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Chapter 348 Can’t Afford to Lose


Gluttony existed in the ancient times, and it had been recorded in the books of the sages of old. It was ranked 28th in the list of divine class beasts.


Gluttony could continue to eat endlessly, and debour everything around him, similar to the pig. Xuanyuan had some experience with a similar beast, since he was used to the pig. He looked at the statue, the n looked disdainfully at the pig. The statue was one of a white wolf with scarlet eyes. It looked majestic and powerful. And then there was the pig, who looked like a weird beast with the body of a dog and the head of a pig. Despite being similar existences, the two of them could not look any more different.


“Ha ha. Boy, you’ve struck gold. Do you realise how much energy the statue of Gluttony has absorbed? All the energy released by the Sage King and you during the duel has been absorbed, and now you get to keep all of it.”


“Gluttony…” Someone murmured.


“Gluttony! That’s the beast ranked 28th on the list of divine class beasts. It’s an extremely ferocious beast that devours everything and never spits it out.”


“How did Xuanyuan manage to gain such an invaluable treasure?”


The royals all looked at the pig. None of them knew how Gluttony looked like in the first place, and the fact that the pig recognised it affirmed their belief that the pig was someone close to the Nightmare Ghost. Otherwise, how would it be able to know something that only the sages of old knew?


Yin Zhenluo breathed a sigh of relief. “Xuanyuan won. That’s good.”


The Xuanwu Saint was furious. His killing intent rose immeasurably. While he would have been okay if Xuanyuan had only received the Devouring Energy Source, but the fact that he had even received the statue of Gluttony made him unbelievably furious.


“I will definitely kill him.”


Both the Saintess of the Bingleng Sect and the Lady of the Nine Heavens were shocked and excited. Xuanyuan’s strength was far beyond their imagination.


The royals were blue with envy. Some of them even spat out blood when they saw that Xuanyuan had cut out the stature of Gluttony.


The Devouring Energy Source itself was worth ten million pounds of pure energy source, and the Statue of Gluttony was priceless. This, along with the fact that Xuanyuan had paid only three million king coins for these two treasures made everyone want to kill themselves in envy.


“I didn’t expect things to develop like this. To be honest, I expected Xuanyuan to lose. The fact that he won must be so embarrassing for the five earth masters.”


“That’s right, it must be so embarrassing.”


The earth masters turned red with rage. Xuanyuan had once again shamed them in front of everyone. The eldest of the earth masters could only glare at Xuanyuan.


All this while, the pig had his eyes on the Devouring Energy Source. Seeing the gleam in his eyes, Xuanyuan immediately put the Devouring Energy Source and the statue of Gluttony.


The pig frowned and said, “Boy, you can’t do this.”


“I’ve already given you the entirety of the Hundred Spirits Source Energy. What more do you want? Get away.” Xuanyuan scolded.


“Boy, don’t make me send you to the Western Lands. Your only option there will be to become a monk. Hand over the Devouring Energy Source.”


“Go ahead and try it. I know you wont send me.”


“Boy, you’re being far too greedy.”


“I want it, and there’s nothing you can do to me to give it to you.” Xuanyuan said firmly.


“How cruel..” The pig said forlornly.


Seeing this exchange, people were dumbstruck. What exactly was the nature of their relationship?


Xuanyuan smiled and turned to the Sage King, saying, “Now that the victor has been decided, it’s time to pay up. The winner was promised 4 million pounds of pure energy sources, along with the winnings of the loser. So you owe me your Heavenly Tiger Energy Source, Kingsfall Energy Source, and the Void Blade, along with 4 million pounds of pure energy source. You can’t renegade on the word you made in full view of everyone else, right? However, there is nothing that I can do to you, a member of the royal family, if you refuse to honour your word.”


