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Chapter 338 For Whom Have You Become So Arrogant and Domineering 


Each prince had their own set of supporters in the royal family. This group pinned all their hopes on their respective princes. As long as their candidate became the king, they would all prosper. Every dynasty had their own struggle for power. This usually saw the princes fight each other to the death, resulting in a bloody war.


The eldest prince was supported by the main figures of the royal family. Each of them were not easy to shake, even by those with power. Moreover, the current emperor, the previous emperor, and his brother all valued Cheng Yin. Even if nothing was explicitly stated, their attitudes were enough to understand whom the Northern Dynasty favoured.


Cheng Yin was as wise as he was ruthless and ambitious. His army had quelled all sorts of rebellions within the Northern Dynasty and captured several spies from the Mo and Yao clans. His achievements were clear to everyone.


The Northern Dynasty encompassed a large area, approximating 56 million square miles. Most of the land was abandoned due to the year round snowfall. As a result, the individual cities are extremely spread apart, making it easy for spies to infiltrate the kingdom. The spies were like a bug infestation, a pain for everyone in the Northern Dynasty, but there was nothing they could do to completely resolve it.


Cheng Yin had then come up with the plot of assassinating Shiguan in order to anger the Mo clan. While this plan was approved by the royal family, the civil and military officials had not approved of it.


The Grand Council always wanted to govern the entire Northern as one. Even though the threat of the Mo clan was ever-present, they hoped to make peace with them, and eventually assimilate them with the human race. However, Cheng Yin and his supporters saw this as a pipe dream, and instead went down the other route.


The aftermath was instantaneous. All the deep-rooted spies immediately popped up one after the other, and joined the attack. As a result, a large majority of the spies had been wiped out. But on the flip side, a lot of blood had been shed.


Even then, the royal family stuck to their guns and continued to support Cheng Yin. However, the backlash from the civil and military and officials was too strong, and all they could do was commute his sentence to jail time.


Initially, it was for a period of three years, but due to the efforts of the Emperor of Mount Tai, this had been increased to 6 years. This meant that those who supported Cheng Yin could no longer sit still. In the past, due to the support of Cheng Yang and Cheng Xu, Cheng Yin was the only contender for the thorne, since all the other princes gave up. Now that Cheng Yin was locked up, the other princes, save Cheng Yang and Cheng Xu, all began to act.


One such person was the prince supported by the Sage King. While inferior in strength to Cheng Yin, Cheng Yang, and Cheng Xu, he was wise, humble and sophisticated. He had kept a low profile, and had managed to gain the support of the Sage King and several other powerful members of the royal family.


Those who were supporting hid in the dark and began discussing what was happening.


“Who is this young man? Why does the Ji family want to make trouble for Cheng Men?”


“I don’t know. He could be a part of the Sage King’s plot. After all, he hides his weapons behind a smile. I don’t know why he supports Cheng Che, that kid is useless. Even now, Cheng Che dares make no move, but he still doesn’t realise he backed the wrong horse.”


“I’ve asked the 14th brother to go to Tianji to enquire about him. We’ll soon know of his true identity.”


“Hmph, he expects us to believe that he is a simple individual cultivator. Regardless, we’ll soon find out which member of the Ji family he is.”


“Third brother, I’ve found out who he is.”


“Tell me, who is this man from the Ji family?”


“You’re mistaken. He’s not from the Ji family at all. He’s not even from the Central Dynasty.”


“What? How is that possible?”


“He’s the man who ranked first in the list of emperor realm fighters of the Eastern Dynasty. He’s followed by a mount with the head of a pig and a body of a dog, who has left now. However, Master Xuanji advised us to not move rashly, for he has the Nightmare Ghost following him.”


They all sharply inhaled upon hearing this. They never expected this young man to be Xunayuan. They had all enjoyed his performance at the List of Dragons, but they didn’t think he would come and create a commotion in the Northern Dynasty, especially with the Nightmare Ghost in tow. Who was it that pulled the tiger’s tail?


“Oh, I see now. Cheng Yin had used his name as bait to lure Shiguan. Now, Xuanyuan is here for revenge.” Several people had figured out what had happened. Their anger rose, but there was nothing they could do. The threat of the Nightmare Ghost immobilised them. 


The news spread quickly through the crowd. 


Everyone knew that there was no one called Ji Yuan from the Ji family. To know Xuanyuan’s true identity, all of them had sent someone to Tianji to find out. However, everyone received an unexpected  yet consistent answer. The man was none other than Xuanyuan. 


