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Chapter 346 The Void Blade


The atmosphere shook violently as the Sage King shot a huge golden palm towards Xuanyuan.


Smiling coldly, Xuanyuan declared, “If I can’t have it, I shall destroy it. Obey my order, the stones of the world, and crush my target. Luo Crushing Skill!”


The golden chessboard enveloped the Sage King. Each line was rough and hard, and the Sage King couldn’t escape. Blood streaming from his mouth, the Sage King jumped backwards and tried to retreat.


The blood dripping from his mouth intertwined to slowly form a shield to protect him from Xuanyuan’s attacks.


Xuanyuan didn’t give up. He used the blood of the ancient dragon, and summoned the Azure Asura Emperor. The dragon’s blood slowly condensed to form multiple dragons, shocking everyone.


“The ancient dragon’s blood! Each drop is a priceless medicine! I didn’t expect the rumours to be true. Xuanyuan received the inheritance of the ancient dragon as well.”


“He exchanged his blood with that of the dragon. A single drop is an elixir that can bring someone back from the brink of death, and he has an entire body filled with it. Xuanyuan is a walking treasure.”


The imperial master of the Northern Dynasty sighed, “That man is extremely lucky.”


The inheritance of the Emperor of Acquisitions and the ancient dragon were both irreplaceable treasures. A normal person would count it their greatest fortune to get either one of them, but here was Xuanyuan with both.


“Haha, that may be so. But fortune begets misfortune. For all his good luck, he is now plagued by the Heart-Devouring Bug. So what if he got so many treasures. Even the Nightmare Ghost can’t rid him of the Heart-Devouring Bug. He is doomed.”


The imperial master shook his head in disappointment. While Xuanyuan’s luck was strong to be able to receive so many treasures, in the end he would lose all of it to the Heart-Devouring Bug.


“If Xuanyuan hadn’t saved General Yin, he would have been able to become a great emperor in the future. However, he decided to throw his own life away to repay the debt of gratitude he owed Yin Zhenluo. How foolish, in the end, you only have yourself to depend on. He threw his life away.”


Yin Zhenluo looked at Xuanyuan gloomily. She knew that what they said was true. All this while, she had been carrying the weight of the guilt in her heart. She hated that she couldn’t do anything to help Xuanyuan, and she felt guilty because she was the reason why he went so far. If she could find a way to cure Xuanyuan, she would go to the deepest depths of Hell.


“According to the folks at Tianji, Xuanyuan was supposed to die at the age of 14, however he survived thanks to a miracle. However, he can’t run forever from his destiny. Whether or not he can break free from the shackles of the Heart-Devouring Bug remains to be seen.” The imperial master smiled quietly. He expected great things from Xuanyuan, and there was no way he would die in such a pathetic fashion.


The whole of Cheng Men was buzzing with excitement; everyone coveted the blood of the ancient dragon. The Saint of Xuanwu couldn’t bear it, he felt as if ants were crawling with ants. It was all he could do to restrain himself and not kill Xuanyuan that instant.


Using the blood of the ancient dragon as a medium, Xuanyuan drew on the chessboard. With each stroke, the lines protecting the Sage King crumbled one after the other.


The Sage King looked serious. The stone he had chosen began vibrating violently, as if it were going to break at any time. He shouted out, “My blood, answer my call and protect my body.”


The blood he had summoned earlier covered his entire body, protecting him from any form of harm. The Sage King picked up his dagger and began cutting the stone.


“Look! The Sage King has chosen his stone, and he’s now cutting it. Will the stone contain any peerless energy source?”


“Look at the ring on his hand. It’s glowing brightly, reacting to the powerful energy contained within the stone. There must be a great treasure within the source stone.”


“Once the Sage King cuts the stone, Xuanyuan can no longer attack him. He will have to choose a stone and beat him through the merit of his winnings.”


The Sage King’s technique was extremely fast. In order to prevent Xuanyuan from detonating even this stone, he had foregone the preparations to soothe the spirit inside the stone. The dagger flew as fast as lightning, shards of the stone flying around. A few moments later, a powerful energy containing the terrifying force of the abyss flew out.


“That’s the void energy source!”


The force in the Sage King’s hands cracked the source stone it was contained within.


The ex-minister Yu was shocked. “That’s a void blade formed naturally. It’s a peerless energy source, comparable in value to a piece of spiritual ice!”


Xuanyuan had already finished his preparations by the time the Sage King finished cutting the stone. Deactivating the golden chessboard, he prepared to make his move.


“That’s impressive, to find the void blade. The Sage King’s achievements can’t be underestimated. He has managed to exceed the value of the kingsfall energy source.” The imperial master said, his voice filled with emotion.


The void blade was held in the hand of the Sage King, giving off a malicious energy. It seemed ready to kill anything in its path.


“If one gets the void blade, it’s possible for them to kill people without being detected. I didn’t expect such a treasure to be naturally formed within a source stone.” Cheng Yang sighed.


“Ahah, if brother saw this, his face would turn black from rage.” Cheng Xu laughed freely.


“That may be so. I thought this time may be better. After all, we received a lot of money from all the stones being destroyed this round. However, the Sage King easily made back more than he spent thanks to the void blade.”


The spectators were all of one opinion. “Xuanyuan is doomed to lose.”


“Master Xuanyuan, it’s your move now.” The Sage King laughed proudly. The void blade he cut out was worth 1.8 million pounds of pure energy source. He was confident that Xuanyuan couldn’t cut out anything more valuable.


“Haha, so that’s where you’re hiding.” Seeing the Sage King’s face pale as he heard his words, Xuanyuan sneered as he shot out a golden net.


Ten source stones crumbled, their pure energy essence being absorbed by the mysterious force.


The Sage King turned as pale as a ghost. He finally figured out what Xuanyuan had been aiming for. He had already lost a lot of blood, and seeing Xuanyuan’s final move made him spit out yet more blood.


The spectators slowly understood what was going on. The Sage King and Xuanyuan were not detonating stones only to attack each other. They were also trying to lure out the extremely rare treasure they had both sensed.


“It must be an inexplicably rare treasure, seeing that it is able to absorb the essence of other source stones so easily.” Ex-minister Yu exclaimed excitedly. He had never seen a rare treasure of this caliber in his life.


The elders of Cheng Men all looked as if they had eaten shit. They never expected source stones from their gambling house to contain such a priceless treasure. They had already lost a kingsfall energy source, a xian-slaying energy source and a void energy source. They could barely stand the losses of these three great treasures. Now that a fourth treasure, far surpassing any of the three before it had popped up, and they couldn’t stand it. They desperately prayed that Xuanyuan was mistaken.


“Hmph, trying to escape? Let’s see how far you can run.” Activating the Heavenly Eyes of Acquisition, Xuanyuan deployed the golden chessboard. The chessboard was further bolstered by the power of the ancient dragon’s blood. The sky was filled with golden lights, and the chessboard covered the entire area. It felt as if Xuanyuan was the master of the area.


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