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Chapter 349 Tai Mountain Emperor’s Move


The Emperor looked down at the royal who had attacked Xuanyuan. He coldly said, “Yan King, do you have no sense of respect? You embarrass me. You lot there, seal him and lock him up in the surveillance department. That should give him enough time to reflect on his actions.”


“As you command.” Two men, each as strong as the Emperor, flew out from behind him. Seeing this, the Yan King paled.


“Emperor of Mount Tai, you are in charge of the military and political forces, not the surveillance department. Do you seek to overstep your bounds? Even for the surveillance department, locking up a member of the royal family is not easy. There is a process to it. You can’t just come in here and demand for me to be locked up.” The yan King didn’t expect the Emperor to come at this time. On top of that, it appeared that he was siding with Xuanyuan. Despite Xuanyuan being an outsider, the Emperor of Mount Tai took his side over his own people.


“How amusing. You ask me whether I dare to? You saw the order of Mount Tai. That should be the same as seeing me in person. Yet you dared to try and kill someone who held my order. This can be construed as an attempt on my own life. It’s not even like you had a justifiable reason for doing so. Your Cheng Men was exposed for performing dishonourable deeds, yet you do not wish to repent. Lock him up for 60 years. 10 years is far too short for an idiot like him to repent.” Each word, each syllable of the Emperor rang with power. His words were like thunderclaps, resounding and booming through the air. Anyone with the slightest hint of guilt felt extremely uncomfortable; some even spat out blood.


“Impressive. You have practiced the Eight Sounds of Golden Weapons to this degree.” The pig laughed when he heard the Emperor speak.


“I thank you for your praise.” The Emperor remained respectful towards the pig. He hadn’t forgotten the power that the pig had demonstrated.


The two men under the Emperor’s command restrained the Yan King and took him away. Xuanyuan saluted the Emperor respectfully.


“Xuanyuan salutes the Emperor of Mount Tai.”


“Haha, Xuanyuan. You don’t need to act so politely. I never expected that you would encounter such folks in the Northern Dynasty, making me lose face. I hope that you don’t mind them. My order is second only to the Emperor of the Northern Dynasty. I didn’t expect that my being away, protecting our borders for so many years, would result in people not respecting my order. Hmph, let’s see who else wishes to pick a fight.” The Emperor looked at the other royals. The Sage King had calmed down now, as he shivered with fear.


The Emperor of Mount Tai had guarded the borders for several years. His name was extremely well-known. Few people could dare to offend him, and the Sage King was most certainly not amongst them.


None of the royals could say anything. They could only stand by and watch the honour of Cheng Men be trampled by Xuanyuan. All of them harboured an intense hatred for the Emperor.


“Haha, don’t worry. If everyone is as understanding, impartial, and fair as the Emperor, then naturally there won’t be problems. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I came to the capital to exact revenge for Shiguan. Now that I have trampled upon Cheng Men, my goal has been achieved. Cheng Yin should have learnt his lesson by now. If he hasn’t, then I’m afraid I must come to his mansion, wielding the power of the Nightmare Ghost. Anything and everything in my path will be crushed.”


A cold light flashed in his eyes as he glanced at the royals. All of them froze in fear. All of this had happened because the Yan King had tried to kill Xuanyuan. Had it not been fpr the Emperor coming and stopping him, all hell would have broken loose today. Once Xuanyuan unleashed the Nightmare Ghost, the only thing that one could do was run away.


Pondering over what just transpired, Xuanyuan thought to himself, “Sure enough, impulsiveness is the curse of the devil. No matter what to do, you should know how far to go. Despite knowing that I have the Nightmare Ghost by my side, their rage made them blind. The saying is true, too much is just as bad as too little of something. Everything should be done in moderation.”


“I admire the fact that you didn’t just use the power of the Nightmare Ghost to exact revenge, instead choosing to use your own skill at stone refinement to cripple Cheng Men. Would you be willing to come to my mansion for a few days? I wish to learn from the great emperor as well, if it’s possible.” 


