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DTH Chapter 101 – Chen Junchou

DTH Chapter 101 – Chen Junchou

Translated by: Pan

Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky

This is Tuesday’s chapter, Monday only had one chapter sorry about that and Notsane meant that the break was until Monday.

Chen Junchou was wearing a sky blue armour while holding a pair of huge mallets. He was like the god of war descending from the heavens. A stern-looking girl flew slowly behind him. She was Liu Xiangxiang.


“Brother Huotao, you should resign from your post within the law enforcement team. You have accused and attempted to punish the innocent without fully investigating. You don’t deserve to hold your position.” She said.


Huotao looked furious. He was pondering if Xuanyuan was actually telling the truth. Bifu’s face turned pale white. Her sister also started to frown, when she realized that this wouldn’t be resolved easily. Liu Xiangxiang came to defend Xuanyuan, with the help of Chen Junchou.


“Brother Junchou, Huotao disregard the laws of the sect. He accused and attempted to punish an innocent disciple. What should his punishment be?” Liu Xiangxiang asked Chen Junchou.


“As the leader of the law enforcement team, I officially remove Huotao from his position.” Chen Junchou declared. He turned to Bifu, and continued slowly, “I have learnt the details of the event. Bifu drugged Liu Xiangxiang and ordered ten of her servants to rape and kill her. Xuanyuan stopped the crime, so Bifu attempted to take revenge. We have gathered all the necessary evidence. According to sect law, those who intend to harm one’s fellow disciple, the punishment is death.”


Bifu screamed, pointing at Liu Xiangxiang, “You bitch. None of what you said happened. Brother Chen, are you going to kill me just because of what Liu Xiangxiang said?”


Chen Junchou was expressionless, “Of course not. Ministers of Judgment are able to extract a person’s memory. We can check Bifu’s mind and see exactly what happened.”


Baizhan grinned, “Yes, I can do that. Would Huotao agree to let me check?”


Huotao couldn’t say anything, he only nodded but Biyue acted faster. She pierced her sword into Bifu’s chest.


“I trusted you. I can’t believe you did such horrid deed! I’ll kill you and restore honour to our family!” Biyue shouted.


Bifu’s face was full of disbelief. She slowly collapsed to the ground, blood pouring from her wound.


Biyue guessed the truth of what happened, but she wanted to use this as an excuse to kill Xuanyuan. If Bifu’s memories were exposed, her family would be shunned. Nothing would have been able to regain their face after that. So she needed to kill her sister before the memories were seen.


“And the two of you, useless lying trash. Why didn’t you stop the young lady when she was committing a sin. You lied with her.” Then she killed the servants who knew the truth to cover all tracks.


After everything was done, she turned to Chen Junchou and bowed deeply,


“Brother Chen, I did not discipline my sister well. She made a huge mistake. I will accept any punishment.”


Xuanyuan was amazed at Biyue’s cruelty. She would even kill her own sister in order to protect herself!


Biyue was too fast, Chen Junchou couldn’t’ stop her from killing Bifu. There was nothing left for him to investigate. “I’ll let this go since the culprit has been killed. What do you say, sister Liu?”


She sighed, “She’s already dead, it’s meaningless to push any further.”


“Then this concludes the case. Huotao, you are a member of the law enforcement team. You framed an innocent person of a crime he did not commit without sufficient evidence. Do you understand your crimes?”


Huotao was shocked by the harsh words. He defended himself at once, “I did not frame an innocent person, I only trusted the wrong person. Bifu lied to me. That’s my mistake and I’ll leave my position so my mistake won’t taint the team’s reputation.”


If he was accused of framing Xuanyuan, he would be in irreversible trouble. He was willing to sacrifice his position to avoid such a circumstance.


Chen Junchou nodded, “Brother Xuanyuan, are you satisfied with this outcome?”


Xuanyuan glanced at Biyue, whose face was dark and moody. He grinned, “Of course! We should consider this over.”


Biyue was extremely angry. She was thinking to herself, “You forced my hand into killing my own sister. You’ll pay for this, Xuanyuan!”


But she composed herself. She smiled weakly to Xuanyuan, “Brother Xuanyuan is very kind. I will go to your place to apologize on behalf of Bifu in the future. She made a terrible mistake, but she’s still my little sister. I need to arrange for her funeral.”


“Sister Biyue, give her a nice funeral. You should have done a better job guiding your sister down the right path before she made a wrong move. You’re also partly responsible. How about I take your wages for a year. Then you will have time to really think about your mistakes.”


Biyue was furious at Xuanyuan’s persistence, but she didn’t think that Chen Junchou would accept, “Brother Xuanyuan is the victim here. He has the right to obtain some compensation after all.”


She could only accept, “Then it’s settled. I’ll take my leave now. Take away their bodies.”

Biyue ordered and left.


Xiang Tianku hadn’t expected such an outcome and came over to Xuanyuan to apologize. “Brother Xuanyuan, please forgive me. Bifu was a nice kid. She never lied to me before and she was not as strong as you, therefore I believed the wrong person.”


Xuanyuan smiled, “Don’t worry about it. Some people are just not very intelligent and don’t notice things. I am not one to point blame.”


Xuanyuan insulted him to his face in front of everyone, but he couldn’t say anything. He smiled wryly,

“I’ll follow sister Biyue to see if she’s all right.”


Then Huotao also approached Xuanyuan, “Brother Xuanyuan, you accomplished so many things at such tender age. I’ve done you wrong. I humbly apologize and offer a year of my wages to compensate you.”


Xuanyuan clapped his hands to accept, “Thank you Brother Huotao!”


Huotao and Kuiya stepped out of the Judgment Stand together and that concluded the event. But Xuanyuan knew this wasn’t the end.


Chen Junchou and Liu Xiangxiang landed on the stand. Chen bowed to Xuanyuan, “Thank you brother Xuanyuan. You saved Xiangxiang!”


Xuanyuan smiled, “It was nothing. Brother Chen, sister Liu. I really have to go. Three days later, I am taking the mine test. I must prepare beforehand. Goodbye!”


“Great, brother Xuanyuan. I expect to see your name on the List of Merits!” Chen Junchou laughed happily. Then he took Liu Xiangxiang’s hand and flew away.


All the onlookers were in a sour mood. They wanted to see Xuanyuan taught a lesson, but they were disappointed. Xuanyuan took no heed to such petty people. He said farewell to Baizhan, and headed to the inner sect with Zhao Manfeng. 

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