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Chapter 360 Popular feeling of human race and Mo Land


As the name suggested, those who passed through the Hard Disposition require an unwaveringly strong willpower.


Even those who guarded the Immortals Palace may not be able to enter if the disposition was activated, but Xuanyuan and the others could.


Xuanyuan, having experienced several near-death situations himself, would undoubtedly have a strong will. Yin Zhenluo had come to the Northern Dynasty for her father’s sake, and almost died in the disposition fields. Now, to help Xuanyuan, she once again came to the place where she almost died. Shiguan had gone against everyone to uphold her own ideals and beliefs, and she had made the dangerous journey to the Northern Dynasty just to ensure peace between the Mo land and the humans.


The wild wolf was the most surprising. They never expected such a low-grade wild wolf to walk so casually through the disposition.


The entrance of the Immortal Palace was guarded by 108 seventh level Emperor realm fighters. The hierarchical system of the imperial city spread all the way from the peripheral cities to the Immortals Palace, with the periphery cities having imperial realm guards, and the innermost cities were guarded by sixth rank and above emperor realm fighters.


As they approached the doors, the guards, all dressed in snow-white armor, stood at attention, their swords hanging by their sides. Xuanyuan chuckled a little, but didn’t say anything.


As they walked into the Immortals Palace, the officials of the Northern Dynasty were all present. Ministers from both the civil and military affairs departments had come. Xuanyuan looked around at the palace. It had clearly been standing for a long time, with signs of erosion evident, and it looked desolate, as if it were a reminder of all the ages it had gone through.


Every corner was carved subtle patterns, forming an intricate web of dispositions. Xuanyuan thought to himself, “If they activate all the dispositions at once, it’ll be terrifying.”


He knew there were many things he still contend with right now. He had to rely on human kindness and mutual respect for his own safety. Those present here could easily crush Xuanyuan and the others with a single finger. 


From within Immortal Palace, the majestic aura of the xians flowed, but it did not shake Xuanyuan’s will.


108 metres later, Xuanyuan stepped into the main hall of the Immortal Palace and saw the officials all sitting in a row. The vice-ministers of civil affairs and military affairs were sitting in two different rows, with the civil affairs being headed by three ministers, and the generals of the military department being headed by the Emperor of Mount Tai.


The strong Qi would have made lesser people buckle under the weight of the aura, but Xuanyuan looked straight ahead, and bowed to the middle of the Dragon Court.


“Xuanyuan, the true disciple of the Fighting Dragon Sect, pays his respects to the Emperor of the Northern Dynasty.”


Yin Zhenluo and Shiguan did the same.


“Yin Zhenluo, from the Yin Family of the Eastern Dynasty, pays her respects to the Emperor of the Northern Dynasty.”


“Shiguan, the princess of the Mo Land, pays her respects to the Emperor of the Northern Dynasty.”


“Haha, your coming to the Immortal Palace shows your sincerity. Please feel at home.”


The Emperor was seated in the middle of the court. While his face was not seen, purple Qi surrounded him, forming a Phoenix. His aura and speech indicated that he was someone worthy of being called the Emperor of the Northern Dynasty.


Only the pig didn’t bow down to him, instead standing tall and arrogant. A minister walked up and shouted, “Bow down to the Emperor!”


The pig coldy glared at the minister, and sneered, “You dare shout at me? The Emperor said that we can behave freely. What’s more, even the Nightmare Ghost doesn’t dare to make me bow down to him, yet you want me to bow down to your Emperor? I don’t even bow down to the Emperor of the Central Dynasty. Looks like I should send you to the disposition formation, and see how you like it.”


In an instant, several markings surrounded the minister. With a flash of light, the minister disappeared in front of him.


The emperor began to move to save him, but he was too late. Shocked, he murmured to himself, “An emperor class disposition… What kind of being is this wolf? It’s really powerful.”

When the minister was sent away, the Immortal Palace was in an uproar. They were embarrassed in public.


The other ministers just frowned and said nothing. The pig’s identity was special, and they didn’t dare to make a move. They slowly looked at the emperor, who slowly smiled.


“Honoured guest, please forgive the minster. He’s young and reckless, but he’s upright. Please bring him back.”


The pig narrowed his eyes and smiled. “You speak well. Since you’ve politely made such a  request, I shall acquiesce. Back in the day, I’d met Cheng Cha, the old emperor of the Northern Dynasty. His Tianyin Killing Body was fairly well-known. If not for your sake, I’ll do it for his.”