“Of course.” Xuanyuan laughed and followed the Emperor. Before leaving, he looked at Yin Zhenluo and asked, “Master, would you like to accompany me to the Emperor’s mansion?”


Yin Zhenluo was ecstatic. She thought that Xuanyuan would leave without sparing her a glance, and she leapt at this opportunity.


“I’ve heard a lot about the Emperor of Mount Tai since I was young. My father is full of praise. I wouldn’t dare to turn away this opportunity.” Her voice was gentle, and a smile graced her face.


Hearing her words, the Emperor laughed, “Yin Tuxian and I may be opponents, but he’s one of the very few people I can call my confidantes. Let’s all go back to my mansion, where we can talk easier.” Saying this, the four of them left.


The Sage King looked beaten, and the royals looked as if someone had forced them to eat shit. Cheng Men was absolutely crushed.


“Hmph, I’ll never return to Cheng Men.”

“Pathetic. To think they use such despicable means.”


Seeing Yin Zhenluo leave, Cheng Xu laughed and asked Cheng Yang, “Second brother, the beauty by your side has left your side and is now with another man. Do you feel sad that you lost such a beauty?”


“Whatever happens will happen. Anyway, Miss Yin and my relationship is purely that one of friendship. She never belonged to me, so how can I lose her. However, I can’t say that of you, brother. How many women have been cheated by you?”


“Haha, I really liked this woman recently, but I couldn’t have her.”


“Oh, a woman whom you couldn’t get? Who is this mysterious beauty? I shall try and help you as much as I can.”


“The only thing I know about her is that her name is Qian Doudou…”


The two princes began talking about their travels.


The Lady of the Nine Heavens and the Saintess of the Bingleng Sect looked at each other, and then left. Since they couldn’t meet him for now, there was no reason to stay.


The Xuanwu Saint looked pale. He never expected that Xuanyuan would be protected by someone like the Emperor of Mount Tai. It was now more difficult for him to act.


Yuechang looked even worse. This was the first time she had failed Cheng Yin, and such a massive mess had occurred under her nose. There was no way Cheng Men could ever be built back.


The bad reputation they had received couldn’t be washed away. Most of the people offended were the elite of the Northern Dynasty. They had several connections. In addition, there were members from different ministries, as well as nine ministers from the government. As a result of what happened today, they would definitely target Cheng Yin. Cheng Yin’s future was doomed to be fraught with difficulty.


Three of the ministers started talking. The first one sneered, “I never thought that Cheng Yin would employ such despicable means. He had already lost face due to him attacking Princess Shiguan. Over half of the brass hats hated him. It looks like he is not suitable to become the future emperor.”


“While this may not be the end, the fact remains that his mistakes cannot be covered by his contributions. While his Northern Army may have made countless contributions, the backlash from this is almost impossible to recover from. I think Cheng Yang is a suitable heir.”


“You’re right. Let’s report to the emperor that we think Cheng Yang is more suitable to inherit the throne.”


“Pig, how much did you gain over the last three days? Tell me honestly.”


“Hmph, not much. You think it’s easy to find treasures? Boy, hurry up and give me the sources that you won, especially the Devouring Energy Source and the statue of Gluttony.”


“In your dreams. I also require pure energy sources to cultivate. I plan on using these pure energy sources to open my other acupoints. Once I open all the hidden acupoints, I’ll be able to transform into the black dragon. No one under the xian realm will be any threat.”


Xuanyuan and the pig communicated telepathically as they left for the Emperor’s mansion.


“Boy, give me ten million pounds of pure energy source at the least. I’ll be able to break through to the xian realm with that much.”


After pondering it for a while, Xuanyuan handed over 10.9 million pounds of pure energy source, keeping behind only the unique energy sources that he had won from the Sage King.


The four of them soon arrived at the Emperor’s mansion.


“You’ve been practicing your stone refinement for the last few days. you must be tired. It’s already late today. Please rest for now, we can talk tomorrow.” The Emperor immediately ordered for them to be settled into a private residence, along with Yin Zhenluo.

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