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Chapter 330 Yuechang



“Haha, I can sense the auras of even the Mo folk and the Yao folk over here. Cheng Yin is extremely capable, being able to manage an organization wherein multiple races coexist in harmony. The beauty of the Mo clan and Yao clan are well known.” 


“You’re right. his ability is undeniable. His army was extremely competent. Were it not for the Gold of the Dark Phoenix, there’s no way that I would be able to deal with the dispositions of the Northern Army. The same is reflected here. You don’t need to look at the gmabling house itself, rather look at the people he has employed.” Xuanyuan sighed, having no choice but to give credit where credit was due. He had initially thought that Cheng Yin would go to any lengths to achieve his ambitions, but clearly he put in a lot of thought into his activities.


Laughing wildly, the pig told Xuanyuan, “Do you sense the sheer amount of pure energy source here? Win it all, make them bankrupt. Win it all for me!”


As one of the four major gambling houses within the Northern Dynasty, Cheng Men saw a flow of at least 10 million pounds of pure energy sources on a day-to-day basis. As a treasure trove of riches, it was all up to Xuanyuan’s ability to see how much he could extort from here.


Xuanyuan simply laughed. In the meantime, two beautiful women walked up to him, each of them holding on to one of his hands. Their fragrance befuddled the minds of men, and their laughter rang out, sweet as honey.


“Young master, are you headed to the Fighting Stone district or the Source Stone district?”


As the name suggested, the Fighting Stone district was more likely to possess fighting jde or fighting crystals and only small amounts of pure energy source. Xuanyuan’s current needs meant that he would have to go to the Source Stone district.


Smiling, he replied, “I naturally intend to go to the Source Stone district. What use do I have for the others?”


Hearing this, a brilliant smile lit up the faces of the women. The Source Stone district was known to be the playground of the high rollers.


As Xuanyuan walked, people continued to stare at him.


“Who’s that guy? I’ve never seen him before.”


“Ignore him, look at that creature following him. What kind of mutant beast is that, with the body of a dog and the head of a pig.”


Laughter spread through the crowd as they saw the pig. Xuanyuan was immune to the laughter at this point, but he still felt a small twinge of embarrassment.


Turning to the pig, he said, “Why don’t you stop being made fun of here, and use the Hundred Spirits Source to catch a few more spirits to nourish yourself?” Xuanyuan had realised that having the pig around him would allow people the opportunity to recognize who he was.


“Boy, don’t lie to me. You’re embarrassed by me being around you.”


Not mincing his words, Xuanyuan replied, “All this while you’ve humiliated me, and made full use of my resources. Right now, the only thing you can do is protect me. So instead of wasting your time following me, why don’t you just prepare a teleportation charm for me so that I can escape whenever, and you can then go do something productive as well.”


Knowing that what Xuanyuan said was true, the pig simply replied, “Well, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I didn’t know whether I can leave you alone. However, since you said that, I’ve left a transmission charm with Greed. Take your time, I’ll be hunting a few spirits in the meantime.”




With that, the pig disappeared in front of everyone.


“What? What just happened? What technique was that?”


“I felt a shift in space. That pig is probably in the xian realm.”


“I didn’t expect that pig to be so strong…”


Seeing the pig disappear, eveone looked at Xuanyuan admiringly. It was no small feat to own a mount in the xian realm


As Xuanyuan passed through the Fighting Stone district, he saw that everyone was noisy and bustling. The area was filled with an intoxicating fragrance, delicate bridges, and flowing water arrangements, creating a relaxing, yet bustling environment. 


As they continued walking, it grew more and more sparsely populated as they approached the Source Stone district. After all, source stones cost tens of millions King coins. Not everyone could afford it, since this was the cost of a top rank heavenly instrument.


All those who gambled on source stones were either those with an extremely high status, or old monsters with incomparable wealth.


Xuanyuan’s arrival attracted a lot of attention. He looked around at the few people spread out. All of them were either at the peak of the emperor realm. or were in the xian realm. While the way they dressed were all different, the one thing they all had in common was their strong auras, incomparable to the ordinary folk.


