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DTH Chapter 109 –Imminent Danger

DTH Chapter 109 –Imminent Danger

Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
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“Why are you leaving? Didn’t you notice that the girl, Fang Yuyou, is smitten? What a lucky boy! I’d say, her interest in you is the most innocent kind. Unlike Bai, she doesn’t calculate profit and loss.” Greed’s laugh echoed in Xuanyuan’s mind.


“Shut up. It’s none of your business.” Xuanyuan was annoyed. He wanted to avoid Fang Yuyou. If they were together, there would be things that he could never tell her. He wanted to go to the Eastern Dynasty as fast as possible to save his beautiful Master Zhenluo. He wouldn’t consider any other relationships in the meantime. On the other hand, his enemies would surely use this test as an opportunity to kill him. If Fang Yuyou followed him, they would definitely kill her as well. This mine test was the perfect opportunity to murder someone without reproach.


“Boy, I’m just concerned about you. You don’t understand much about people’s hearts. I can easily tell which woman is sincere and who is using you. Bai is of course much better in many ways than Fang Yuyou, but she values profit more than anything. She might not be willing to help you when you’re in danger, but Fang Yuyou would….” Greed started another of its never-ending speeches.


“I say, have you ever considered becoming a professional matchmaker?” Xuanyuan asked vehemently.


“I’m just saying, you must be careful of the women you grow close to. Don’t let yourself be used by them. You will regret it in the end.” Greed chuckled dryly and warned Xuanyuan in a serious tone.


“Were you used by a woman in the past? Or was the Emperor?” Xuanyuan teased impatiently. Greed immediately grew silent, which stimulated Xuanyuan’s desire to gossip. So he said, “So I was right! You’re not even human, so how could a woman break your heart? Maybe it’s the Emperor? But he was so powerful; it must have been difficult for someone to trick him. I don’t know, which of you were tricked by a woman?”


Xuanyuan was trying to provoke Greed, but it gave absolutely no reaction. Xuanyuan’s plan had failed miserably, “Old fox….”


He started to look around and noticed there were many sharp stones on the ground. Because of the nature of the land and the air, the stones here were poisonous. They were able to pierce through spiritual instruments like they were paper.


The field was covered with glowing grass which allowed him to faintly see into the distance. There were numerous mine tunnels which extended into different areas. Each of the tunnels was filled with a negative air and they each had their own unique landscape.


Xuanyuan approached the closest mine tunnel. He was surprised by his own observations, “The power of these landscapes are even stronger than the disposition of delusion. That’s crazy! Gemmologists were so powerful! If I study the Book of Acquisition, I can use the power of the landscapes to destroy an entire army, without having to fight a single battle.”


“Of course, the landscapes were created by a large accumulation of Qi and the power of the earth is much stronger than that of men. So you must study the Book of Acquisition. You are blessed with good luck, boy, good things keeps coming your way.” Greed explained quietly.


“Tell me, was it you, or was it the Emperor who got dumped?” Xuanyuan laughed, which silenced Greed again.


On his way, he noticed numerous demon corpses, someone must have been through here before. He slowly approached one of the largest mine tunnels. He felt the violent negative energy the closer he got to the tunnel.


He looked inside. Not very far from the entrance was a large valley which extended down. It was surrounded by a violent air, which attracted a large number of demons. Inside the valley, there were numerous fighting stones on display. Even the smallest stone was the size of a human head. Xuanyuan knew instinctively that if he ventured deeper, the quality of the stones would be incredible.


However, the demons were almost double the size of ordinary demons. Their bodies were covered with large, intimidating muscles and finished off with a set of frighteningly sharp claws. Their eyes had lost all sanity, only the thirst for blood remained. They all had at least eighty dragons of strength and there were at least three thousand of them.


Xuanyuan observed the land’s fung shui and was shocked,


“The Disposition of Insanity! It’d be impossible to defeat those crazed demons and extract the stones.”


Then he spotted Yakshas at the very centre of the valley. They were twice as strong as the ones he fought previously. Their wings were spread outwards and their scales stood upright like little sharp knives. They seemed to have around a hundred and eighty dragons of strength. There were over fifty Yakshas in the valley.


Just when Xuanyuan was thinking of possible ways of extracting the stones without fighting the crazed Mo creatures, two overwhelming forces rushed towards his direction.


“We couldn’t find the boy. Maybe elder brother Huotao gave us bad information?” One of the men frowned. He was a muscular brute, he was Nu Long, ranked thirty on the List of Merit. 


“It can’t be, he continued moving for a majority of the time, but I can feel that he has stopped. We must be getting closer.” The other man was radiating a dangerous aura. He was smiling like a predator who was chasing its prey. He was extremely confident in catching his prey.


“All right then. The boy actually killed my family’s young master. He thought that we wouldn’t dare to get revenge? He only has Fung Lie supporting him. The Nu family has support from multiple true disciples and elders. Not a single disciple recommended by Fung Lie has ever survived. He won’t either.” Nu Long smirked.


“He’s just a bastard who doesn’t know the first thing about the fights between true disciples. He thought that he could just do whatever he wanted because he gained a little bit of power? Even if we don’t kill him, the true disciples would do it for us.”


“He is equipped with countless upper class earth instruments. We’ll share the rewards after we kill him. He produced the seven-coloured light. If we can kill him, it will prove that we have better potential and will benefit our practice! We’re closing in on him now. We need to kill him with one strike!”


Lie Sha and Nu Long were both peak king fighters, their eyes were emitting a dangerous light as they moved closer. Slowly, they approached Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan was completely ignorant of the imminent danger.

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