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Chapter 354 Be Hindered


The sky slowly began to brighten as dawn broke. A wisp of the morning sunlight filtered through the fog, lighting up the courtyard. The entire palace grounds were covered with a thin layer of snow.


Xuanyuan left his room with the pig. Yin Zhenluo and Shiguan were sitting in the stone pavilion, each having their own concerns. Both of them were waiting for Xuanyuan to arrive.


Seeing that the two of them were ready to leave, Xuanyuan said without hesitation, “Let’s go.”


Xuanyuan had discussed what precautions had to be taken, and what to do in case of emergencies with the pig. If all went well, they would safely go through with their journey. 


The three of them left the Lark Garden.


Xuanyuan was of the belief that one should attempt things within the reach of their abilities. However, Shiguan wanted to create peace between the Mo clan and the humans, regardless of the danger to her life. Xuanyuan didn’t want to quash her dreams. As a member of the human race, and as her friend, Xuanyuan was obligated to help her out.


“Let’s go!” Shiguan smiled. She was unafraid of any potential dangers, now that Xuanyuan was with her. She could face any obstacle and overcome all difficulties with him by her side.


Yin Zhenluo nodded and walked beside Shiguan.


As they approached the gates, a xian realm expert walked up to them, his face hooded. Looking towards Xuanyuan, he said, “The Emperor asked me to deliver his message to you. “If you go to the capital, I can’t guarantee my help. Please think about it carefully.”


Xuanyuan knew that Shiguan had made her mind up. Now that he had also decided, there was no room to go back. He fearlessly replied, “Please convey my thanks for his concern, but tell him there is no cause for fear.”


“Xuanyuan is right!” Shiguan chimed in.


“In that case, I shall not stop you. I hope that Shiguan’s clear heart reaches the people.” The man said, admiration swelling from the bottom of his heart.


Xuanyuan and the others continued to walk, soon leaving behind the Emperor’s mansion. Seeing Xuanyuan walk out, people began to comment.


“Look, it’s Xuanyuan!”


“Even Yin Zhenluo, the owner of the Heavenly Dragon Body is with him.”


“I can’t believe the princess of the Mo clan also accompanies him.”


“The boy is lucky to be friends with such peerless beauties.”


“Isn’t that a common wolf with them? Haha, isn’t it embarrassing to walk around with such a baseborn animal?”


There were several spies who were surrounding the Emperor’s mansion, and thus word got out quickly.


Under the watchful eyes of all the hidden people, Xuanyuan, Yin Zhenluo, and Shiguan started walking on the road that led to the palace of the royal family.


Hidden on the sides of the road were extremely important people. The houses they were in were protected by arrays, which were inferior in the eyes of the pig.


They were communicating with each other telepathically. All of them were at least in the xian realm.


“They are going to the palace.”


“That’s Shiguan. Should we kill her? If we kill her, we’ll receive massive rewards.”


“Xuanyuan is protecting her, we can’t do anything.”


“If we do  it together, Shiguan can easily be killed.”


“You don’t understand. The Nightmare Ghost is protecting Xuanyuan. If we act rashly, we’ll be wiped out.”


“I have an idea.”




“We can use seventh rank Emperor realm fighters to kill Xuanyuan. The Nightmare Ghost will not come out to fight such weak fighters.”


“Yeah, that makes sense.”


Xuanyuan focused his eyes and ears for any sign of danger. Suddenly, he felt a strong aura rising from the sides of the road.


“Shiguan, you witch. You were the cause of the war, and countless people died at the hands of those monsters who fought for you. Your crimes are unforgivable.”


Suddenly, a flying tiger rushed towards Shiguan. Xuanyuan said nothing, but simply raised his hand.


The Five-Element Roulette was summoned. With the increase in Xuanyuan’s strength, the strength of the roulette had also increased. The Five-Element Roulette crashed into the tiger, smashing it to bits.


Xuanyuan looked up to see a man clad in gold armour floating in the sky. His armour was emblazoned with tiger patterns, and his strength was at the seventh rank of the Emperor realm.


“We all know who started the war. Miss Shiguan here has come to resolve any enmity between the Mo clan and the humans. Anyone who obstructs her oath, or tries to reignite the war, I’ll crush.” Xuanyuan coldly said, hostility evident on his face.


“Hmph, others may be afraid of you, but not me. I don’t think the Nightmare Ghost will come out to deal with a measly seventh rank Emperor realm fighter such as myself. Let’s see how strong you are, boy.” The man pointed aggressively at Xuanyuan.


“Haha, you may say that you’re not afraid, but we all know the truth. Anyway, I don’t need the help of the Nightmare Ghost to kill someone like you. If I take his help to kill the likes of you, I’ll kill myself first out of shame.”


“Let’s see you take my attack. Purple Tiger Swallows the Clouds.” A huge amount of Qi rolled off him, gathering into a huge tiger head. With a shout, the tiger rushed towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan didn’t make any move to escape. He simply stretched out his hands, and said, “Dragon Thunder.”


An unknown force, with the power of thunder mixed with the power of dragons descended from the skies and smashed the tiger to pieces.


“Dragon Lightning.”


In an instant, a flash of green lightning fell down from the skies and hit the man. His armaments activated to protect him.


Three more bolts of lightning fell from the skies, and his armament finally ran out of power. His face paled as he realised he was in danger.


Taking out a purple elixir from within his body, the man screamed. The elixir attacked Xuanyuan.  as the man fought desperately.


Xuanyuan simply drew his Xian Arc of Five Elements. Pulling the bow back, he infused the energy of the dragon with the power of the five elements and shot an arrow. With a resounding crash, the arrow struck the elixir, shattering it into pieces. The man’s death was imminent.


Everyone took a sharp breath. They knew that Xuanyuan was strong, but they didn’t expect that he could easily kill someone at the peak of the Emperor realm.


“Xuanyuan is really terrifying.”


“It looks like he can handle this much easily.”


Shiguan saw the man dying, and she was worried that it would complicate things further.


“Mister Xuanyuan, please don’t kill anymore.”


“Hmph, we won’t reach the palace unless we kill these maggots blocking our paths. They will continue to cause problems.” Xuanyuan raised his head and declared, “I already said that whoever stops me will incur my wrath. Get out of my way!”


“Xuanyuan! You are far too arrogant. Let’s see how strong you actually are.” A silver light appeared in the sky, and a man stepped out, clad in silver armour. Seeing him, exclamations ran through those present.


“That’s Tanhualang!”


Every ten years, the Northern Dynasty held a martial exercise. This man had performed excellently in the last one.


“That’s Yuan Tianlong, the pride of the Northern Dynasty. As a grandmaster, he changed his blood with that of Luo Xianfeng.”


“Yes, his spirit is terrifyingly strong.”


“Xuanyuan has sealed his doom. There’s no way he can defeat Yuan Tianlong.”


“Xuanyuan, let’s see if you can take my attack.” Not saying anything more, Yuan Tianlong attacked Xuanyuan.


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