Xuanyuan guessed that they were all people of status within the Northern Dynasty, perhaps senior officials within the government. Everyone had a beautiful woman by their sides, their looks eye-catching and provocative.


Xuanyuan noticed a pool in the middle of the Source Stone district. Inside it, several unique fishes swam. Surprised, he exclaimed, “Dragonfish?”


Dragonfish were fishes that inherited the blood of the dragons through mysterious means. Their scales were similar to those of dragons, and they had four feet under their bodies. They could spit fire, and they were in the grandmaster realm at the very least. Some of them even broke through to the emperor realm.


“Young master, we have arrived. Would you like us to select a few stones for you?” One of the women said with a brilliant smile.


“Oh, are you experienced in stonework?” Xuanyuan smiled without malice.


“No, not at all. I dare not claim that I am an expert. It’s just that I’ve been here for several years, and as you know, gambling is mostly luck. I like to think that I am very lucky in that matter.”


As she said this, another aura rose up as a woman entered the room.


“Miss Yue, what brings you here?”

“Has a man with a pig by his side come here?” It was none other than Yuechang.


“Indeed. The man is still here, entertained by Miss Tao and Miss Xin, but the pig left a while back. I heard that he’s a VIP of Taibai Trading, and that he belongs to the Ji family.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll personally attend to him.” Yuechang smiled gently.


“You mean he’s qualified enough to be entertained by you personally?” 


“Just arrange the matter.”


“As you wish.”


In a short while, the two women by Xuanyuan’s side were called away. Xuanyuan thought that something was up, when Yuechag walked up to him, clad in a white fur coat.


Since she conducted business while hiding her identity, nobody knew who she was. Yuechang’s dress swept the ground, as she tantalisingly walked up to Xuanyuan. The coy, yet lazy look in her eyes was enough to make men swoon, and her dress clung to her curves, leaving little to the imagination.


She walked up to him and whispered in his ears, ignoring the looks of everyone on her.


“Young Master, I apologise but they had some matters to tend to you. I hope that I can entertain you in their place.”


Xuanyuan simply smiled. He didn’t care if anyone entertained him or not. He was immune to seduction, seeing that he even resisted the charms of Huang Yuechan. As such, Xuanyuan simply thought that Yuechang was beautiful and nothing more.


Xuanyuan looked around the place, and began to slowly walk around, Yuechang following behind him.


Suddenly, a loud voice broke through the calm atmosphere.


“Since when did Cheng Men have such a beauty? You are Yuechang, right? I have decided, you will be the one to entertain me.” A young man, dressed in splendid clothes, a sword by his waist looked at Yuechang. He was clad in top rank heaven class instruments, and he gave off a dignified aura. His strength was at the peak of the emperor realm.


Yuechang blushed red as she turned to look at Xuanyuan. Her eyes upturned in a pitiful expression, she captured the hearts of everyone. She looked towards the man who just spoke, and said apologetically.


“I’m afraid that’s not possible, young master. I have been assigned to entertain this man here, and I cannot go against the order of my boss. This little girl dares to not make her own decisions in such matters.”


“Hmm? What’s the matter, do you not recognise me? I am Cheng Yao, son of the Sage King, cousin to the eldest prince. This Cheng Men belongs to our family. Don’t worry about what the boss will say, I can assure you he will agree with me. Now, come here.”


Cheng Yao looked at Xuanyuan disdainfully. He paid no regard to him, someone who hadn’t even completely refined his apertures. Besides, since he was already within the Source Stone district, he didn’t know that Xuanyuan was a VIP of Taibai Trading. As a result, he didn’t have the slightest shred of respect for him.


Yuechang beseeched Xuanyuan, her eyes looking up at him pitifully. She whispered in his years, “Young master, please save me. I do not wish to be humiliated by Cheng Yao. If you save me, I promise you can do anything to me.”


Xuanyuan nodded in assent; even he wanted to knock Cheng Yao down a few pegs. He didn;t have any strong feelings towards Yuechang in the first place, but being blatantly robbed of someone assigned to him pricked his pride. Sneering, he said, “Young Master Yao, was it? Let’s make a bet. If I lose, I’ll hand her over to you. However, if I win, I will have you do something for me.”



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