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DTH Chapter 107 – Disposition Destroyed

DTH Chapter 107 – Disposition Destroyed

Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
Monday chapter

“It’s a natural jade mine. The quality of the jades here will be varied, but the large quantity of jades will help. Be quick boy. If you practice here, you will also advance with a shocking speed.” Greed squealed with excitement, he was like a beggar who had just stumbled onto a gold mine.


Xuanyuan was no better, he still had the mentality of a beggar from his previous life. He immediately seized the chance and jumped into the mine while taking out the egg. It was still in an ugly ink black colour, but when he took it out, the egg started to shake. Xuanyuan was finding it difficult to keep hold of the egg. He immediately put the egg in the middle of the mine, as this was where the Qi was most condensed. As long as it could touch the ground, the egg would start to devour the Qi from the jades surrounding it. The bright and magnificent jades started to fade and turn dull with visible speed, which shocked Xuanyuan.


“Boy, don’t give everything to that beast. Give me some too. QUICK!!! It’ll absorb everything if you’re too slow!” Greed screamed in panic.


Xuanyuan casually stabbed the dagger into the ground. He then sat where the Qi was most concentrated and started to recite the devouring technique. His skin, muscles, bones, veins and marrow all seemed to turn into hungry beasts. His body started to devour large quantities of the Qi stored inside the jades that were beneath him. Xuanyuan immediately felt that his body had relaxed and his strength was being enhanced.


Outside of the jade mine, he needed to extract the impure Qi from the air which then had to be purified before he could use it to refine his body. However, inside the jade mine, he could absorb an endless stream of pure Qi without much effort. He started to recite the Heavenly Dragon Technique – the Way of Refining Marrows. He had already become accustomed to the form of the heavenly dragon. Now he needed to engrave the heavenly dragon’s form into bones and marrows.


He could sense that his marrows were being transformed into tiny dragons. He activated the pearl and started to absorb Qi with increased speed. His strength was increasing in an equally astonishing rate.


Xuanyuan finally knew the benefit of practicing with a large amount of fighting jades and crystals. No wonder they were considered luxurious items that every practitioner was interested in.




“My lady. We can’t hold on for much longer. Master Xuanyuan might not make it in time. What should we do?”


“I have almost used up all of my pills. I can only last for another hour.”


“I feel like the demons are attracted by the blood from the ones we kill!”


The Fang family guards were desperate after half a day of fighting. Fang Yuyou’s eyes grew cold. She opened her mouth and after a pause she said, “Hold on for a while longer.”


They were surrounded by a thick, black fog. They were unable to see into the distance. The only thing they could see was the endless sea of red eyes glaring at them. However, the demons were unable to get any closer. Fang Yuyou’s Plain Water Formation was defending them. When the demons approached, they would be minced into small chunks of flesh.


The ground was a sea of blood and demon elixirs, but there was no time to collect the elixirs. They had to focus on keeping the formation active.


“My lady, I’m exhausted. I only have three strength-replenishing pills remaining. Are we really going to die here?” One of the guards was losing his confidence. Xuanyuan had left over two hours ago.


“Might it be possible that Master Xuanyuan has encountered a similar piece of land? He might not be able to escape.”


“Master Xuanyuan has great talent, but he’s still a wild fighter. Only a powerful master who is knowledgeable of landscapes can destroy the disposition of the land.”


“We shouldn’t wait any longer, or we’ll die here!”


Every passing minute was torture for them. They were given hope but each second seemed like an eternity. Fang Yuyou was exhausted as well.


However, before their morale had broken completely, the black fog started to fade. The demons surrounding them had started to grow restless.


”He succeeded!” Fang Yuyou smiled brightly. She felt a sense of victory, because she continued to trust in Xuanyuan. She commanded her guards, “Keep your position. We’ll wait until the fog disappears completely and then we can fight our way out!”


She concentrated her mind – a great waterfall was formed from multiple sword waves which sliced dozens of demons into tiny pieces.


Those demons were beginning to form intelligence, but it was not very powerful. When the disposition was destroyed, the negative energy also dispersed. The demons could sense the energy that attracted them in the first place was starting to disappear. Since the energy was dispersing, the demons also started to leave – towards the tunnel where Xuanyuan was. If it was not for the power of the disposition, most demons would rather stay inside mine tunnels that contained Qi to quickly enhance their strength, it was much more beneficial to them.


However, there were many conflicts over territory between the different Mo creatures. So many Mo creatures would avoid angering the Mo creatures inside the tunnels.


Half an hour quickly passed and many of the demons started to group around the outside of the tunnel. Some of the braver demons had already entered the tunnel. Suddenly, the demons inside the tunnel started to shriek and howl, which attracted the attention of the rest of the demons. They ceased their attacks on the Fang family and entered a berserk state. Ignoring Fang Yuyou and her guards, they all started to rush inside the tunnel.


Fang Yuyou could finally relax. There were dozens of demon elixirs remaining which was the remnants of the intense battle. They slowly collected all of the elixirs, before Fang Yuyou cried out, “Quick! Go help Master Xuanyuan. He must have gone inside the tunnel in order to destroy the disposition, this must be what angered the demons!”


She immediately started to lead the rest of the guards towards the tunnel, there were eighteen guards left. But they were unable to get close because of the swarm of demons charging inside.


“My lady, we can’t get through. There’s too many of them. I’m afraid Master Xuanyuan is doomed. We should go before we share the same fate.”


“We have tried our best, my lady. He’s alone and won’t stand a chance against so many demons.”


“It’s my fault. This was all caused by my decision.” Fang Yuyou crushed a demon’s head to release her guilt. Her eyes were filled with tears. Xuanyuan had saved their lives, but was trapped inside the tunnel with the demon swarm.


“Dead or alive, I’ll know after I see his body. Kill all demons outside and clear a path with the lightning talismans.” She ordered coldly. Despite their exhaustion, the guards wouldn’t dare to retreat. They were still alive because of Xuanyuan, after all. Many of them suspected that their young lady was starting to fall in love with the boy.


They were all holding a lightning talisman in their hands as they activated them all at the same time. The demons in front were immediately destroyed. Following Fang Yuyou’s lead, they charged deep into the tunnel.


”Master Xuanyuan, wait for me.”

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