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Chapter 341 The Kingsfall Energy source


The peerless energy source was usually contained in source stones that could create visions in the minds of people. Even the energy source itself managed to create visions.


As the golden light spread to the skies, the Emperor Meteorite burst apart, revealing a coffin the size of a child. The top was engraved with all forms of mysterious patterns, and it gave off a murderous aura.


“This is…” The Sage King’s eyes revealed a trace of shock and surprise as he tried to recall what energy source this was. The eldest of the five earth masters interrupted his thought process as he exclaimed.


“That’s the kingsfall energy source! There must be a tomb of a great emperor where this energy source was born. We can trace the location by analysing the energy source. The kingsfall energy source also resembles a coffin, it must be the coffin of the great emperor.”


This exclamation shocked everyone. The tomb of a great emperor?! That’s an unimaginable treasure. Ignoring everything else, just the funerary objects would be a massive treasure. Not to mention his possessions which were buried along with him.


Since these items were with the great emperor for aeons, they would be imbued with the understanding of the great emperor. In this world, almost nothing was more valuable than experience. Especially considering that these items would be imbued with the understanding of a great emperor.


Everyone’s eyes shined with desire as they looked at the kingsfall energy source that was slowly forming an image of a coffin. The patterns on it were mysterious, and no one could decipher what it meant.


“Looks like Xuanyuan is doomed to lose. The kingsfall energy source is worth at least 5 million pounds of pure energy source. How can Xuanyuan surpass the value of this stone?”


“The Sage King has unbelievable luck, managing to cut out even a kingsfall energy source. Does he have some kind of fortune-boosting disposition?”


“That’s right, how could normal people cut out a kingsfall energy source? There’s even an image of an emperor’s coffin. Is that a sign from the heavens?”


“I heard that the Sage King supports the fourth prince, Cheng Che. Does that mean that Cheng Che is the real future emperor?”


Several members of the Sage King’s family began hyping it up, building momentum. The faces of those who represented Cheng Men fell. They never expected someone to cut out the kingsfall energy source. This was a massive loss for Cheng Men.


It was not just about the profits, it was about building up momentum. In addition, the sheer fact that the kingsfall energy source could guide them to the tomb of the great emperor was a massive bonus.


Xuanyuan frowned when he heard what the elder said. From what he remembered in the Book of Acquisitions, the source of the Kingsfall energy source was different.


Sneering, Xuanyuan dismissively said, “I can’t believe someone so illiterate is able to confidently spout such bullshit.”


“What did you say, boy?” Furious, the elder shouted. He never thought someone would call him illiterate. 


“‘The kingsfall energy source was born at the tomb of a great emperor’… Have you ever heard of a great emperor who was killed by a mere sword? Each and every one of them were magnificent, talented experts, and no one knew what happened to them.”


“That… That is…” The elder was rendered speechless. Capitalising on this, the strongman of Cheng Men interjected.

“That’s right, Xuanyuan makes sense. Since ancient times, no one can trace the falls of the great emperors. Even the origin of all evil, the Devouring Emperor, disappeared without a trace after his defeat. It’s a mystery which has never been solved.”


Snorting coldly, the elder said, “Well then, boy. How do you explain the formation of the kingsfall energy source.”


“It’s born from the Kingsfall Suppressing Xian Disposition. It’s an extremely powerful xian class disposition, from which even xian realm fighters can’t escape. Certain death awaits all those who enter. If one uses the kingsfall energy source to set up the Kingsfall Suppressing Xian Disposition, its strength increases hundredfold.”


Hearing his words, everyone came back to their senses. Thinking upon what he said, they replied in succession.


“That’s true. Several stone refinement techniques talk about how the Kingsfall Suppressing Xian Disposition results in the formation of the kingsfall energy source. Look at the patterns on the energy source. It’s clearly the patterns of the disposition.”


“It’s unreasonable to think that the kingsfall energy source was actually born from the tomb of a great emperor. The kingsfall energy source has appeared several times, but no one has ever mentioned seeing the tomb of the emperor.”


The saint of Sang Gong spoke up. He had a lot of experience and had accrued profound knowledge. Otherwise, he could not have become the Tai Bao of Sang Gong.


Hearing this, the elder of the five earth masters blushed with shame. The other three masters came to check.