The Sage King’s expression grew even uglier. “Very well. Xuanyuan, here you go. 4 million pounds of pure energy source, along with the previous winnings.” The Sage King knew that if he didn’t hand in everything as promised, he would lose face, and the people wouldn’t let him go. Wealth could be recovered, but lost face was extremely hard to regain.


With a wave of his hands, a light shimmered, and a ring fell into Xuanyuan’s hand along with the Heavenly Tiger Energy Source, the Kingsfall Energy Source and the Void Blade.


“Well, this should be the pure energy source.” Xuanyuan opened the ring. Suddenly, a strong, pure fighting spirit came out of the ring, Xuanyuan looked carefully, surprised at the quality. Looking at the Sage King, he said, “The Sage King sure is generous. You’re worthy of being called the Sage King. Thank you very much.”


The pig’s eyes gleamed with greed. Now that Xuanyuan had made a massive killing, there was no way he was going to leave him alone.


“Boy, give half of it to me.”


“Get lost…”


“Now that your gamble with the Sage King has concluded, it’s time to leave.” One of the royals said dismissively. They didn’t want Xuanyuan here any longer; they had already lost a lot to him.


“Very well. But before I leave, I wish to tell all of you something.” Xuanyuan laughed as he waved his hands. A massive chessboard covered ten of the source stone hills.


“I’ve analysed all the source stones here, and these are the findings. Please, have a look.”


With a resounding boom, all ten source stone hills were smashed to bits, leaving behind not even a single pure energy source. The royals all were furious, and Yuechang’s killing intent began to rise dramatically. Xuanyuan wanted to cripple Cheng Men.


Everyone was in an uproar.


“What the hell!”


“I know all gambling houses cheat a bit, but this is too much.”


“Forty percent… Forty percent of all source stones here are empty…”


Continuing to laugh, Xuanyuan said, “That’s not all. If you somehow manage to get the stones that do contain pure energy sources, you will still face a loss, or at best make back your money.”


Pointing to another pile, Xuanyuan destroyed another set of source stones, revealing a pitiful amount of pure energy source.


“That’s it! That explains how the women of Cheng Men could almost always choose stones with pure energy source. They knew the entire time.”


“That bastard Cheng Yin. How dare he do something so shameless.”


Everyone here were nobles, or people with a high standing. Xuanyuan had revealed the truth of Cheng Yin’s plot in front of all them, causing them to detest Cheng Yin.


“I’ll never come to Cheng Men ever again.”


“That’s right. There’s no point coming here, if this is the truth of matters.”


The royals who supported Cheng Yin turned pale as they heard these words. Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan was willing to go this far to crush Cheng Men, and make sure there was no way they could return from their loss.


“Close the doors right now!”


“Xuanyuan, you’re going too far.”


“You are seeking death, boy.”


The Qi of all the xian relam fighters rose up, thei killing intent obvious. However, Xuanyuan was still fearless.


“Me? I went too far? Ridiculous. Everyone knows that all gambling houses have a certain number of fakes since ancient times, but it was always within reason. Cheng Men abused this fact, and housed such a massive number of fakes. On top of that, they even used women to lure the gamblers even more. Now tell me, who went too far? Such a shameless gambling house doesn’t deserve to exist.”


“You speak too much, boy.” A royal at the fifth circle of the xian realm rushed towards Xuanyuan, intending to kill him in a single move.


The Xuanwu Saint also stood ready to take advantage of this. “That’s right, bait out the Nightmare Ghost. I’ll take advantage of when he’s distracted to kill Xuanyuan and plunder him.”


“Who exactly is looking for death?” A strong flash of bloodlust ran through Xuanyuan’s eyes. The royal suddenly remembered that Xuanyuan was protected by the Nightmare Ghost. His blood turned cold, as he trembled in fear.


At the same time, a heavy aura entered the room, and the Qi of the royal was smashed instantly.


“What happened, you can’t afford to lose?”


“The Emperor of Mount Tai!”


The Emperor stood tall in the skies, his face solemn. He gave off a sense of unshakeable dignity.


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