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DTH Chapter 11 – The Token of Yuehua

DTH Chapter 11 – The Token of Yuehua

Xuanyuan had calculated the risks from his actions.

Yuerong needed to rush to join the selection for the School of Yuehua, so she wouldn’t have time to send people after him. Also, her pride would not let her tell people about the shameful experience.

So Xuanyuan wasn’t bothered and went hunting in the forest.

A few days after, the mass grave had accumulated even more corpses. Those people were probably those that died from hunger, disease or murder. They were all unfortunate souls. Xuanyuan couldn’t do anything but sigh. He wouldn’t be able to help them even if he tried.

In this world, it’s difficult to survive. He should take care of himself first.

Powerful beasts seldom lingered around the outer edge of the forest. He was extremely unlucky to have encountered the magical bear which had the elixir. He was lucky enough to be saved by his mysterious dagger.

The dagger was hanging on his left side, the blue-edge sword on his right, and the whip was in his right hand. He jumped off Guxing and slowly walked into the Beastly Forest.

He found many hares and birds, but they were all too small and would not even count as a snack. He did not want to unnecessarily kill a large number of small animals. He decided to only kill large beasts that could satisfy his appetite.

At the same time, he heard a tiger roar.

He was startled, but his increase in power and his experience with fighting gave him a new found courage.

Guxing’s eyes sparkled with a dangerous light. They ran straight ahead. Even though the trees were everywhere, they weren’t bothered by the obstacles.

Xuanyuan closely followed the sound. After a while, they discovered a black magical tiger. It looked bloodthirsty. It was a lot larger than Guxing and about two feet taller. It was two metres long from head to tail. It was extremely muscular. It had at least a thousand jin of meat.

A magical beast’s flesh was so much more tender and nourishing than a wild boar.

Xuanyuan remembered that Guyue was killed by a magical tiger and he suddenly erupted with fury. He leaped up and lashed his whip towards the magical tiger.

The tiger couldn’t have foreseen such fierceness from Xuanyuan. It was not fast enough to evade his attack and was struck by the whip. It let out a scream of pain as it was struck by the whip.

This tiger was not particularly strong, but it was not weak either. It had fourteen bulls of strength. Normal people couldn’t withstand such power.

But Xuanyuan’s whip crushed the bones of its front paw. It couldn’t escape any longer.

Xuanyuan took out the sword with his left hand and shoved it into the tiger’s back,

piercing it’s heart. It died in an instant.

The unwilling roar that the tiger gave out before its death lingered in Xuanyuan’s mind. Who knew how many magical beasts dwelled within this forest?

If three beasts attacked him, he would be long dead.

Xuanyuan put the tiger on his back and jumped back onto Guxing, he laughed,

“Let’s go. We have avenged Guyue’s death by killing a tiger. It weighs at least one thousand three hundred jin and its meat is so much more tender than a boar. We won’t go hungry for a while.”

Guxing howled and carried Xuanyuan out of the forest.

On their way back to the treehouse, they saw a man and a woman.

These two people were both on horses. Xuanyuan remembered the breed of the horse, they were called Bloody Moon horses. This breed of horse was very strong and fast, they could run eight hundred miles each day. They were superior when compared with Yuerong’s red horse.

They were both wearing long white robes. On the front and the back of the robes, a full moon was embroidered.

The man was tall and strong, the woman was clean and elegant.

They looked amazed when they saw Xuanyuan and the tiger on his back. The woman called out,

“Please wait, young man.”

Xuanyuan paused, but he observed them cautiously,

“What can I help you with?”

“Where’s your family?” She was smiling. She didn’t seem dangerous.

“I’m an orphan and I hunt for a living. What do you want?” Xuanyuan said,

The man understood the woman’s intentions. He laughed and spoke loudly,

“Don’t worry, young man. We are inner sect disciples of the School of Yuehua. We accompany our senior disciples to solicit talents to join our sect. You are so young, and yet powerful enough to kill a black magical tiger. Would you come with us and take the test? Perhaps you’ll become a disciple. Then we’ll be brothers bound by our martial arts.”

Xuanyuan was moved by his proposal. He thought,

”Yuerong is the daughter of the Yue family, but she also wanted to become a disciple in the School of Yuehua and came back to the city in such a hurry. The school seemed to be a strong sect within the martial arts world. If my master would be willing to stay and teach me, I won’t care much about the school. But she’s leaving after the month. I should use this opportunity.”

Xuanyuan nodded and smiled, but he looked apologetic.

“The School of Yuehua seemed wonderful, but I still have many things to take care of. I won’t be able to join as I have things to do over the next twenty days.”

The woman smiled,

“That’s fine. We will stay in Moonwaste City for more than twenty days. We will send out the news that we are choosing disciples. Many people will come and take the test. You’ll have plenty of time to handle your business.”

Xuanyuan was overjoyed and said,


But immediately, Xuanyuan frowned and seemed hesitant. The man asked,

“Tell us your problem, young man.”

“Well, the Yue Family of Moonwaste city is vicious and cruel. Look at the mass grave! Many corpses there were ruthlessly killed by them. A while ago, one of my brothers was beaten to death. They keep calling me a lowly peasant and said that no one would care when I am dead. If I go into the city, I’m afraid I would be killed by their servants before I can take the test.”

Xuanyuan sounded defeated and angry,

The man snorted coldly when he heard Xuanyuan,

“The Yue clan is getting out of control. We have to report this to second elder sister. Even though our first brother was from the Yue family, they still can’t run riots. Young man, take this. This is the Token of Yuehua. People from the Yue clan wouldn’t dare to hurt you as long as you have this!”

Xuanyuan was so excited. He gestured politely and said,

“Thank you both for your kindness. My name is Xuanyuan. I wonder what’s your names would be?”

“I’m Shi Congyu. This is my younger sister disciple, Liu Piaoxu.” Shi Congyu’s skin was dark, a sharp contrast to his white teeth. He seemed to be a laid-back man. He gave Xuanyuan a token made from high quality white jade.

“I see. Then we shall meet in the city in twenty days time. I have to go now. Goodbye.” Xuanyuan took the token and gestured his farewell. Then he rushed back to the tree house.

Liu Piaoxu looked at Xuanyuan and giggled,

“Xuanyuan, what an interesting name. We have discovered another great talent.”

“That’s right. The lad has potential. He’s still very young, and has only reached the peak of fighter realm, but he’s capable of killing a black magical tiger that had an elixir… Let’s go. Second sister and first brother are quarrelling. We should hurry and discover more talents for second sister.” Shi Congyu smiled and urged his bloody moon horse to continue forwards. Liu Piaoxu followed closely behind.

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