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DTH Chapter 100 – Framing the Innocent

DTH Chapter 100 – Framing the Innocent

 Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky 

1st Chapter for Monday, This came out earlier because I might not be able to post it on Monday. Also just realized it was the 100th chapter 😀 Yay 100thhhh

“Brother Huotao came to help Sister Biyue. He’s one of the top disciples on the List of Merits. Xuanyuan is going to be taught a lesson.”


“Serves him right. I don’t like this kid. He’ll be dead in no time.”


“He’s too smug. Killing twelve fellow disciples and robbing them of their money and merit points!”


“He’ll die today.”


The people who were silent a few moments before, resumed their mockery when Biyue’s gang arrived.


“Bifu, aren’t’ you ashamed? I have let you go so many times. It won’t happen again.” Xuanyuan showed no fear when facing them. He slowly glanced through their faces and said, “Tell me what you want.”


Xiang Tianku looked furious, “Brother Xuanyuan, you are being out of line. You killed twelve inner disciples! Brother Huotao is from the law enforcement team within the sect. I won’t be able to protect you!”


Xiang Tianku saw the Wind Spirit spear in Xuanyuan’s hand and he instantly recognized it. Fung Lie gave his spear to this boy, then it wouldn’t be easy to kill him. Huotao would be the only hope in defeating Xuanyuan.


Huotao didn’t know Xiang Tianku’s plot, but he was not stupid either.


Kuiya whispered into Huotao’s ear. Xuanyuan knew that he was telling the man about what happened at the auction. Huotao frowned and said slowly, “You are Xuanyuan.”


Xuanyuan rolled his eyes, “Spit it out already if you have something to say.”


Huotao released his Qi and Xuanyuan felt the pressure, but continued standing upright.


“It’s a great crime to kill your fellow disciples!” Huotao said sternly. He was slightly taken aback by the Wind Spirit spear in his hands. Fung Lie had taken this boy under his wing. If he were to kill the boy, he needed a good enough reason. Otherwise, even his brother Huolie, a true disciple, wouldn’t be able to save him.


Xuanyuan also realized that they were afraid of the Wind Spirit spear. He turned to Baizhan and smiled, “Minister, can you testify regarding this matter? Who was it that attacked who?”


“Bifu led a team of twelve disciples to ambush Xuanyuan, and they were instead killed by Xuanyuan. According to the law of the sect, conflicts between disciples should be resolved on the Stand of Life and Death. It is also appropriate to resolve such matters on the Judgment Stand. Brother Xuanyuan is deemed not guilty. A wild fighter killed twelve king fighters. He’s no doubt a great talent.”


Baizhan explained calmly. Huotao couldn’t think of a reason to object. Taibai Trading Centre had established a solid relationship with the Fighting Dragons Sect. No one dared to offend Baizhan by challenging his opinion.


“Thank you for your reminder, minister.” Huotao bowed slightly to him. Then he continued, “I would like to know why brother Xuanyuan robbed sister Bifu of her possessions? You also violated the laws of the sect by doing so.”


Xuanyuan smiled. Huotao wanted a legitimate reason to kill him so Fung Lie wouldn’t be able to seek revenge, but he was trying to fabricate crimes.


“Then you should ask sister Bifu. She led a few inner disciples to kidnap sister Liu Xiangxiang into the forest outside of the Inner Hall. She ordered them to rape and kill her. I found it very disturbing so I saved Xiangxiang and taught a lesson to sister Bifu.”


“I’ll kill you, Xuanyuan!” Bifu pointed her finger at him and screamed, “Brother Huotao, he is lying! I wouldn’t do such a thing! You can ask these two disciples, they saw everything. Xuanyuan robbed me!”


“That’s right. We saw it happen.” They were both guards from the Bi Family. Everyone knew that they were ordered to condemn Xuanyuan.


“Brother Xuanyuan, we have witnesses here. Is there anything you want to say?” Huotao smiled cruelly. He was holding a gourd with a powerful fire burning inside. It was an instrument much more destructive than Lu Yuxiang’s fan.


“You are doing everything in your power to frame me. What else is there to say? Cut your bullshit. Let’s see if you have the power to kill me.” Xuanyuan pointed his Wind Spirit spear at them, arrogantly looking down on them.


“Zhao Manfeng helped him. He needs to die as well.” Bifu was satisfied. She was angry that Zhao Manfeng was on Xuanyuan’s side.


Zhao Manfeng took out his token and held it towards Huotao. “I am an esteemed elder of the sect. If you want to prosecute me, you’ll need approval from the head and other elders. Should I summon them all here?”


Everyone, including Huotao, was shocked. But he reacted very quickly, “Congratulations on your promotion, Elder Zhao. I would recommend you to step aside while I prosecute the guilty party.”


Zhao Manfeng wanted to say something but Xuanyuan stopped him, “Let him come.”


Zhao Manfeng had to move aside. He was too weak to interfere.


Bifu looked venomous. The people who stood beside her all released their Qi towards Xuanyuan. However, before anything hit him, Xuanyuan disappeared.


“Dustless Helmet! He can shield his aura, be careful.” Huotao immediately recognized the instrument.


But it was already too late. Xuanyuan reappeared. One of the king fighter screamed, then his neck was pierced by the spear. The Wind Spirit spear rendered his neck into a pool of flesh and blood.


Huotao was furious. He unleashed a stream of fire from his gourd towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan wouldn’t be able to avoid such a powerful attack even if he activated the Dustless Helmet, but he didn’t need to evade. He stood his ground and activated his armour of Heavenly Gold. The armour saved him but also cost him more than half of his fighting Qi.


“Even though Huotao is a member of the Law Enforcement team, he still openly frames me. This is a truly dangerous place.” Xuanyuan thought. He felt the enormous pressure that was now upon him. His fighting Qi would be exhausted very soon and he couldn’t risk Greed being discovered so he couldn’t use Greed’s power constantly.


Just when Xuanyuan was facing the dilemma, an even more imposing force of a king fighter arrived.


“Damn it, a king fighter! Even more powerful than Huotao!”


“Stop!” The man was tall and muscular. He was holding a huge mallet and slammed it down to the ground, crushing six of the king realm fighters. Biyue was able to withstand the attack, but only barely. Huotao was the only one unmoved. He looked up to the sky,


“Brother Chen, are you trying to stop me from enforcing the law?”

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