As Xunayuan was about to cut the clumsy stone, he felt the atmosphere shift. 


The Saint of the Wugui clan had also received this information. Laughing loudly, he said, “I thought that you were a child of the Ji family, but it turns out you’re Xuanyuan of the Fighting Dragons Sect. I never expected a talent of the Eastern Dynasty to come all the way here, concealing his identity. 


Originally, the truth of his identity was only known by a few higher ups, due to the high cost Tianji demanded fkr its services. Xuanyuan didn’t expect the Saint to reveal his identity in front of all these people. He must have some ulterior, sinister motive. 


Xuanyuan had already realised how his identity had been leaked. The existence of Tianji ensured that he couldn’t stay hidden forever. Even the identity of the pig had been leaked. 


Smiling at the Saint of the Wugui Sect, Xuanyuan said, “I know that you’re rich, however I’m sorry for costing you so much. I realise that Tianji charges 50 billion King coins for each request, I never knew you wanted to know my true identity that much.” 


Hearing Xuanyuan’s admission, Cheng Yang’s eyes gleamed with excitement. He looked sideways at Yin Zhenluo; he knew she was here for him. He had heard of his name before, but he had never seen him before. Now that he had seen him personally, he was impressed. He whispered underneath his breath, “You’re very brave.” 


Xuanyuan’s prowess was obvious to everyone present. Even Cheng Xu couldn’t help but marvel. During his travels to the Eastern Dynasty, he had heard Xuanyuan’s name everywhere. Amongst the younger generation, there was no one who could compare to him. 


The Saint sneered, “Hmph, you expect us to believe that a young talent of the Eastern Dynasty came here for no sinister purpose?” He began raising suspicions as to why Xuanyuan was here. When his identity was first revealed, people were obviously impressed, but they also flashed complex looks. 


Everyone knew that Xuanyuan had a unique collection of treasures. The Black Dragon Elixir, the blood of the Black Dragon, and the Xian class technique which he inherited from the ancient dragon were the most treasured treasures he possessed. Everyone was excited, if they could get the treasures, the benefits they would reap would be immeasurable. 


Xuanyuan put away his sword, and gently told Yin Zhenluo, “Master, I heard that you’re cooperating with Cheng Yang in order to find a cure for the Heart Devouring Bug. I just want to say that my life is in my own hands, you don’t have to worry about it. The Nightmare Ghost said he will accompany me around the world, and help me find a cure.”


Yin Zhenluo’s heart sunk. Did Xuanyuan come all the way here just to say this to her? “As expected, he’s still the same. He doesn’t want to owe anyone anything, and he seeks to do everything by himself.” 


She could say nothing to refute him, the only thing she could do was silently nod. 


“Well then, I’ve said what I wanted to say on that matter. Now for the reason why I’m here. I’m here to crush Cheng Men. Cheng Yin went too far last time. I don’t care if he wants war to break out between the Northern Dynasty and the Mo Clan, but he shouldn’t have used my name. More than that, he should not have used my name to lure Shiguan and harm her. How dare he harm Shiguan? She’s the kindest, most gentle person there is. Her only desire is for the two races to peaceful coexist. Today, I will destroy Cheng Men.” Xuanyuan laughed and declared confidently. 


“Boy, know your place.” One of the family members could no longer stand Xuanyuan’s impertinence. 


“What can you do about it? The customers are to be treated as gods. Unless you smash the signboard yourselves, I shall not leave. I’ll continue to gamble here, until your entire gambling house is brought to ruin.” 


The royal could do nothing but stand there speechless. The Sage King narrowed his eyes slightly, enjoying the spectacle in front of him. If Xuanyuan could actually bankrupt Cheng Men, it would be great for him. 


“Arrest him and bring him here to me!” One of the uncles who supported Cheng Yin stood in the air and commanded. 


The entire place burst into chaos, and sadness flashed through Yin Zhenluo’s eyes. 


“For whose sake are you acting so arrogant and domineering? Is it for Shiguan?” 


, don’t be arrogant.” Shouted a royal family member who royal family member couldn’t say a word. Eight Virtuous King narrowed his eyes slightly, but he looked like he was enjoying the play. If Xuanyuan could bankrupt the Chengmen Stone House, it would great for him.

“Arrest the boy down to me.” Suddenly, another royal uncle level figure came out of the air and ordered.

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