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DtH Chapter 10 – Yuerong

Chapter 10 – Yuerong
Xuanyuan sat on top of Guxing, feeling its soft fur. It was incredibly comfortable.

There were only two people he trusted wholeheartedly, Guxing and Yun Zhenluo, his beautiful master.

You can say that Yun Zhenluo gave him a chance to live a new life, so he could get revenge on the Yue family. Of course his hard work contributed to his achievements as well.

Xuanyuan knew that even though he achieved eighteen bulls strength, he’s still like an ant compared to Yun Zhenluo. She could crush him with her fingers. He was not arrogant to pretend he’s invincible just because he was now among the best fighters. He had to enter the warrior realm first.

With Xuanyuan sat on top, Guxing ran towards the forest. Suddenly, there was a fast clopping sound moving in their direction. He stopped Guxing by pulling its fur. They were in the middle of the road, looking at a woman on a red horse.

“Get out of my way.”

Xuanyuan looked at her. She was quite pretty, but not even close to Yun Zhenluo.

But she seemed much more difficult to deal with.

Guxing let out a low growl and scared the red horse. The horse neighed in fright, it almost threw the woman onto the ground. Luckily, she was a good rider and pushed the horse back down. The four horseshoes were now three-inches deep in the ground but the horse was not hurt. She was skilled when riding a horse.

“How dare you. I ordered you to get out of my way. Didn’t you hear me?” She was wearing exquisitely embroidered red clothes, contrasting the difference between her and Xuanyuan, who was wearing dirty, ragged linen.

”You lowly man. How dare you delay me. I was going to the disciple selection of the School of Yuehua. You will pay.”

She lashed out with her horsewhip. A power close to eighteen bulls poured out. Xuanyuan was very surprised that the woman was a warrior. Even a fighter with nine bulls of strength would be killed instantly from her attack.

Xuanyuan didn’t expect a pretty girl like her could be so ruthless. He said,

“You are not bad looking, but your heart is evil.”

He wielded his whip and struck against hers. The two whips tangled together and her horsewhip immediately broke.

She recognized the poison snake whip. Her eyes sprung open with surprise, and she said,

“Where did you get that whip? Are you working for that filthy servant Qian Kuai? I didn’t know my Yue Family had someone like you, so young, but having already acquired eighteen bulls of strength. However, you have yet to become a warrior. It seems like you have a special physique. Qian Kuai is lucky to have you, but from now on, you take my orders. Come to the School of Yuehua with me. It’ll do you some good.”

The woman’s speech made Xuanyuan frown. Since the Yue Family was the most powerful in Moonwaste City, she wouldn’t have thought that Qian Kuai, the housekeeper of Yue Family was already killed and all his possessions were taken by Xuanyuan, including his money, the whip and the dart.

“Who are you? How did you recognize my whip?”

“I am Yuerong. Haven’t you heard of me?” Yuerong said while looking dignified.
She then said slowly, “You must be new. That’s probably why you don’t know me. I left the Moonwaste City over a year ago, but even Qian Kuai, who gave you the whip, serves me. Now you know who I am. Let’s go back to the house. Why are alone out here anyway?”

Xuanyuan finally remembered this woman from his memories. He smiled,

“Now I recognize you! You are Master Yuejue’s second elder sister, lady Yuerong. I have just acquired this whip and am not very familiar with the workings of the family. Since I’ve been struggling with money lately, I wanted to hunt some magical beasts in the forest to earn some more.”

Yuerong seemed pleased and nodded,

“Very well. Qian Kuai trained a good servant. Not thinking of how to squeeze money from my family, but depending on yourself. I’m giving this to you. Follow me and you will be rewarded.”

She took out a big bag of coins and threw it to Xuanyuan as if they meant nothing. Xuanyuan took a look inside the bag, there were at least a thousand warrior coins.

“Hahaha, thank you milady.” Xuanyuan hung the flowery fragrant bag on his waist and then whipped toward Yuerong. A bloody lash appeared on her arm. Yuerong was both startled and furious, she screamed,

“What a daring servant to hit your master!”

Xuanyuan moved backwards on Guxing. He made a clicking sound with his tongue and said,

“I’m not a servant of your family. I took the whip when Qian Kuai brought his men to kill me but was instead killed by me. You are really generous with your money. I’ll take the money as compensation for being beaten by your little brother.”

Yuerong didn’t think there were people who would dare to challenge the Yue Family so close to the city.

She was furious but her body was paralyzed from the poison. She cursed,

“Damn, the poison on the whip can paralyze people.”

Yuerong wanted to move her horsewhip and run away, but it was too late. Xuanyuan’s whip wrapped around her and pulled her down from the horse.

Yuerong’s strength was paralyzed from the poison so she now only had the strength of nine bulls. She was no threat to Xuanyuan. She was extremely scared and screamed,

“You lowly servant. What are you doing?”

Xuanyuan grinned,

”Thanks for your kindness, milady. I don’t kill people who haven’t hurt me. But milady, you keep calling me a lowly servant. What would you do if you were harassed by one?”

The color drained from her face, she said sternly,

“How dare you!”

Hearing this, Xuanyuan put his hand on her thigh and squeezed. He was pleased,

“How nice, nice and firm.”

Yuerong started trembling. She didn’t doubt any longer that Xuanyuan would rape her.

“Don’t touch me. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

He looked at Yuerong like she was an idiot and said,

“Well, right now I can do whatever I want?”

Xuanyuan was smiling. He stared at her tightly wrapped breasts. He appreciated the shape,

“Nice, nice. The old beggar used to say it is all about the shape of the breasts.”

He searched under her clothes and there was a large bag with five hundred master coins. They were worth five hundred thousand fighter coins. Yuerong was on a trip, of course she would bring a large sum of money.

“Wow, milady is rich.” His hands were sliding up and down on her body as he searched her. Her cheeks were bright red. She kept screaming and tried to hit Xuanyuan. But Xuanyuan’s power was now double hers. Her strikes were not effective.

He discovered that Yuerong was wearing a protective piece of armour under her clothes. He wasn’t going to be a creep and strip her, but she did had a sword. When Xuanyuan touched her sword, she screamed,

“Don’t touch my Blue-edge sword!”

But Xuanyuan didn’t care. He took the sword from its sheath. The sharpness was like a clear wave that stuck him. Xuanyuan nodded,

“Great. This sword looks very nice.”

The sword was silver and shiny. It looked much better than his rusty dagger. So he took the sword and it’s sheath.

Then he put Yuerong on her horse and slapped her bottom while laughing,

“Tell your brother Yuejue to come after me himself if he dares. Stop sending those useless scum. They won’t be able to hurt me.”

He slapped her butt cheeks again. Yuerong was furious. She squeezed the words through her clenched teeth,

“Be careful, I’ll come back! I’ll remember you!”

He laughed again and slapped the horse. The red horse neighed loudly from the pain and rushed towards Moonwaste City.

“Don’t forget me!” Xuanyuan said as he jumped back onto Guxing. They went towards the forest. Xuanyuan was so happy that he started singing,

“I’ve got a mule I never ride, but some days my mood is high…”

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