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DTH Chapter 110 – Runaway

DTH Chapter 110 – Runaway

Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
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Xuanyuan looked straight ahead, thinking of ways to extract some fighting stones amongst all the violent, crazed Mo creatures.


“What should I do? The Dustless Helmet won’t be as effective in the middle of a disposition. I could be spotted by the Yakshas which would put me in grave danger. But the rewards are the highest quality stones….”


Then, all the hairs on his body stood on edge, he sensed danger coming from behind him. He leaped forward and activated his helmet in an instant. With a deafening explosion, rubble was blown everywhere. The place where Xuanyuan was standing a few seconds ago had become a seven metre deep hole. He quickly calmed down and noticed two men, both were peak king fighters, carrying upper rank earth instruments. They each had a strength of over two hundred dragons.


“He’s pretty fast.” Nu Long commented. He was carrying a Dragon Head Hammer which weighed a thousand jin, ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to lift it. But he swung it like it was a toy. Next to Nu Long, Lie Sha was holding a sword which was engulfed in flames. It was named the Sword of Heavenly Fire, the heat from the sword had the power to turn rock into lava.


“Don’t try and run. We know you have the Dustless Helmet!” Lie Sha took out a mirror – the Mirror of Revealment – and injected his Qi into it. A light shone from the mirror and lit a ten metre wide area.


“You still cannot hide your aura.”


Both men surged into the air. Xuanyuan’s whereabouts was exposed under the light of the mirror. He wasn’t able to hide from this duo.


“Greed, don’t absorb the Qi to stop their tricks. I have a plan to deal with it.” Xuanyuan made up his mind and activated his boots. He charged into the disposition that was swarming with powerful demons.


“The kid wants to run. Follow him!”


“That disposition is dangerous, but demons don’t have the power to fly like we do. Hahaha…” Lie Sha laughed. Then he and Nu Long quickly followed Xuanyuan into the tunnel.


Xuanyuan had almost reached full completion of the wild realm, left with only the spinal marrow yet to be refined, so he was just as fast as peak king realm fighters. But Nu Long and Lie Sha also had quality boots that aided their speed. So it wouldn’t be easy to escape from them.


“Be careful, boy. Don’t let them get within ten metres of you. Otherwise those demons will be able to see you and you’ll be torn apart by them. Even I can’t even save you.” Greed sounded like it was looking forward to watching a great show.


“Didn’t you reach the peak of the grandmaster realm? Just go and kill the two of them!” Xuanyuan was impatient.


“This is the perfect chance for training. I can’t help you with everything.” Greed chuckled.


“To hell with your training!” The moment Xuanyuan stepped into the disposition, he was struck by a violent evil Qi. When Nu Long and Lie Sha followed him, the power of the evil Qi surged towards them. Xuanyuan’s Body of All Creations could easily withstand the suffocating environment, but ordinary practitioners would have been killed already.


Nu Long and Lie Sha weren’t equipped with the special physique to tackle the evil Qi. They immediately felt discomfort. “The power of the evil Qi had increased to counteract our strength. Quickly, take the suppression pill at once!”


The pills quickly proved effective. They were no longer bound by the suffocating Qi and were able to easily fly inside the disposition, almost catching up with Xuanyuan, who was struggling within the swarm of demons.


”Hahaha, you don’t need to run. You can’t get away!” Nu Long laughed while slamming his hammer towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan leapt forward when he felt the pressure of the attack. The dozen demons surrounding him before were all crushed into paste. He was unluckily struck by the force created by the attack, activating his armour. Though the instrument didn’t cost him a great deal of his Qi reserves after he broke through to a hundred and ninety dragons of strength.


An uncountable number of demons were provoked by the attack and glared towards Nu Long and Lie Sha, who were hovering in midair. They could see numerous pairs of red eyes below them, just like ghosts, giving an eerie vibe.


Lie Sha also prepared to attack, ”Land of Fire!”


Lie Sha’s Qi was fire based. A stream of white-hot fire was released from his sword, incarcerating the enemies under his feet.


“Boy, fire can melt gold. His sword might be even more powerful than your armour.” Greed warned. Xuanyuan immediately used the “Heavenly Dragon Breaking” and broke through the wall of fire unscathed.


Xuanyuan ran towards the deepest part of the valley in the middle of the disposition. The demons around took no notice of him, they were too busy glaring at Nu Long and Lie Sha. The increased evil Qi also started to enhance the demons’ power. Their strength now reached ninety dragons and they were growing furious at Nu Long and Lie Sha. Countless claws were sent flying straight at the two men above. The claws pierced through the air like arrows, shooting towards the two men. Each of the claws contained at least eighty dragons of strength.


Nu Long and Lie Sha were caught off guard by such an unconventional attack, though their armours both activated and defended them automatically. Nu Long’s Qi was of gold by nature, while Lie Sha’s was fire by nature. Lie Sha burnt all of the claws into ashes. Now clawless, the demons were weakened, like a bee without its stinger.


The men grabbed their strength-replenishing pills and ran after Xuanyuan again. Xuanyuan cut a path through the demons using his dagger, this allowed him to replenish his Qi when necessary. In his other hand, he was holding a Crossbow of Dark Currents, which he used to shoot a few bolts towards Nu Long and Lie Sha from time to time. The arrows were filled with evil Qi and poison; they were marginally more deadly than the Crossbow of Explosion. His constant attacks were a nuisance to the men above. 


“You damn kid. I’ll kill you!”


“Don’t you run, wait there for me boy!”


Xuanyuan was amused, “But I will get away if you can’t keep chasing me!”


Xuanyuan didn’t pick up the fighting stones on the way. He knew the most precious stones were located among the fifty Yakshas at the centre.


Nu Long and Lie Sha were burning through their Qi to divert all the attacks from Xuanyuan. And of course, Xuanyuan didn’t mind that at all.


The power of the evil Qi surged once again – just as he was approaching the Yakshas. The Mo creatures that were covered with dark burgundy scales and had wings that were covered in sharp spikes. Their claws were clearly more dangerous than those of the demons. Their strength had reached a hundred and ninety dragons.


The Qi was extremely dense near the Yakshas, the Qi from the stones was allowing them to grow stronger. The Yakshas were provoked by the angry roars coming from a large number of demons. They suddenly spread their wings and flew towards Lie Sha and Nu Long who were midair.


Xuanyuan laughed at the shocked faces of the two men. He quietly snuck towards the fighting stones hidden inside the crater. “Have fun fighting the Yakshas! Hahaha…”

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