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Chapter 357 Six Paths and the Samsara



A strong killing intent had suddenly surrounded Xuanyuan. The xian realm experts immediately realised who were responsible for this.


“Looks like the killers from Samsara are here.”


“No, it looks like there are killers from the Six Paths as well.”


“Who can hire both the Samsara and the Six Paths to kill Xuanyuan.”


“That boy can definitely make even the gods resentful.”


A white shadow flew like a flash of lightning. A sword came flying towards Xuanyuan’s brow. Xuanyuan felt that there was no escape from the flash that came out of nowhere.


Everyone felt a chill run down their spines. Instinctively, they knew that Xuanyuan’s death was imminent.


Samsara and the Six Paths were two assassination organisations, their names extremely infamous throughout the world. Despite having branches throughout the world, their headquarters were a well-guarded secret that no one could find out.


Xuanyuan shouted out, “Black Dragon’s Horn!”


A dragon horn suddenly grew from his brow and stopped the attack of the long sword. With just a slight nudge of Xuanyuan’s head, the top-grade heavenly rank sword shattered into pieces.


Xuanyuan’s eyes gleamed with a blue light, as he raised one hand.


“Dragon Lightning.”


A flash of lightning, shaped like a dragon struck the white shadow. A defensive technique was immediately used by the white shadow, but it broke immediately, the lightning dragon splitting them in half.


Xuanyuan broke into a cold sweat. Fortunately he had condensed the Jiamou Aperture. Otherwise he would have died then and there. While he had managed to resist the attack, his brow still hurt, and blood leaked from there.


Soon after, the dragon horn disappeared. Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared from nowhere, and a dark sword stabbed towards his chest.


Xuanyuan realised why Samsara and the Six Paths were extremely feared throughout the world.


The sword flew, fast as lightning. Xuanyuan instantly moved to meet the sword with his chest.


The enchantment on the Heavenly Dragon Robe immediately activated. However, due to the sudden impact, it couldn’t resist the attack, and the sword penetrated the Heavenly Dragon Robe.


A stabbing pain rang throughout his body. Just when everyone thought that Xuanyuan would be pierced by the sword, a loud clang rang out, as a force erupted from his chest.


Xuanyuan had just finished refining the 9 apertures, and was about to refine the Ditu Orifice, one of the hidden orifices of the dragon. However, he dind’t expect two assassination attempts to follow in quick succession.


The sword pierced through the remaining half of the elixir, and the remaining energy immediately surged through Xuanyuan’s body.


All the experience accumulated by Yuan Tianlong throughout his life flew through Xuanyuan, and infused itself within the Ditu Orifice in a flash. A beam of starlight erupted in broad daylight, descending onto Xuanyuan. This terrifying energy blew back the black shadow, breaking its bones.


Anyone looking at the stars could see the third of the Eastern Seven Stars shaking violently. 


When his Ditu Orifice opened, Xuanyuan felt as if he finally understood everything. Opening his eyes, he saw twelve figures, six clad in black and six clad in white, all of them at the seventh rank of the Emperor realm.


With the starlight fueling him, Xuanyuan drew the Xians Arc of Five Elements, and the power of the stars gathered into an arrow. Aiming at a black figure, he loosed the arrow.


The dark shadow disappeared into the void, and became one with the space. 


“That’s the void blade! He is a killer from Samsara!” Someone exclaimed.

Xuanyuan smiled coldly, and the shadow felt a chill. Suddenly, the arrow pierced through the void, and half of the black figure’s body fell out.


Xuanyuan reached into it and drew out a purple-golden elixir.


The killers in white were all women. They were tall and graceful, but their killing intent was cold and strong. The weak dared to not even look them in the eyes. Those who could stand in their presence still felt oppressed, and were terrified.


Each of the women stood in one of the six directions, Swords in their hands, they immediately formed an oppressive formation, giving off an inescapable feeling.


“Sword Killing Troops!”


The power of the troops couldn’t be underestimated.


Under the starlight, Xuanyuan’’s strength continued to rise, reaching 11 emperor dragons of strength. People marvelled at his inhuman growth.


Xuanyuan didn’t pay them any mind. He simply raised his hand.


“Dragon Thunder.”


“Dragon Lightning.”


The two forces rushed towards the women. The women cooperated seamlessly, their swords cutting down the attacks in succession.


Ordinary emperor class fighters at the seventh rank usually had 7 emperor dragons of strength at most. Hua Wushang, with 9 emperor dragons of strength, was already considered a genius. Yuan Tianlong surpassed even him, with a strength of twelve emperor dragons.


These nine women each had the strength of nine emperor dragons. When united, they were a terrifying force. 


The assassins sent by the organisations were young. Some of the assassins who joined these organisations joined to prusue their own goals. They would only assassinate those at their level or higher, so that they could hone themselves. However, Xuanyuan was a special existence, and they didn’t expect that there would be two forces that hired both Samsara and the Six Paths.


“Extraordinary Sword Thorn


The six women had formed a white aurora to destroy Xuanyuan’s attack. This aurora rushed towards Xuanyuan with a terrifying speed.


Xuanyuan felt as if he were facing a xian realm expert. Even with the starlight for protection, he couldn’t resist the attack.


Just as Xuanyuan was about to use the talisman to protect himself, Yin Zhenluo jumped in front of him. Her battle armour surrounded her immediately, and her eyes gleamed dangerously. She looked like a goddess of war.


“That’s the Godly Gold, ranked 19th on the list of fighting golds.”


Yin Zhenluo used her finger as a sword. Her bright armour wove a protective enchantment, and a bright light gathered at her fingertip, pointing at the Extraordinary Sword Thorn.


The moment the two forces collided, an explosion burst out. The Qi spread out in all directions, killing those under the emperor realm.


At the same time, the five assassins clad in black also moved, their figures alternating, Countless black swords appeared, bared at Xuanyuan.


“Serial Immortal Killing Troops. It’s a shame that their technique is too weak.” The pig sighed.


Shiguan couldn’t just sit back when Yin Zhenluo had acted. She summoned the Fire of the Asura in her left hand, and the Fire of Hell in her right. Seeing this, the xian realm experts roared out.


“That the Fire of the Asura, ranked 32nd in the list of fighting fire, and the Fire of Hell, ranked 23rd.”


The two fires in her hands attacked the five killers in black, destroying their attack.


Seeing that both their attacks had failed, the assassins retreated instantly. Seeing them run away, Xuanyuan smiled coldly.


“You think you can escape that easily?”

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