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Chapter 358 The Road to the Great Emperor


The atmosphere had been filled with killing intent, but it disappeared in an instant. Xuanyuan had almost died to the successive assassination attempts. Were it not for his quick reactions and strength and courage, he would have most certainly died.


The assassins from the Six Paths had each killed at least a thousand people. They employed skillful coordination and ruthless attacks to successively assassinate their targets. They were incomparable to ordinary people. Some nobles, and disciples of sects joined the Six Paths as a way to hone their skill by killing people and plundering them.


Xuanyuan couldn’t let them escape so easily. Turning around, Xuanyuan swung the Void Blade with one hand, and made the seal of Black Dragon Thunder with the other.


The sword cut through the void, and a burst of blood spread out from the void. A headless female body fell to the ground. Seeing the demonstration of power held by the Void Blade, the Sage King was filled with jealousy. The Void Blade was something that he had received, and now Xuanyuan had taken it from him.


A second later, a mysterious feeling spread through the void as the dragon thunder was cast in the void. An instant later, two bodies, one of a killer clad in black and the other in white, were blown to pieces. The three golden-purple elixirs were floating in midair.


The Black Dragon could release both thunder and lightning by leading the origin of thunder to attack. Xuanyuan could use the same ability to kill unsuspecting people.


He grabbed the three elixirs which he had collected, but the others had all escaped by then. 


“How terrifying. The attacks were so swift. Had I not been more careful, I would have been seriously injured.” Yin Zhenluo frowned and said.


Shiguan was furious and shocked as well. Someone had actually hired the Six Paths to kill Xuanyuan. Even she, who had endless patience, was now furious. Who could bear to see their loved ones in danger?


The entire incident had occured in the blink of an eye. Several of the people already on the scene had no time to react. They had only come to their senses by the time Xuanyuan killed four of the assassins.


“Xuanyuan actually survived.”


“I can’t believe that he survived attacks from both the Samsara and the Six Paths.”


“I was certain that he would die.”


“It’s all thanks to his counter-attack. He managed to fight back successfully.”


On the walls of the capital, Chng Yang frowned and asked, “Seventh brother, you possess the Void Body right? And you’re also at the peak of the emperor realm. Would you be able to survive if you were in Xuanyuan’s position?”


Cheng Xu shook his head, and replied seriously, “I can’t guarantee my safety. If I knew of their attack beforehand, I could have easily counter-attacked, but if they caught me by surprise, I would have most certainly died. Xuanyuan is really no simple practitioner. Most people would react to an assassination attempt by trying to escape, pushing them into an even more desparate position. However Xuanyuan chose to fight back, and quickly responded.”


Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Even me, who just stepped into the xian realm, has only a 10% chance to escape unscathed. At the very least I would be severely injured. Those killers practice the Void Techniques, and can freely move between the void and the real world.”


Cheng Yang glanced at Cheng Yin as he spoke. He had a serious look on his face, and a complicated feeling in his eyes. Xuanyuan had obviously shocked Cheng Yin.


If Xuanyuan were only proficient in stone refinement techniques, then he had no fear. But seeing him act calmly in such a dangerous situation, and even managing to use such a situation to break through made him frown.


One could sense that there was something in Xuanyuan’s chest that required an external force to break through. Normal people would not even consider using an enemy’s attack to do such a thing, but Xuanyuan actually used his own body to meet the attack of the killer. Even a person in the xian realm would have been hurt by that attack.


“Come on, elder brother. Why do you still seek to make an enemy out of Xuanyuan. He can still become an ally. Don’t needlessly bring misfortune onto yourself.” Cheng Xu slowly said.


“Seventh brother, I realise that since you like to live comfortably, you are able to see some things more clearly than I do. Xuanyuan is definitely a terrifying existence. Even I wasn’t as talented as him when I was in the imperial realm. However, the battle to become a great emperor is fierce, and there are many people slowly catching up. One must be able to maintain their determination no matter what. My determination is my desire for supremacy, and my oath is to kill everyone in my path. Xuanyuan is no exception, Countless talents grow and die on the road to become a Great Emperor. Even if I may die one day, I’ll have no regrets. Because that is my path.” Cheng Yin proudly declared, puffing his chest as he looked at Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan turned to gaze at the walls of the capital city. his eyes meeting with Cheng Yin’s. He could sense the power of the Yin Type Immortal Body. Combined with the Yang Type Immortal Body, its power was unbelievable. It could only be rivaled by the Saint’s Body.


“That must be Cheng Yin.” While the two of them hadn’t met, Xuanyuan had a hunch.


Cheng Yin was standing beside Cheng Yang, their features the complete opposite of each other. The Yin and Yang bodies had their own distinct characteristics.


The assassins who had come to kill Xuanyuan had either died or fled. While it was true that he had received assistance from Yin Zhenluo and Shiguan, it was also undeniable that no seventh rank emperor could stand against him. His power could only be described as xian class.


As they proceeded, they encountered no more obstacles. It looked like Xuanyuan had deterred anyone foolish enough to even attempt to harm him.


Xuanyuan closed his eyes and released a mysterious aura from his chest into the void. He could sense someone following him.


“It looks like they are the same group of assassins. They go away, and then come back when it’s advantageous for them. They’ll never let go of their prey.” Greed cautioned. “Xuanyuan, be careful. They may have more powerful killers now. Don’t take them lightly.”


“Boy, do you want me to clean them up for you? It bothers me that they’re still following us.” The pig aggressively asked.


“It’s fine, I can deal with them myself. It’s better you save your strength for a crucial moment. We can win with your trump card.” Xuanyuan said. he also wanted to hone himself in combat.


It took a lot of courage to walk the thin line between life and death. However, since ancient times, every great emperor had survived all the risky situations. Xuanyuan also had to hone his strength, courage, and will. Only strength was absolute.


Even if Greed and the pig could help him, at the end of the day, they were not his strength.


Xuanyuan absorbed the three elixirs into his body. The orifices and acupoints in his chest hd been refined to the maximum level. Now it was time for those of the abdomen. Infusing the elixirs, Xuanyuan began refining the Shiguan Aperture, Shangqu Aperture, Shimen Aperture, Dahe Aperture, Chengman Aperture, Taiyi Aperture, Wailin Aperture and Qichong Aperture. 


Elixirs were different from source stones. Within the elixir was the essence of a fighter’s life and his experience. As a result, it was quicker for him to use elixirs to cultivate. However, these three purple elixirs added together were barely comparable to that of Yuan Tianlong.


As they approached the imperial capital, his acupoints of the abdomen had slowly been refined completely.

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