”


“In that case, all I can do is cut your limbs off.” Smiling coldly, Xuanyuan raised his sword, when suddenly a strong energy rushed through the air.


“One trillion king coins. Let my son go.”


“The Sage King has come!” The onlookers exclaimed.

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