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DTH Chapter 106 – Mine Tunnel

DTH Chapter 106 – Mine Tunnel

 Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
Sunday chapter

This was the first attempt Xuanyuan made to change a landscapes disposition. He needed to find the tunnel supporting the negative disposition and form a positive disposition by using fighting stones to counteract the effect. Another method would be to destroy the disposition completely by using brute force.


But Xuanyuan didn’t know how to do that. He only had information from the first chapter of the Book of Acquisition and had only studied it for three days.


“Greed, what should I do? I have no idea how to stop it. You must know something. Spit it out!” Xuanyuan said urgently.


“You finally realize how great it is to have me by your side, right? It’s very simple. You need to find the mine tunnel supporting the negative disposition. Then I can break it. The girl’s fate is in your hands. You better be quick!” Greed laughed. He knew where the mine tunnel was, but he decided against helping Xuanyuan too much. Xuanyuan needed to grow and learn things for himself. Xuanyuan would grow much faster when there was an element of risk and loss involved. Greed couldn’t care less about saving Fang Yuyou’s life.


In the Book of Acquisition, there was a technique called “The Eyes of Acquisition”. With this technique, he could find the different kinds of lands with different dispositions, but Xuanyuan was completely ignorant of that. He could only depend on the miniscule amount of information he had studied over the past three days.


He took a deep breath to calm his mind. The more dangerous the situation, the calmer he should be. Panicking has never helped anyone.


The valley was filled with a negative air and demons rushed to the bottom of the valley from every direction.


“What if the tunnel is underground? It’d take too much time and effort to break it.” Xuanyuan mumbled, “Everything has a beginning and an end. Everything gathers at the centre…..”


Xuanyuan turned around. There was an opening of a tunnel which was slightly above the valley. Xuanyuan yelled, “There it is!”


“Pretty smart, kid. I thought you’d start to dig under the valley before you noticed.” Greed teased.


“Greed, there will be tons of crystals and jades when I find the mine tunnel. Please don’t tell me you plan to devour everything?” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.


“You overestimate me, hahaha… I can’t do that, but the egg could.” Greed chuckled. “It’s only an egg. When nine red suns appear on the shell, it’ll be ready to breakthrough. That means it would have restored a full ninth of its total power and memories.”


Xuanyuan was encouraged by the potential of the beast inside the egg. Xuanyuan wasted no time and directly entered the mine tunnel. Looking in from the outside, the tunnel was pitch black, with numerous pairs of blood-red eyes glaring out from the darkness.


The creatures howled as they lunged towards Xuanyuan as soon as he entered the tunnel. With the dagger in his hand, Xuanyuan easily carved a path through the demons inside the tunnel. He didn’t dare to fight the demons one by one. Instead, he started to use the “Heavenly Dragon’s Dash”. His Qi formed into the image of a dragon which charged deep inside the tunnel, killing everything it passed.


Xuanyuan’s Armour of Heavenly Gold was also active to light the tunnel and provide additional defence. The tunnel was four metres high, and seemed like a never-ending path which stretched deep into the ground. After a period of time, he could finally sense the end of the tunnel, there was dense Qi ahead. It had to be the source of the disposition.


Like the Mo nest, the air here was poison to practitioners. However, this poison no longer had any effect on Xuanyuan, he didn’t need to take any antidotes beforehand.


His Qi was being consumed very quickly. Every time a demon attacked, the armour would activate automatically which drained a small portion of his strength. The only way he could replenish his strength was by thrusting his dagger into the demons in order to drain them.


The golden light lit the way through the tunnel as the blood continued to flow. The tunnel was soon filled with a small stream of blood on the ground. Xuanyuan couldn’t be stopped.


He had travelled three miles into the tunnel and killed an uncountable number of demons. Xuanyuan knew that Greed had already collected ten elixirs and stored them inside his ring.


Just when he was enjoying how easily he was progressing, six overwhelming attacks rushed towards him. Each of them was at least a hundred dragons of strength. Xuanyuan was caught off guard and he immediately used the “Heavenly Dragon’s Steps” to evade. His quick reflexes allowed him to dodge three attacks, but he was still hit by the other three. In order to defend against the attacks, the armour consumed sixty percent of his Qi. With the bright golden light which shone to defend him, Xuanyuan could clearly see the enemies that attacked him. They were covered with scales with extremely sharp claws and a large pair of scaled wings protruding from their back. They were Yaksha!


He used the “Heavenly Dragon’s Dash” once again and thrust his dagger into one of the Yakshas. Its life essence was extremely powerful which was very helpful in replenishing his energy.


Xuanyuan quickly had to duck, barely avoiding the incoming claws which were aiming for his head. With a turn of his waist, he thrust his dagger into the attacking Yaksha’s torso. With that he had taken care of the second Yaksha.


Another Yaksha spread its wings and flew towards Xuanyuan. He grabbed the decaying body of the Yaksha he had just drained to use as a shield, but the decayed corpse was instantly pierced by the claws. Xuanyuan quickly grabbed the Yaksha’s arm which brought the claws to a stop and with another fluid movement he stabbed the Yaksha between the eyes with his dagger.


There were now only three left, but they were preparing to attack together. Xuanyuan knew that his armour could resist a total of six hundred dragons of strength. Anything over that  would drain his fighting Qi completely and render his armour useless.


He couldn’t afford to let them prepare. With a sudden burst of speed, Xuanyuan leapt towards the remaining Yaksha and slaughtered them before they could organise. An elixir slowly fell towards the ground as he finished them off.


”Not bad, this is only the fifth level of the mine. Usually, Yaksha’s will only start to appear on the sixth level.” Greed said happily. Xuanyuan knew that Greed’s appetite was endless. Even with the life essence from over a thousand creatures, Greed was still hungry for more. “I’m now sharing the essence with the egg, so you have to work harder from now on, boy.”


Xuanyuan was furious. He was forced into endless hard labour! “Are you kidding me? Am I the master or are you the master?” He shouted in his mind.


“You are the master, of course….” Greed laughed drily.


After remembering that Fang Yuyou was waiting for him, Xuanyuan stopped arguing and continued deeper into the tunnel. He didn’t encounter a single creature over the next mile. It seemed like he had attracted all the creatures that were inside the tunnel when he was fighting.


Suddenly, the tunnel started to widen and eventually opened into a fifty metres wide mine. It was filled with jades and a condensed Qi. The mine was dimly glowing as Qi filled the air. There were a large number of corpses that were spread across the ground. Some of them were wearing the clothes of inner disciples.


The first thought that came to his mind was that was going to be rich. Apparently, Greed had the same thought.


”Wonderful, wonderful! Boy, throw the egg into the middle of the mine. The two of us are going to feast on every ounce of Qi from this mine. Do it now! Quickly or Fang Yuyou will die!”


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