The pig once again began activating his technique. Markings appeared around him, and the minister fell through a portal. He was disoriented for a while, and when he saw the pig, he turn pale and retreated back to his squad.


Everyone was shocked. With those words, the pig had linked himself with the Nightmare Ghost. Cheng Cha was someone who lived during the same age as the Nightmare Ghost. Furthermore, everyone saw how proficient the pig’s dispositions were. Even the Emperor admitted that his skills were no match for the pig’s.


“The great emperor is magnanimous.” The Emperor spoke neither humbly, nor arrogantly. His words were gentle, and it reflected his own personality. This was the territory of the Northern Dynasty. No one could be presumptuous here, not even a great emperor. However, the pig was a remnant of the era of the Emperor Cheng Cha, and it was no wonder the Emperor of Mount Tai held him in high regard.


However, the Northern Dynasty still had a supreme weapon protecting this place, which meant that people couldn’t attack this place easily.


“Never mind it. I’m just protecting this kid for the Nightmare Ghost. He’s looking for a way to rid himself of the Heart-Devouring Bug in the disposition field. As long as he finds the method, I’ll have nothing to do. Go ahead with your business, I won’t interrupt.”


Hearing the pig’s words, Xuanyuan could barely hold his laughter in. He was so audacious, bluffing in such a place. Emperor Cheng Cha existed far before the Devouring Emperor. The pig was obviously bluffing, using his background.


Fortunately, the emperor of the Northern Dynasty was not hot tempered. If he were, he would have attacked first, then and there.


“So, why are you here?” The Emperor slowly asked.

Shiguan stepped forward and bowed again. She gently said, “I apologise for the war being caused due to me. I wish to offer my apologies to the entirety of the Northern Dynasty.”


“Don’t say that. Were it not for your grace, we would still be at war, and countless people would be killed. After all, it’s Cheng Yin’s fault for hurting you in the first place. We, the Northern Dynasty, are at fault here.” The son of the great minister stood up and loudly declared.


“Yes, he’s right. The young princess is compassionate to everyone, regardless of their race. She’s the example we should all follow. You have committed no crime.” The Emperor of Mount Tai also declared.


The Emperor of the Northern Dynasty didn’t say anything. Suddenly, Cheng Yin stood up and said, “I admit, it was my fault. I have been removed from my position, and I underwent the Endless Misery for six days.” He paused for a while, then continued, “However, does that excuse the evil deeds the Mo Clan has committed. Your clan plundered the lands, killed the innocent citizens, and razed several cities. The plague broke out everywhere, and deep scars were caused by your clan. If I were to be killed, I wouldn’t say anything. However, it’s the innocent citizens who were harmed. Not even their souls were spared, being used up as material for your cultivation. Such cruel behaviour must be punished.”


Cheng Yin’s fierce words crushed Shiguan’s spirit. Everyone present held the citizens dearly, and they all agreed with his words. Hearing this, they turned on Shiguan.


“Your Mo Clan is vicious, and uses people to cultivate. You consume their flesh and souls to further yourself.”


“The Mo Clan are inhumane. Such races should not be allowed to exist.”


“If we don’t destroy the Mo Land, how can we quell our anger? How do we just forget the deep feuds that run between us.”


Each word cut Shiguan deeply, but she could do nothing but listen to them.


“That’s why I came here, to plead guilty and make up for my sins.” Shiguan once again bowed to them.


Cheng Yin coldly said, looking dignified, “It’s easy for you to say, but how will you make up for the deaths of hundreds of millions of civilians? The Northern Dynasty has never tried to hide their doings, whether good or bad. I wish I could make up for my sins with my death. But there’s no need for you to pay with your life, Princess. You are well known for your kindness. If anything, it should be Shi Da and Shi Ba who pay with their lives. Go back, Princess. I’ll never forgive Shi Da and Shi Ba.”


Seeing Shiguan affected by his words, Xuanyuan had to admit that Cheng Yin was good with words. He was not only wise, but was able to speak well.


Xuanyuan spoke up. 


“Are you kidding me? You started this whole thing. For your own sake, you lured Shiguan and hurt her. It’s because of you that your people ended up dying in the war, and yet you have the audacity to say those words?”


Xuanyuan’s eyes were fierce, stabbing at everyone who looked at him. Shiguan was soft, and easily bullied. While she may have wanted to come alone to reconcile both sides, she would just end up being bullied and talked over. That’s why Xuanyuan had accompanied her.