Naturally, as stone experts, they were all proficient in dispositions and patterns. Analysing the patter, they all nodded in assent.


“That’s truly the pattern of the disposition. However, it is incomplete. It only contains the pattern for the emperor-killing section. It doesn’t contain the xian-killing pattern.”


“Even then, it’s worth at least 400,000 pounds of pure energy source. Do you think you can cut out something worth more than that?” The elder looked at Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan simply smiled and said quietly.


“Whether I’m able to cut it out or not remains to be seen.”


“Then, please. Go ahead, it’s your turn.” The Sage king said, his expression indifferent. Xuanyuan was surprised that he was able to control his emotions so well.


The Sage King retreated to one side. Yin Zhenluo looked at Xuanyuan, eager to see his performance. Seeing that he was calm, she thought to herself, “As expected, Xuanyuan’s will is firm and unshakeable.”


Cheng yang couldn’t help but admire him.


“If he loses this round, he will lose the entire duel. But he still manages to keep his calm. Such composure is rare at his age. He surpasses even the Sage King.”


Stepping out, Xuanyuan activated his Wind Boots. Under the boots, a huge golden chessboard slowly spread out. The rippling chessboard gave off an impression of absolute control.


“Xuanyuan is going to start. Do you think it’s possible for him to beat the Sage king?”


“I think not. He cut so many stones just now, but none of them are even close to the value of the energy source that the Sage King cut out. As you know, the kingsfall energy source can be used to power the Kingsfall Suppressing Xian Disposition, and it even contains the patterns for the disposition. Even if it’s incomplete, it’s an item several people desire. After all, the patterns of a xian class disposition is extremely rare.”


However, Xuanyuan possessed a unique advantage. He had acquired the teachings of the Emperor of Acquisitions. He was able to use the same techniques that the emperor wielded. While there are several techniques he still hasn’t mastered, in the future he would master all of them.


The Book of Acquisitions detailed the Kingsfall Suppressing Xian Disposition, but it was slightly different from the naturally occurring version of the disposition. Xuanyuan looked carefully at the patterns on the kingsfall energy source. He could understand a part of the patterns.


He strode atop the chessboard, filled with confidence. He had the air of someone who had the entire world in their palm. He slowly closed his eyes, and began meditating.


After a short while, he opened his eyes, and a bright golden light shot out. It seemed to penetrate everything around him.


Everyone, even Yin Zhenluo, was shocked.


“Xuanyuan has awakened the Heavenly Eyes?!”


Cheng yang was speechless. If someone with the experience and age of the Sage King had activated the Heavenly Eyes, it was understandable. But someone as young as Xuanyuan? It went to show that his understanding of stone refinement was on the same level, if not higher, than that of the Sage King.


The Saintess of the Bingleng Sect looked at him with smoldering eyes, ready to steal him away.


The Lady of the Nine Heavens looked longingly at Xuanyuan. She never expected that someone as young as him could awaken the Heavenly Eye.


“He is certainly worthy to be called one of the rising talents of the Eastern Dynasty.” The minister of Military Affairs said approvingly.


“That’s right. Look at the light coming from his eyes. It’s better than the eyes of the Sage King.”


The Sage King was shocked. He looked carefully at Xuanyuan’s eyes. They appeared to be virtual eyes, but they were still interwoven with heavenly patterns. It seemed to be able to see the truth of all matter. There was no doubt that once the eye developed, it would be comparable to his own Five-Wheel Golden Pupil. The Sage king kept trying to figure out what was the nature of Xuanyuan’s eye, but he couldn’t figure it out.


After all, the Book of Acquisitions was very mysterious. It was not easy for the newer generations to figure it out.


“I don’t know what kind of pupil he possesses, but it’s definitely mysterious. It gives me the impression that it’s far superior to the Sage King’s Five-Wheel Golden Pupil.”


“Hmph, those are virtual eyes. They’ve not even been completely developed yet. There’s nothing remarkable about them.” The elder who had been embarrassed by Xuanyuan said dismissively. As a result, he instinctively dismissed Xuanyuan’s strength.


Ignoring everyone’s comments, Xuanyuan simply focused on the source stones. Aloof a sudden, the mysterious feeling appeared for a brief second, and then disappeared.


Xuanyuan was shocked, and began actively investigating each and every stone.


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