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Chapters 296 Great Gap

Chapters 296 Great Gap


Night had begun to fall, with the moon shining bright in the sky. The bright moonlight falling onto the massive pile of pure energy source was a sight to behold, lighting up the entire night sky.


Just breathing in the air around made everyone feel refreshed and powerful. If they could practice in such an environment, they would be able to make leaps and bounds in their cultivation.


“The pig’s luck must have run out now. It’s finally time for him to lose everything, and then some.”


“I’ll win back everything I’ve lost thus far! I bet an arm and a leg, I can’t wait to see the expression on the pig’s face when he sees Xuanyuan losing.”


All those who had lost a fortune the previous rounds started cursing at the pig. Their mouths watered with the thoughts of their winnings as they looked at the massive pile of pure energy sources. A single pound of pure energy source was worth 2500 King coins, so one could imagine the wealth contained within the amount bet on the fight.


Ignoring those around the,. Fang Yuyou simply walked up to Xuanyuan. Looking him straight in the eye, she asked him, a complicated expression on her face.


“How have you been the last few years?”


Her voice was soft and bewitching, her breath as fragrant as a flower, stunning everyone around her. Despite her masculine appearance, everyone was reminded once again that she was a woman.


Meeting her gaze, Xuanyuan smiled and replied, “I have been well, thanks for your concern, Miss Fang.”


“I would like to make a request of you. If possible, I would like you to kill Hua Wushang. Don’t worry if you are not able to, since your safety is of the utmost importance to me.”


Surprised, Xuanyuan could sense the hostility behind her words, but Fang Yuyou didn’t explain any further. Nodding, Xuanyuan replied, “Don’t worry. He won’t escape, and you don’t have to be worried about my life either. I will definitely kill him and return.”


Hearing the declaration, everyone burst out.


“How arrogant! He just said he would kill Hua Wushang. Does he not understand how massive the gap between the two of the is?” An apprentice at the seventh rank of the Emperor realm exclaimed.


“Why do you let it affect you, it’s just the ramblings of a madman. Just watch him die a pathetic death.”


Xiao Tian glared at Xuanyuan, thinking to himself, “I want to see how you’re going to kill Hua Wushang. I hope you get crushed!” He knew from the moment they first met that Xuanyuan was not an easy person to beat, and thus he wanted to rid himself of him. Unfortunately, because of the pace of Xuanyuan’s growth, he could not do so. Luckily, his older brother was far more powerful, and he could plan out ways to kill Xuanyuan.


A majority of people cannot stand seeing someone they know personally achieve heights they themselves would never be able to achieve, but are unconcerned when the same goes for someone they don’t know. Such is the nature of human psychology.


Fang Yun asked Fang Yuyou as she walked back, “Why are you so confident that Xuanyuan will win? Even I’m not confident that I can easily win against him, it will be a close battle. Even though two million pounds of source energy does not matter to the Fang family, it’s still a large amount to lose if Xuanyuan loses.”


“I trust him.” Fang Yuyou replied cryptically. Fang Yun just shook his head, a wry smile on his face. Women are so unpredictable and unreasonable at times.


On a platform not too far away, the Saint looked at Huang Yuechan and chuckled.


“Xiao Huang, I would like to ask you something.”


“Please do tell me. I would not presume to hide anything from you.” Her face impassive, Huang Yuechan replied, emotion absent from her voice.


“Why are you so attracted to Xuanyuan? You, who possesses the Heavenly Phoenix Body, are going out of your way to please him, while he doesn’t spare you a second glance. Don’t you think you’re embarrassing yourself?” Unconcerned with her standoffish attitude, the Saint casually asked.


“Hmm, what attracts me to him huh? I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like every fibre of my being is attracted to every fibre of his being. Every breath, every expression of his enchants me like no other. I just know I can’t live without me. That’s why I don’t feel I have anything to be embarrassed about.” Thinking back to the first time she met Xuanyuan, Huang Yuechan honestly replied. Her eyes clearly showed her devotion to Xuanyuan.