“The Mo Clan have a clear attitude when it comes to kindness and violence. Before you started this, you should have thought of the consequences, seeing that you were to be the future emperor of the Northern Dynasty. If the Northern Dynasty still wishes to fight against the Mo Clan, please, send your warriors. What are we here for? Shiguan, let’s go. There’s no point talking to them.”


Xuanyuan turned around, ready to leave. Cheng Yin turned pale; Xuanyuan was so much more determined than him, going as far as to openly offend the other party.


At this time, the Emperor spoke up.


“Mister Xuanyuan, what you said is true. Which is why I removed Cheng Yin from his position. However, due to the war, a large scale epidemic is spreading throughout the Northern Dynasty. Miss Shiguan, what do you plan on doing? The Northern Dynasty will support you completely.”


The officials immediately spoke up.


“Emperor, please think twice. The Mo Clan are cunning, and they can’t be trusted.”


“Everyone, please listen to her words, and then come to your decision.” The Emperor said calmly but firmly.


His voice clearly indicated that he would bear no dissent. Hearing this, the officials calmed down one by one.


Shiguan was happy that they were willing to listen to her. It was all thanks to Xuanyuan.


“Previously, I had refined medicine that can cure the plague. It can be distributed through the water source for people, curing the plague immediately.” 

“You evil girl, you have a vicious mind. You wish to poison our people, and control our country. As expected from someone born into the Mo Clan.” An old minister fiercely declared, insinuating that Shiguan had insincere motivations in offering to help.


Shiguan had no such plans, and was fearless. She took out a jade box and opened it, revealing a pill. It gave off a refreshing fragrance, and made everyone feel reinvigorated. It was clearly an immortal class medicine.


Seeing this, several officials exclaimed.


“What kind of medicine is that?!”


“I’ve never seen or heard of such a medicine before.”


“Judging by the Qi, it must be a high quality medicine.”


The pig simply sneered at the people.


“Since ancient times, the sages knew how to cure people. The human race long since has discarded the study of elixirs that can cure diseases, instead focusing on those elixirs that help you strengthen yourself and boost your cultivation. Shameless. To think that you need someone from the Mo Clan to go through your books, and make the elixirs perfected by your ancestors to cure your people. And you still have the audacity to question her?”


Continuing, he said, “Let me teach the lot of you something. This medicine is called the Elixir of Resisting Evil. To make this elixir, you need to infuse the blood of someone with the Medicinal Body into it. This elixir can then be infused into the water supply, and can cure all diseases and strengthen your body.”


The pig’s words humiliated the officials, and they all looked down, embarrassed.


The Emperor didn’t mind the pig’s tone. He simply happily said, “The princess is certainty gracious and compassionate. What other plans do you have?”


“If the emperor agrees, I’ll ensure that the Mo troops rebuild the homes of your people and clear up the battlefield. Once reconstruction is complete, our troops will withdraw from the Northern Dynasty. Your troops can inspect the cities until they are satisfied.”


Hearing her words, the officials once again burst into an uproar.


“No, absolutely not!”

“If the troops are let in to rebuild the city, the weaknesses of the cities will be known to them. In case of future attacks, it will be easy for them.”


“In the process of reconstruction, there is no guarantee that the Mo won’t map out our lands, so that they can use it in the future,”


“As I said, vicious thinking.”


Cheng Yin zmiled, and coldly said, “It’s true, I don’t think it’s appropriate. If you really wish to help, pay us ten thousand trillion pounds of pure energy source. We can rebuild it ourselves.”


Xuanyuan smiled coldly and said, “Ridiculous. Shiguan is working for you sake, but all you can do is see evil in it.”


“Boy, you dare to speak so arrogantly? Just a few words from her, and you’re already enchanted by her. You’re the one who is ridiculous.”


“Bullshit!” Xuanyuan roughly said. “Is the humiliation you faced in the war not enough for you to understand? The Mo Clan already know the terrain very well. The war made that clear. Think about it, other than Tianshuang City, which was protected by the Emperor of Mount Tai, how many cities were under your control during the war?”


Continuing, he said, “She just offered the help of the Mo troops to rebuild the homes. If you’re not comfortable with the changes, you can make your own changes. Set up dispositions, build walls, or do whatever. Do you think that you can just bully her with your words?”


The officials couldn’t say anything. They felt as if they had been slapped by his words.


“I dare not say no to Princess Shiguan’s kindness. We are in distress and the Mo Clan are willing to help us. We graciously accept your aid, and thank you for your virtue. I approve of your plans.”


Hearing the Emperor’s words, the officials chimed in saying, “You are very wise, Emperor.”

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