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Chapter 352 Would you face everything together with me?


A resounding bang spread through the air. In an instant, the entire Lark Garden shook, and several dispositions activated.


The stars in the sky were glowing brightly. The second of the eastern seven-stars, the gold dragon, burst out into a rain of star light. An ancient dragon’s chant spread throughout the atmosphere, shocking everyone.


The starlight fell onto the capital of the Northern Dynasty. People were trembling with excitement, expecting Tianji to have arrived at the capital.


Seeing the starlight slowly descend onto the mansion of the Emperor of Mount Tai, the crowd began discussing what could have happened.


“What’s happening there? It’s such a strong starlight, and it’s filled with pure Qi.”


“Is it a blessing or is it a curse for it to fall into the mansion of the Emperor of Mount Tai?”


“It has to be a blessing.”


“Those who cultivate the arts of the moon and the stars will benefit greatly if they can absorb some of the starlight.”


“Yes, that’s right. Maybe we should try and absorb some of the starlight.”


As soon as he said these words, someone fell from the sky, his body burst open.


“See, this is what happens if someone carelessly absorbs the Qi in the starlight. That’s Chen Shangshu’s son, a seventh rank Emperor realm fighter. He died simply because he tried to absorb the Qi. There’s something weird about that starlight.”


An ancient dragon appeared amongst the Eastern seven stars and released a powerful aura. People could sense the power of the immortal dragon.


On the star stage, Xuanjizi looked up at the stars, a mysterious pattern appearing on his eyes. Information poured into his mind, and he slowly whispered to himself. “The Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique is truly powerful. Only those who have practiced this technique, or the Great Immortal Technique should even attempt to absorb the starlight. The starlight contains the energy of the ancient dragon, and the Qi is extremely violent.”

People in the capital slowly came to their senses, and realised what was happening.


“This is one of the seven stars of the Eastern Seven stars. I remember hearing that Xuanyuan cultivates the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique. It appears that he has faced a breakthrough, and the starlight descended to bless him.”


“The boy never fails to make us envious. I never expected the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body technique to be so powerful.”


“Shiguan has also arrived at the mansion of the Emperor of Mount Tai. I heard she’s waiting for Xuanyuan. Hmph, does she think that by just being with Xunayuan, she is safe? She dares to come all the way to the capital of the Northern Dynasty, she must be seeking death.”


“The Mo clan are merciless and cruel, killing countless people from the Northern Dynasty. Even killing Shiguan a thousand times over is not enough to pay for her crimes.”


The nobles of the Northern Dynasty all wanted to kill Xuanyuan. Shiguan said that she wanted to give an explanation to the people, and hoped to compensate them, and they wanted to see how exactly she was going to do that.


The Lark Garden was brightly lit up, turning night into day. The energy within the starlight slowly infused itself into Xuanyuan’s body, impacting the aperture that Xuanyuan was attacking. The acupoint began voraciously devouring the Qi, and Xuanyuan’s strength grew bit by bit.


The shape of a tenth gentle star slowly began to form, signifying that Xuanyuan had once again completely refined yet another aperture. With the blessing from the stars, Xuanyuan was able to swiftly condense the acupoint.


Xuanyuan slowly shook his neck and opened his eyes. Starlight filled his eyes, as he had finished completely refining the acupoint. He now only had 5 of the hidden orifices to refine. Once he finished refining all of them, he could refine the Black Dragon Elixir, and the battle of wills between him and the ancient dragon would commence.


Xuanyuan’s strength slowly stabilised at seven emperor dragons of strength. He stood up, filled with the energy of the ancient dragon. As a result of his cultivation, he had learnt several new skills that belonged to the ancient dragon.


Xuanyuan now wanted to face off against all those who dared opposed him, and carelessly ran their mouths.


He checked the remaining amount of pure energy source. Seeing how much was left, his eyes twitched with disbelief. In just the last few days, he had consumed the equivalent of a million pounds of pure energy source. Cultivation was most certainly not cheap.


“Haha, you do realise that you have the Body of All Creations. The difficulty you face is ten thousand times that a normal cultivator faces. You have to work hard, it’s not easy for someone with your body type to achieve success. As long as you work hard, you will be rewarded.” Greed laughed, as he slowly reminisced about the old days. The Devouring Emperor was terrifyingly strong when he had reached a perfect stage. He wondered if Xuanyuan would one day reach the same level.


Speechless, Xuanyuan put away his ring and frowned sullenly. Suddenly, a disgusting smell wafted in from the outside. Several dispositions instantly activated. Contrary to the beautiful appearance of the Lark Garden, it housed a terrifying set of dispositions. It was comparable to the Yin family’s defenses, and further attested to the Emperor’s status as the first general of the Northern Dynasty.


Xuanyuan opened the door, and saw the Emperor standing outside, with two people standing behind him. Accompanying them were Yin Zhenluo, Shiguan, and a handsome silver wolf.


Shocked, Xuanyuan looked at the wolf and exclaimed, “Guxing!”


“It’s me.” The pig smiled and said. He had discarded his previous appearance, and took on an appearance that resembled Guxing. He looked incomparably better than he used to.


Xuanyuan felt a burst of rage as he realised that it was not Guxing. Of course it was not Guxing, it was impossible that he had survived. He wanted to kick the pig.


“Go to hell!” Looking away from the pig, he turned to Shiguan and asked, “Miss Shiguan, how come you’re here?”


“Hmph, why can’t I be here? Are you not happy to see me?” Shiguan frowned cutely.


“Of course I am. It’s just that I didn’t expect to see you here, considering your position.” He turned to the pig, intending to ask him to send Shiguan back to the Mo land.


Shiguan sensed what Xuanyuan intended to do and hurriedly tried to interject, but the Emperor cut in before she could say anything.


“Shiguan came here to find you. I think there’s something that she would like to discuss. Xuanyuan, I thought that you faced some danger when the starlight descended onto the Lark Garden, but it looks like it benefitted you instead. You’re a unique one, being that strong when you’re just in the Emperor realm. I’m honoured to meet someone as talented as you.”


“Haha, you flatter me, Emperor.” Xuanyuan humbly replied. He turned to Shiguan and said, “Go on, you were going to say something.”


Shiguan turned to face Yin Zhenluo, paused, and then continued. “I wish to apologise to all the citizens of the Northern Dynasty, and personally go to the capital to ask for their forgiveness.”


Frowning, Xuanyuan exclaimed, “Don’t be silly. Pig, send her back to the Mo land right now.”


Shocked, Shiguan said, “Xuanyuan…”


“Shiguan, you don’t realise how cruel this world is. Do you realise how many people want to kill you?” Xuanyuan knew that Shiguan was kind, far too kind. Her kindness bordered on naivete, and all he wanted to do was protect her. If Shiguan died, a large war would break out.


Seeing Xuanyuan get angry for her sake, Shiguan felt happy. However, she continued to speak. “Xuanyuan, I ask you. Will you face everything with me? If you’re by my side, I won’t be scared.”


Xuanyuan was shocked and looked at Yin Zhenluo. He was afraid that Yin Zhenluo would be angry, but Yin Zhenluo remained silent.


Seeing Xuanyuan’s face, Shiguan’s face fell, and said disappointedly, “I see…”

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