“Haha, looks like the legends are true. The Heavenly Phoenix fell in love with the Dragon. After helping him reach the highest rank amongst all xian class beasts, she disappeared, only to reappear as the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix. Passed on from generation to generation, you have finally met Xuanyuan, the possessor of the ancient dragon’s blood. I would say it’s fate that binds the two of you.” Putting the pieces together, the Saint smiled faintly, finally understanding the infatuation that Huang Yuechan had for Xuanyuan.


Silent, Huang Yuechan simply watched Xuanyuan climb onto the stage. She quietly asked herself, “Is it just fate, or is it something more?” No one to answer her question, she continued to gaze at Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan climbed onto the Fighting Dragons Stage, and looked at Hua Wushang. He was equipped with a full body suit, inscribed with patterns. Just from the energy, one could realise that it was a top rank heavenly instrument, similar to Xuanyan’s Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe.


“Xuanyuan, you are truly skilled, far more than others at your level. But it was your misfortune to face me. Today, you die!” Not even considering Xuanyuan as an opponent, Hua Wushang confidently declared.

“Try and kill me if you can” Xuanyuan replied, a small smile on his lips.


“Don’t worry, don’t worry. To give face to Brother Fenglie, I’ll just cripple you.”


Fenglie just casually replied, “I don’t know you well, so there’s no need to afford me face. It’s the right of the strong to show mercy to those weaker than him, but we still don’t know whether you can kill Xuanyuan or not. It would be embarrassing if you lost to him after boasting so confidently.”


Hua Wushang’s face immediately changed. Qi started flowing through the patterns on his suit, the divine power as powerful as the force of the heavens. The patterns spread out to his hand as he pushed his hand towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan stood unmoving, and received the attack with a punch of his own. The fist and the palm collided, but only Xuanyuan felt a backlash. Unable to resist the force, he was blown back, his right arm almost crushed. He didn’t expect the impact to be so strong.


Thanks to the power of the Vajrapani Earth, Xuanyuan was able to survive the attack. Without giving Xuanyuan the chance to recover, Hua Wshang rushed in towards him. He merely used his own body techniques, thinking it was a waste to use his treasures on someone like Xuanyuan.


Sensing the danger, Xuanyuan immediately summoned the Five Elements Roulette, which clashed against Hua Wushang. A bright light burst out as Hua Wushang once again weaved the pattern, turning into a massive fighting god, and clashed against the roulette.


The whole stage shook with the impact of the attacks, as a resounding bang spread out. Xuanyuan once again flew back, unable to resist the force. Just those two attacks had drained over half his Qi. Had he not broken through to the Emperor realm, he would have died then and there.


His face pale, Xuanyuan finally understood Hua Wushang’s true strength.


Greed whispered in his head, “Boy, you’ve really met a monster this time. You’re not even his match right now.” Saying this, Greed immediately began to supply a constant chain of pure energy source to Xuanyuan, so that any Qi he used would be immediately replenished.


Saying nothing, Xuanyuan just equipped the Dragon Emperor Raining Helmet, his eyes shining through the eye slit. He immediately activated the healing enchantment on the helmet. Combining the power of the Water of Heaven with the spell, a massive fog spread throughout the stage.


Hua Wushang laughed, “What happened? Are you scared now that you’ve seen the difference between our strength? Did you get hurt? I want to see how long you can survive.”


Xuanyuan had grasped the difference between them. Hua Wushang’s strength was 3 times as much as his at the least. Were it not for the strength of his physical boyd, comparable to that of a seventh rank Emperor realm fighter, and his Body of All Creation that allowed him to convert the Qi attacks that hit his body, he would not have been able to survive.


Smiling coldly as he once again summoned the Five Elements Roulette, Xuanyuan simply replied, “You do not scare me.”

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