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Chapter 356 Midsomer Murders


The dragon and the phoenix interwove to create a huge plate that defended against the 6 arrows. While it withstood the impact, it collapsed shortly after. Yuan Tianlong was shocked. After fusing with the disposition, Xuanyuan’s strength was comparable to that of a xian realm expert. it was no wonder that he dared to act so arrogantly.


Spitting out blood, Yuan Tianlong was once again backed into a corner. At the cost of his own blood and Qi, he had deployed the heavenly technique to defend against the last 6 arrows. Had he not defended against all 6 arrows, he believed that he would die. However, now that Xuanyuan had no more arrows left, he felt as if his victory was decided.


“I’m impressed. It’s the first time anyone has pushed me this far. However, if you don’t have any more dispositions, this is the end of the line for you.” Breathing heavily, he took out a bottle of pills from his ring.


As he was about to pop the pills, a blade appeared from the void and pierced his head instantly. The void blade went through all the defensive enchantments as Yuan Tianlong had used all his strength to defend against the 18 arrows.


Xuanyuan had killed Yuan Tianlong in the blink of an eye. Surprisingly, his vitality was still strong, Despite being pierced through the head, his body continued to twitch.


Smiling coldly, Xuanyuan stretched his hands out and said, “Heavenly Dragon Claw.” The five elements condensed to form a dragon’s claw. It slowly reached towards his abdomen, and ripped it apart, taking out a purple elixir and a ring. Xuanyuan had plundered everything of value from Yuan Tianlong.


Seeing this scene, everyone gasped.


“Xuanyuan actually killed Yuan Tianlong, one of the champions of the Northern Dynasty.” A xian realm expert exclaimed in disbelief.


“Yuan Tianlong couldn’t even use the full power of his heavenly technique before he was killed.”


“How cruel, he didn’t even give Yuan Tianlong a chance.”


“Xuanyuan showed a sign of weakness to lure Yuan Tianlong. He then killed him when he didn’t expect it. How cunning.”


“Yuan Tianlong died without the chance to even react. The Void Blade… No wonder it’s a weapon born from a heterogeneous energy source. It’s power is terrifying, and yet I didn’t even notice it until Xuanyuan had already killed Yuan Tianlong.”


Yuan Tianlong’s life essence was absorbed by Xuanyuan to feed Greed.


“Haha, this kid’s life essence is very strong, far stronger than ordinary xian realm experts. If you didn’t catch him by surprise, you would have to use far stronger dispositions to kill him.”


Greed absorbed all the essence in an instant. Xuanyuan was eagerly awaiting the day the Greed’s strength would return to the xian realm.


Greed had nine powerful treasures. The first of them was the Devouring Sword, which could turn the life essence of all things into an endless source of Qi. The second treasure was the disposition called the Kingdom of all Creation. Using this, all other techniques could be destroyed.


“Boy, his ring contained several instruments and elixirs which were not of use to you. I devoured all of them. I have to say that this boy is really rich.” Greed laughed. “Apart from the things I devoured, there is his elixir which contains his techniques and cultivation experience. You should find some time to refine it, it’ll hasten your cultivation and reduce your consumption of pure energy sources.”


“Okay then, I’m going to refine his elixir now. After all that’s the way of life. Anyone who opposes me will die.” Xuanyuan’s eyes gleamed with a ferocious light. Even the one who came third in the martial tournament of the Northern Dynasty fell at his hands. Unless the first and second places made a move no one would dare get in his way.


Yuan Tianlong’s purple elixir was decomposed and absorbed by Xuanyuan, and it began to act on his apertures. Now that Xuanyuan had completely refined the apertures in his head and neck, the next was the aperture of the chest. Within Xuanyuan, the nine stars gleamed and spun.


Yuan Tianlong, as a seventh rank emperor, had already completely refined his apertures. The knowledge was passed on to Xuanyuan, who immediately understood how to completely refine his 9 apertures.


The nine stars within his body began to gleam with a gentle, complete light. This entire process only consumed half of the elixir.


“Look, Xuanyuan’s strength is soaring steadily. How?”


“He is actually cultivating right here, and it’s so fast. What is his secret?”


“Eight emperor dragons!”


“Nine emperor dragons!”


“He reached the power of nine.. no, ten emperor dragons as an imperial realm fighter!”




“Death to all those who oppose me.” Xuanyuan held his head up high, surrounded by a murderous aura. All those who desired his treasure suddenly dared to do nothing, especially due to the Nightmare Ghost who was protecting him. All the experts who were under the xian realm were terrified, because Xuanyuan gave off the aura of someone who was just one step away from the xian realm.


Yin Zhenluo looked at Shiguan and said, “All things have a limit, even kindness. Too much kindness can harm both others and yourself. Xuanyuan’s approach was right, sometimes killing is necessary.”

Shiguan nodded silently. The pig, who still had the appearance of Guxing, had a mean look in his eyes.


On the walls of the imperial capital stood three men, Cheng Yin, Cheng Yang, and Cheng Xu. Each of them looked at Xuanyuan differently.


Cheng Yin gently stroked the head of the rabbit in his arms, and said, “So that’s Xuanyuan. Yuan Tianlong, that talentless fool, looked down upon Xuanyuan even while he fought against him. He deserved to die. It’s a shame that I was even briefly associated with an idiot like him.”


“Big brother, please forget about harming Shiguan. She’s here to reconcile. You should know by now that the Mo clan launched a full-scale war against us just because you harmed Shiguan. If we kill her, I’m certain that the Northern Dynasty will also be destroyed. Don’t underestimate the Mo.” Cheng Yang gently said.


“Yes, that’s right. Even if we hold on, do you think our enemies will sit by when we are at our weakest?” Cheng Xu continued.


“Yeah, you’re both right. Don’t worry, I know that some thing’s should not be taken too far. However, how about I kill Xuanyuan instead? That will surely make Shiguan miserable.” Cheng Yin smiled grimly, his eyes filled with a murderous rage. “After all, he did say that he won’t use the power of the Nightmare Ghost to fight anyone under the xian realm. I’ll just restrict my strength to barely under the xian realm and challenge him.”


“Brother, think twice. The Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect came all the way here just to find a way to cure the Heart-Devouring Buh. if you kill Xuanyuan, you will end up making an enemy of the Fighting Dragons Sect.” Cheng Yang slowly said.


“Hmph, don’t worry. I’ll naturally compensate them. Anyway, there are several people within the Fighting Dragons Sect who wish to kill Xuanyuan. He’s Clearly not as well-liked as Shiguan.” Cheng Yin had deeply looked into Xuanyuan by now.


While the three princes were discussing, a huge killing intent surrounded Xuanyuan. It oppressed anyone who felt the aura.


Cheng Yin laughed, “Looks like I may not have to do anything. The hired killers and disciples from the Fighting Dragons Sect have made their move.”


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