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DTH Chapter 111 – Grandmaster Class Talisman

DTH Chapter 111 – Grandmaster Class Talisman

 Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
Last chapter for saturday

Xuanyuan quickly had Greed completely devour all the auras on his body and conceal his location.


“How can this be. I can’t detect him anymore, he must have known about the aura that Huotao placed on him and tricked us into fighting these demons and Yaksha. He must’ve already known about our plan. Damn it.” Lie Sha had been tricked by Xuanyuan, but was unable to kill him which made him furious. He vented his anger in each of his attacks, he was using the Lie Family’s Heaven class technique.


“Burning Sword of Heaven!”


Flames emerged from the tip of his sword and formed small swords. With a numerous of flame swords shooting out from the tip of his sword, the attack seemed like a waterfall of fire. Eight Yakshas were burnt to ashes, only the echo of their shrieks remained.


Nu Long was also furious that he had been tricked. He started to pour his Qi into his hammer. The decorative dragon on the side of the hammer opened its mouth, a golden light shone from the dragon’s mouth and a loud roar filled the air.


“Voice of the Golden Dragon!”


The golden light hit a Yaksha, crushing its bones and flesh like they were tofu.


Xuanyuan was surprised to see how powerful the two of them were when fighting, but he still decided to concentrate his attention on collecting the valuable fighting stones. There were around fifty fighting stones laying on the ground which were at least a hundred jin each, some of them were a thousand jin. But Xuanyuan paid no attention to the weight of the stones as he swiftly shoved them all inside his ring.


The Yakshas fell from the air one by one. Even though they weren’t able to injure Lie Sha and Nu Long, they were forced to consume all of their strength-replenishing pills when fighting against the Yaksha. Even though the creatures didn’t know any techniques, the sheer amount of them was enough to drain the two men of their strength. Below them, there were still many hostile demons which continued to attack towards them.


The worst part was that not a single elixir dropped from the slaughtered Yakshas. Yakshas with higher strength often had elixirs inside their bodies. However, those Yakshas had their strengths enhanced because of the disposition.


Even more disappointing was ahead – Xuanyuan was gone. He was so far away, they couldn’t find a single trace of him. Their mirror was useless once they lost track of him.


They left the disposition and both exchanged a glance.


“He tricked us. I won’t let him live any longer!” Nu Long was furious.


No matter what, he still has to return to complete his mission. We’ll station ourselves near the portal. No one must know of our actions. Otherwise, Fung Lie will come for revenge.” Lie Sha’s face was dark.


Nu Long trembled at Lie Sha’s words. What they had done was extremely shady. If Fung Lie didn’t know about it, he couldn’t do anything. But if it became public knowledge, they’d be punished by the Enforcement team and Fung Lie would definitely sentence them to death. As a true disciple, he had the right to sentence those who were deemed guilty.


“What if we can’t catch him?” Nu Long asked.


“Then we’ll use Yan Ziyun from the School of Yuehua to threaten him. We’ll kill her if he says a word about today.” Lie Sha had already learnt of Xuanyuan’s background, this was information he could use to his advantage when things went wrong.


In fact, Xuanyuan was hiding very close to them under the cloak of the Dustless Helmet. He heard every word they said.


“How dare they threaten Yan Ziyun, she has absolutely nothing to do with this. I won’t show them any mercy. It’s time to check what is inside Xingyun’s ring. There might be some interesting stuff that I can use against them.” Xuanyuan pulled out a talisman, a powerful force was emanating from it. Greed chuckled at the sight of the talisman.


“Not bad. It’s the Gold Spear Talisman. It’s a grandmaster class talisman.”


Xuanyuan smiled coldly and poured his Qi into the talisman. The talisman activated and he immediately threw it towards Lie Sha. The surrounding space was soon filled with countless golden spears which hurtled towards Lie Sha! Even though his armour was activated automatically, it couldn’t withstand the power of a grandmaster talisman. In an instant, Lie Sha was minced into chunks of flesh. He died before he was able to let out a scream. Only his set of upper rank earth instruments remained intact.


“Grandmaster class talisman!” Nu Long screamed in terror. This talisman could only be created after a month of effort from a powerful grandmaster. The cheapest price on the market was 300,000 king coins per talisman.


Xuanyuan swooped in and collected Lie Sha’s instruments and his ring. After noticing Xuanyuan, Nu Long regained his senses. He was shocked that Xuanyuan would have such a powerful talisman. If he had another one, Nu Long would be next.


“I’ll kill everyone from the School of Yuehua. They all died miserably because of you!” Nu Long threatened as he ran away at full speed.


Xuanyuan grabbed his Wind Spirit and jumped forward while activating his Dragon Boots. He was like a Xian of wind as he rushed forward with incredible speed. He was aiming to strike Nu Long’s back, but Nu Long seemed to have anticipated the attack and with a twist of his body he swung his hammer towards Xuanyuan. The hammer and Wind Spirit collided with a tremendous impact.


Xuanyuan felt a sharp pain in his arm which extended all the way to his chest. The pain was so much that he almost lost grip of the Wind Spirit. Nu Long had around two hundred and ten dragons of strength. Xuanyuan could not compete using only power alone. 


But he was not the only one that was shocked by the result. Nu Long was surprised to feel that Xuanyuan’s strength had grown to a hundred and ninety dragons! It was much more powerful than the information given by Huotao. He thought Xuanyuan would only have around a hundred dragons of strength!


Nu Long took out three Golden Arrow talismans. They formed into a single powerful arrow with six hundred dragons of power which pierced towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan didn’t have any time to evade from such a short range. His armour was activated automatically and a shield formed which blocked the incoming arrow. However, he was propelled a hundred metres backwards and sixty percent of his Qi was drained.



”Hahaha… Go to hell!” Nu Long was delighted to see his attack succeed and quickly followed up with another attack. He released his Qi into his hammer and a golden light shot towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan was shocked but he was quick to evade the incoming attack. He immediately jumped into the air and barely dodged the golden light.


Nu Long was surprised to see Xuanyuan’s quick reactions, he was clearly experienced at fighting. He activated his hammer to attack again.


But Xuanyuan didn’t plan on giving him another chance. He gripped his Wind Spirit tightly and aimed towards Nu Long while still in the air. A giant dragon image appeared behind him as he unleashed his attack. He was so fast, Nu Long didn’t have a chance to dodge, only his armour could protect him. Xuanyuan’s first strike didn’t have the power to kill Nu Long through the armour, so he quickly retreated. While he retreated, Xuanyuan took out three Burning Sky talismans and threw them towards Nu Long. Nu Long recognized the talismans and his face drained of colour.



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