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DTH Chapter 105 – The Disposition of Delusion

DTH Chapter 105 – The Disposition of Delusion

 Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
Saturday’ Chapter
Note: I’m going to sleep going to do the rest when I wake up. Zzzzzz…..

The leader of the group that had just rushed over was a king fighter. All of the members in the group wore a mocking grin, they were staring at the firebug jades in Xuanyuan’s hand with looks of greed.


There were eight million outer disciples in the sect. Many of them were stronger than newly recruited inner disciples. They waited in the outer sect so they could pass the mine test with flying colours and attract some attention from the elders of the sect. The leader of this group was one of those people.


However, he had chosen the wrong target. Xuanyuan had effortlessly killed twelve king fighters. There was no reason for him to be afraid of this ragtag group.


Xuanyuan shrugged, ”Aren’t we fellow disciples? Why do you have to steal from me?”


“Cut the bullshit and hand over the jades. I will let you join our team if you do. We’ll provide you with the five jin of jades and a jin of crystals, plus the elixirs needed for you to pass the mine test. If you don’t hand over the jades, you’ll die here.” The leader released his Qi and threatened Xuanyuan.


“When you see elder brother Yuan you should kneel! Kneel!” One of the gang member shouted.


Xuanyuan was dumbstruck. Then another person started shouting the same thing.




Unlike ordinary disciples, who would be shaking in fear, Xuanyuan was unmoved. He knew that they must have entered the mine before he arrived, so they had no idea who he was. If they knew his identity, they wouldn’t be acting so foolish.


Xuanyuan grinned, revealing his pearly white teeth.


“You only need such a small amount to pass? I have to get a hundred jin of jades, fifty jin of crystals and ten elixirs to pass. I had no idea where to find so much, but luckily you guys have come to help out.”


The group were shocked to hear the numbers. Some of them had finally guessed Xuanyuan’s identity – the boy who produced the seven-coloured light!


Xuanyuan leapt up and thrust his dagger into the leader. His life essence was completely drained.


“Brother Yuan is dead. Brother Yuan is dead! Run…” But they couldn’t escape Xuanyuan, all of them were killed.


Xuanyuan had gained 23 million merit points from the savings of the group. They must have been saving their points for a long time, which was a great help to Xuanyuan. He also found a hundred jin of jades, twenty jin of crystals, and five pieces of lower rank earth instruments.


Xuanyuan would mercilessly kill anyone who threatened his life.


“Hahaha, the Emperor would have been proud! Devour everything in your power, you can’t trust anyone but yourself in this world. You should only devour other people!” Greed said excitedly. It was indeed very proud of Xuanyuan’s progress.


“Greed, you said that many people grouped up and attacked the Emperor, didn’t he have friends who would help him?” Xuanyuan asked.


“The Emperor was an aloof person. He trusted no one. He would never harm an innocent person, but he would never let an evil person live. He devoured his way through a long list of enemies. It was extremely hard for him to find a friend with such a reputation, he also didn’t need anyone else.” Greed said sternly.


Xuanyuan was silent. It was very difficult to trust anyone in this world, everyone was trying to reach the pinnacle at all costs. The Emperor lived in a much more dangerous and ruthless era, so Xuanyuan couldn’t judge him for his actions. He only had respect for such a powerful man, a man who never bullied the weak and innocent, but feasted on those with evil hearts.


Xuanyuan was a beggar in his past life. All of the people who treated him well were saints in his eyes, they were people who deserved to be treated accordingly.


“Why do you ask such a thing, boy? I’ll tell you. Be careful of the Bai from the Taibai Trading Centre. She’s only being nice to you because she thinks she can use you. If you didn’t have any special powers, she wouldn’t even spare a glance in your direction.


“That girl, Yin Zhenluo was a good one. She helped you when you were weak and in need of help, even though there was nothing in it for her, but at the same time, it didn’t cost her much to offer you a helping hand. It was like a rich person giving a few coins to a hungry beggar on the street. There’s no absolute good in this world.” Greed continued with his intensity growing, which startled Xuanyuan.


”Greed, were you ever deceived by someone? Or was the Emperor deceived by someone close to him?”


”Bullshit. That was nothing but a reminder for you. Take it however you want, just don’t get yourself killed because you trusted someone.”


“You care so much about me staying alive.” Xuanyuan grinned.



On their way, Xuanyuan killed another hundred demons, allowing Greed to happily take all the life essence. His luck was good and he found another elixir on the way.


Xuanyuan was moving towards a tunnel in the distance. There was not a lot of glowing grass in this area which caused it to be much darker. The corpses of demons were scattered on the ground. Clearly someone had come through this way.


Xuanyuan suddenly felt a dangerous aura coming from the tunnel and his heart fell. This type of land had a disposition to negative energy. It was filled with high quality fighting stones, but it was much more dangerous.


Xuanyuan pondered for a while. It would take a great deal of resources to hatch the egg, so he needed more crystals. Xuanyuan knew that with no risk, there was no reward. He made up his mind and without a second thought, he leapt forward.


This was a landscape with negative feng shui. It was formed naturally and was particularly suitable for Mo creatures. The negative energy would attract a great number of evil creatures.


Xuanyuan found himself by a low hillside inside a large underground valley. He had spotted Fang Yuyou and twenty-two guards when he scouted the area. The group was surrounded by thousands of demons that all had at least thirty dragons of strength. If Fang Yuyou’s group was slightly weaker, they wouldn’t have survived.


Xuanyuan’s heart clenched. He wanted to rush forward to rescue them, but Greed stopped him, “Don’t be so impatient and foolish. Calm down. This land is very strange, clear your head and take another look.”


He started to recall the information from the Book of Acquisition and realized he had made a huge mistake. The place was actually a valley, surrounded by hills on four sides. It was filled with negative energy. The Fang family continued to run in different directions to escape, yet they always returned to the same position. This land had certain areas which would confuse a person’s sense of direction and trap them inside. Xuanyuan was able to notice this because he outside of the affected area. Usually, in order to support such a large area of delusion, there would be a large area filled with fighting stones, jades and crystals. They were in luck.



On the ground, the corpses of demons were dissolving into the ground to form a muddy red slush beneath their feet. No matter how many demons were killed, there were always more heading their way because they were attracted to this area. Fang Yuyou was filled with regret for leading her guards into such a vile land. She felt helpless.


On the verge of her despair, she heard a familiar voice, “Lady Fang, don’t give up and wait for my signal. Stay alert, and break out through when I’m done.”


Instantly hope was restored to the group.


“It’s Xuanyuan, stay in formation. We’ll soon get out of here.” She commanded.


Smiles appeared on all of the guards’ faces. They thought they were going to die here, but Xuanyuan, the boy who produced the seven-coloured light, had come to their rescue!


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